Author Talks & Presentations

Verla Kay gives dynamic, exciting presentations imparting lots of fun along with quality information. She has worked extensively with children -- as a paid Teacher's Aide in the classroom, a Den Leader and Cubmaster of Cub Scouts, a Sunday School Teacher, a licensed daycare provider, and as a volunteer at a local library for Story Hour.

Verla gives both children and adults a look behind the scenes of a working author. Where authors get ideas, how books are conceived and written, what happens inside publishing houses, and how to get started as an author are just some of the things Verla can share during her talks. She has given many presentations -- to small classrooms, huge assemblies up to 1600 people, and at lots of writing conferences. She works well with people of all ages, from elementary school children through adults. Verla enjoys dressing in period costumes when she speaks to young children about her picture books.

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Below are two thank you notes (pictured on this page) from a 4th grade class where Verla gave a presentation (on November 15, 2021) on her Wings Forever WWII fighter pilot biography book:

"Dear Verla Kay,
Thank you for presenting your presentation. It was an awesome story about Donn Deisenroth, and I felt like I was in the cockpit of Norma. It was interesting in the prisoner of war camp, and how Donn and his mates tried to escape. The prison camp was my favorite part and getting to know what the prisoners ate. Thank you for the book. I enjoyed it.

"Dear Vela Kay,
Thank you for coming and telling us about your father Donn Deisenroth. I enjoyed your displays as in the old papers and medals. Your presentation was amazing! It was interesting about how he was at prison camp. It was very interesting what they ate for food. It was very kind of you to come and tell us about your dad. Thank you for the time and effort.