Books & Book Sites:


Draw Write Now books This is where to locate the drawing books showcased in Verla Kay's "Bringing History Alive" workshops

ABE Books THE place to find out of print and hard to locate books

Amazon Books

Barnes & Noble          

Book Stacks Unlimited   



Borders Book Store     

BookWeb (ABA Homepage)   

Booklist (ALA's online magazine)

Publisher's Catalogues Homepage 


History/Geography Sites:


The History Net          

Oakland Museum of Californi         

The Sacramento Railroad Museum     

The History Place      

Fun History    


More History/Geograph Sites:

Today in History 

History Happens 

Any Day in History 

History Timelines around the Globe  

History of Education  

Pop History Now 

The National Archives Online Exhibit Hall



Oral History Sites:

Shared by Mary:

"A wonderful web site with some oral histories that I believe was done during the depression.  It is the Federal Writing project from the library of Congress and it is FASCINATING reading."          


Shared by Laura:

Oral History Association          

Oral Histories

Historical/Timeline Websites:

Shared by Marty:

3000 Years of History with links 

Historical Text /archive       

Egypt Dynasties Timeline     

Timeline of British History  

World History Timeline  Click on each continent to get separate timelines


Civil War:

Shared by Marty:

Civil War Links         

Civil War Communities         

Stratford Hall Plantation The birthplace of Robert E. Lee           

Freedmen Links pertaining to Freed Slaves           

More Civil War History        

Civil War literature from the pages of Harper's Weekly


Library Reference Programs (many are academic institutions):


Internet Public Library      

Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Information and Resources 

History Index Libraries    

Global Problems & Culture of Capitalism     

Ohio State University Library    

Berkeley University Library    

American Universities    

University of London    

Catalog of libraries    

Ask the librarian         



Ohio State University  Lots of research aids

Michigan Electric Library    

The WWW Virtual Library      

University of Technology         


Teacher Resource Sites:

The U.S. Dept of Education     

Lesson plans & more  

American Library Association  



Sites for Kids:


Storytelling Site        

Disney's Site for Kid    

On-Line Spelling Test - solve a mystery       

Nickelodeon on-line     


Sites to find Authors:


Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators    

MANY children's author's & Illustrator's websites are listed here



Find Authors -No longer adding authors to its list, but good as far as it goes


Also, try a web search for individual children's authors & illustrators. 

More of them are putting up their own websites every day.


General Info:

Search engines 

U.S. Vital Records      

Web of online dictionaries     

The Library of Congress        


Reference Bookshelf  

Old Farmers Almanac        

CIA World Fact Book  


Alta Vista (search engine)  

Ask Jeeves (search engine)  

Finding people (lycos search engine) 

Finding people  (yahoo search engine)

Google (search engine)  

HotBot (search engine) 

The Reference Desk  

Human Languages Page           


Languages, Literature and Searches:


Webster's Dictionary      

Webster's dictionary for Kids    

Guide to encyclopedias on the web

OneLook Dictionary Search  

Telephone directories  

Information Please Almanac  

Homework Helper  

Museum of Museums  

Liszt the Mailing List Directory

Education & Careers Information      


Finding Experts/Statistics/Quotes


Research Website      

Experts Exchange   

Yearbook News  

Ask An Expert   

Directory of Experts  

Media Link   

All Experts    

US National Press Club  

Expert Pages    

Media Resource   

American Journalism Review   





Discovery Channel Online      

Natonal Space Science Data    

Scientific Phenomena



Biographical Dictionary        

Artists Biographies    

American Life Histories          

Library of Congress  




Verla Extensive info writing site with message board & live chat  

Grammar book  

Write 4 Kids (CBI) 

English Langauage & Literature Resources   

The Purple Crayon   

Writers Write    

Writer's Digest   

Guide to Online guidelines 

The Rensselaer Writing Center

Bestsellers List 1900-1995 

Freedom's Nest Authors' quotes         

Book of Cliches   

Cliche finder   

Origin of Phrases   

World-Wide  Word Origins    

The Quotations Page   

Phrase Finder   

Word Wizard   

Analogy vs. Metaphor  


Aphorisms Galore  

Writing related e-zines  



Historical Atlas of the 20th Century     

Virtual Library's Maps         

UN Info           


Map links (in html docs)      

United Nations Cartographics 

National Geographic Map Machine 


Geography at

Map and Geographic Information at U. Conn.

Map/Library Collection  

News Maps  


World Atlases   

Expedia Maps   

Climate Map of the U.S. 

Yahoo - Maps 



Criminal Justice Statistics  


Bureau of Justice Statistics  

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (NACJD) 

Crime Library    


Gold Panning:


Nugget Hunting Lots of info here     

See gold here    


A supplier of reasonably priced gold panning supplies for schools is:


The Lifestyle Store
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