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A place for children's writers and illustrators to gather and share information, help each other and have fun while learning the business of writing and illustrating for children.

Verla Kay welcomes you to her website and the wonderful world of children's books. It is her sincere hope that you will discover a wealth of material on this website to excite, inform, and entertain you about the joys (and, yes, the frustrations, too) of writing and illustrating for children.

If you are new to this website, or haven't been anywhere on it except the message board,
don't miss the Writers & Illustrators section of this website. Read the Getting Started, Writers' Tips and Transcripts pages. Also be SURE to visit the message board. Most of your questions can be answered on these pages.

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There are pages on this site for kids and educators, too. Discover the treasure of sharing history with children through Verla's unique and fun books and live presentations. She loves sharing the joys of reading, writing, and history with both children and adults at school visits, conferences, and other events.

Verla Kay hopes you enjoy visiting her website.