Covered Wagons, Bumpy Trails
Historical fiction

A family moves west in a covered wagon

Mother, Father and Baby John are determined to make a new home for themselves in California. Follow them as they bounce and jounce their way across the vast reaches of the untamed territory of the United States in a covered wagon. Experience the many difficulties of an overland journey of the 1800's, as well as some of its more satisfying moments, through Verla Kay's expressive cryptic rhyme and S.D. Schinder's delightful illustrations.

Awards and Recommendations:

  • State of Nevada Children’s Choice Nominee
  • Missouri State Teachers’ Association Missouri Reading Circle - Primary Grades Recommended Reading List
  • Recommended for grades K-3 in School Library Journal Curriculum Guide
  • Text and some images used in a 7-year California 2nd Grade Social Studies Program