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Andrew Rosen 11/11/21 - Wings Forever:An enthusiastic history buff from Lynnwood, WA, has a special interest in WWII European and Pacific Theaters of War

"Verla Kay’s book, Wings Forever, is a look at the life of her father, Donn Deisenroth who flew P-38’s over North Africa and Italy as part of the 27th Fighter Squadron 1st Fighter Group. It is told through his letters home through training, combat and his time as a POW in Germany. Verla’s style of writing is a little unconventional for a subject like this but she has found a middle ground of providing enough detail in her father’s words to keep people with some sense of history engaged. and annotations and extra details that make it a good read for someone younger or no knowledge of the wider context in which Donn’s experiences took place. Many of those who returned did not want to tell their stories - in Donn’s case he tragically died in a airplane accident in 1960, or like many of the 27th FS fellow pilots he mentioned in his letters, never returned and who are now lost to history with few left if any who knew them. We should cherish opportunities like this to hear in their own words what they faced because we were fortunate enough to have his letters and diaries survive."

Jane Fort 11/14/21 - Wings Forever:

It’s a wonderful book to read.

Kathy Dykgraaf 11/14/21 - Wings Forever:

Anyone looking for a great WWII story, this is the book for you. Reading about Donn and everything he went thru in his life was amazing. I loved how the book includes stories of his personal life as well as his time as an American soldier. The book is a real page turner, I could not put it down until the end. Donn lived an incredible life and this book makes you feel like you truly got to know him. It is written beautifully and never left me guessing well what happened next. I would highly recommend this book to everyone. I was telling some friends about the book and they are extremely excited to get a copy and read it for themselves. I give this book 2 thumbs up. This is a book Donn would be proud of.

Lee Leikam 11/14/21 - Wings Forever:

What a moving story this is. I couldn’t put the book down once I got past page one. This book provided me a unique opportunity to be able to ‘ride along’ as Donn explains aerial combat during world war two over the skies of North Africa and Italy. It’s amazing in that it allowed me to feel the emotions and fear involved in aerial combat: all from the pilots own thoughts as they occurred and he wrote about it in letters and logbooks. This is ‘the real deal’! An amazing story, which a week later is still in my mind. Thank you for all the work you did to put this wonderful story together. I’m encouraging my entire family and friends to read it.

Linda Joy Singleton 12/1/21 - Wings Forever:Author of over 55 children's books including CURIOUS CAT SPY CLUB series, A CAT IS BETTER, LUCY LOVES GOOSEY, MEMORY GIRL, THE SEER & DEAD GIRL series, CASH KAT, CRANE AND CRANE, & SUN AND SON (2022/Amicus)

Verla Kay shares her father’s first-hand account of his experiences as a WWII fighter pilot and prisoner of war. Fascinating details include photos and descriptions of the planes he flew, the battles he fought, and his struggle to survive as a POW—twice! Horrors and heroism are recorded in his war log, letters, photos, and documents that include an autograph from a famous heavy-weight boxing champion who visited the prison. A fast-paced story with the drama and plot twists of a movie—and it’s all true! This AMAZING book deserves to be a movie someday.

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