Oldest Son

Lives in Washington state. Wonderful guitarist and super computer technician.



Lives in the state of Washington. Works for her local school district. Married to a wonderful man, Keith. Had all four of Terry and Verla's grandchildren.

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Middle Son

Lives temporarily in the state of Washington. Amazing singer and voice-over artist.

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Youngest Son

An extremely accomplished software engineer making his home in Eugene, Oregon

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Oldest Granddaughter

Lives in Washington. Works at a local Spa. Has a wonderful partner, David.

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Lives in Idaho. Has a beautiful wife, Valerie. Is a successful software developer.

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Middle Granddaughter

Lives in Idaho and is a student at University of Idaho.

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Youngest Granddaughter

Lives in Washington and is majoring in psychology at Eastern Washington University. Is married to a really great guy, Gus.

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Oldest Great Granddaughter

A very special, beautiful young teenager.


Oldest Great Grandson

An extremely smart, loving teenager who is growing up way too fast.


Youngest Great Grandson

A very loving "fire cracker" who is a whiz at computer games.


Middle Great Granddaughter

The sweetest, prettiest little seven-year-old that ever was. She is loves unicorns and ponies.


Youngest Great Granddaughter

Our youngest princess - an independent, determined and beautiful little sweetheart who has a passion for ballet and dinosaurs.