Workshop Transcript

Finding More Markets

with Janis Waldrop Fields


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kia_: Huff Puff Puff....I made it!

katrap-: hi kia :)

NOTE: :) = a sideways Happy Face

kia_: Hi, everyone

woolfff: Hi, Kia

Don_S_: Ok Kia is here I can go for coffee. LOL

NOTE: LOL = Laughing Out Loud

kia_: Hi, everybody

Don_S_: Hi Kia.

kia_: LOL No you can't Don....I need the chairs set up for the workshop

kia_: and the podium put in place...

kia_: a glass of water for Janis...

Don_S_: coffee first I never do heavy work before coffee.

Harazin: This late Don? You'll be awake all night.

kia_: the microphone tested...

kia_: and plugged in. (It works better that way)

Don_S_: brb

NOTE: brb = Be Right Back (Or sometimes, BathRoom Break)

woolfff: I'd prefer to be a wallflower!

kia_: grin

kia_: NO wallflowers, woolfff

woolfff: Okay, Dr. Pepper and "plenty" of ice!

kia_ runs around and mops the floor!

kia_: AWK!

kia_: I came in with the wrong clothes on. I forgot to get DRESSED....EEEEK! Be right back....

woolfff: I'm afraid I don't know that sound.

NOTE: Kia is Verla's normal chatroom nickname

*** Verla joins #Kidlit

woolfff: Evening, Verla

Verla: Oh, whew! That's better. NOW I'm dressed for the workshop.

woolfff: Well, that's why we lost Kia.

Verla: How embarrassing to come in without my clothes on!

woolfff: LOL

Verla: (well, my WORKSHOP clothes, I meant!)

woolfff: So glad no one can see me!

Verla peers through the monitor and examines Woolfff

woolfff: NO FAIR!

Verla: :-)

*** JanFields joins #Kidlit

Harazin: Hi Jan

Verla: Jan is her NEW clothes!

NOTE: Jan just got married and changed her last name from Waldrop to Fields

JanFields: Howdy

Verla: I came in without my clothes on, Jan...didn't realize it until I'd been here for a minute or two...but I raced out and got dressed as soon as I realized what I'd done.

JanFields: It is always good to notice these things before everyone arrives

Verla: Yes, it certainly IS

Verla: four minutes to workshop

JanFields: I get to use my dear hubby's computer tonight...I think he must have cleaned this monitor last year sometime

Verla: Okay..everyone....get ready for the workshop to begin

JanFields: Sure...who's leading?

JanFields: he he he

Verla: very FUNNY, oh fearless leader, Jan.

Verla: we will hold all hellos & goodbyes until the workshop is done

Dani257: The last one for awhile:-( (NOTE: This is the last workshop for three weeks...until January 5th)

_Lyra_: hello...goodbye

_Lyra_: hello again

_Lyra_: Jan--fearless of publisher!

JanFields: Yes, that's me...intrepid

*** ElinorRigby joined #Kidlit

woolfff: Elinor, I want to sing each time you sign on.

ElinorRigb: Go right ahead!

ElinorRigb: 'll sing with you, but silently, okay?

ElinorRigb: oops I lost my I

NOTE: (That was REALLY singing silently!)

Verla: Once we begin, please hold all personal chat until after the workshop has ended. But DO pop in anytime with questions and comments on the subject under discussion.

Verla: If your questions come too fast, we (Jan or I) will ask you to stop for a moment so she can get caught up.

Verla: If you ask a question and it is not answered, please repost it! It was obviously missed, as we try to make sure all questions get answered.

JanFields: Last time I missed some questions

JanFields: sniff sniff

*** Verla has set the topic on channel #Kidlit to Finding More Markets workshop in progress

Verla: Okay...Would you like to tell everyone a little about yourself and then begin, janis?

JanFields: Sure nuff.

JanFields: Good evvvening...I am Jan Fields. I have been Freelance Writing for over 10 years

JanFields: I make a living solely from my writing

Verla: (wow! I didn't realize it was THAT long, janis!)

JanFields: Tonight I am going to help you find new ways to get money for doing what you love to do.

ElinorRigb: cool

Dani257: Money is nice

Verla: Yea! MONEY!

JanFields: I have not made a sole living at it for 10 years, Verla, just the last couple

Verla: Ah...the truth comes out...

author: Hi, I made it in, are we starting soon?

Verla: right now, author

JanFields: Last workshop, I shared somethings I have done to make new markets

JanFields: Tonight I want to share some things other have done

Verla: yes, and they were WONDERFUL suggestions you gave in the Finding Markets workshop, Jan

find a new market for short writing pieces

JanFields: Thanks, Verla

Verla leans forward to hear better...

JanFields: I used to teach a course in of the assignments was to

JanFields: I am going to tell you some of the interesting markets that people in my class created

Dani257: what are fillers, exactly?

Verla: Oh, NEAT!

JanFields: Fillers are short written pieces

JanFields: It is sort of a grey area in children's writing since so much of what we do is short

JanFields: But a filler is usually under 250 words

Verla: Like jokes and little tiny articles and stuff that magazines use to fill in the pages, right, jan?

JanFields: It can be a jokes, a recipe, a craft...right Verla

Dani257: okay

_Lyra_: fillers can also be pictures of pets or kids with captions

Verla: they CAN, lyra? Hmmm. I didn't realize that....

JanFields: Yes, photos are considered fillers, are puzzles

_Lyra_: I sold a Teen quiz once...filler (g)

JanFields: So, one of my students liked crafts but she did not like the slow turn around in kids magazines

JanFields: So she decided to make a market for the craft ideas.

JanFields: One of the things she did was pretty cool

Verla: Made her OWN market for her articles?

woolfff: How do you make a market:

Verla: Are we talking magazines or on-line or what?

JanFields: She looked for a place that might want to build a relationship with children

JanFields: She found a candy store that sold bulk candy

ElinorRigb: ah

JanFields: She bought some and made crafts from the wrapped candy

JanFields: Sled and snowmen and robots...things like that

JanFields: cute stuff

Verla: a Candy store?

Verla: Oh...I see. Material to make her "crafts" from.

ElinorRigb: I see where it is going--- cool

JanFields: She typed up sheets explaining how these things we done...make them look good with her computer

JanFields: And sold the "candy craft" sheets to the candy store

Verla: Oh, clever!

Dani257: Cool

JanFields: The candy store gave them away for free...and increased sales of those kinds of candy

Verla: Using their OWN candy!

JanFields: Everyone was happy

Verla: Wow. What a win-win situation.

JanFields: That is what you need to look for

Verla: Do you know what she charged for the craft master sheets?

JanFields: I think it was about $20

Verla: So it wasn't a lot of money...but it was SOME

woolfff: Did she give the store a stack of sheets or just the one sheet for them to go with?

katrap-: and they made the copies?

Verla: At that price..they would HAVE to make their own copies, kat

JanFields: One sheet...they made copies

Verla: Ah...Okay.... One sheet per each craft?

JanFields: One sheet per craft

JanFields: $20 per candy craft....she sold them five different candy craft sheets

woolfff: fascinating!

katrap-: oh... lots more money

JanFields: But, technically they weren't "published" so she resold the crafts with first rights

JanFields: She notified the craft magazines that these crafts had been "tested" through a candy store...which made them sell more quickly

woolfff: Do you do this through the mail or person to person?

NOTE: This question was missed and was not answered at this time

Verla: (I want to know how she hooked the candies together to make the figures!)

ElinorRigby1 wants some of the candy

JanFields: They were prewrapped...she just used low temp glue to put them together.

Verla: the sheets the candy story gave out were considered TEST sheets by the magazine, then.

woolfff: I'm guessing she asked for feedback from the store?

katrap-: tee heee.... feed back :)

JanFields: She got feedback without asking actually...they called, begging for more craft sheets

Verla: They wanted more figures and instructions on how to make them?

JanFields: had increased sale of expensive candy items

Verla: What a great idea for Christmas, folks, for next year!

woolfff: A great idea for Christmas money!!

JanFields: It also works for Halloween

JanFields: Or Valentines

Verla: EVERY holiday!

Verla: St. Patrick's Day...

Verla: New Year's

katrap-: and for parties!!

JanFields: Yes, many of the candy crafts made great party favors.

Verla: Fourth of July!

Verla: Birthdays

Windy2u: And area dentists did okay too!

Verla: Over the Hill

ElinorRigby1 wonders if Verla likes holidays. LOL

Dani257: Careful Verla, don't get carried away there:-)

Verla: Who ME, Elinor? NAW

woolfff: Was this sale made in-person?

JanFields: Yes, she went to the store in person

JanFields: I do not sell things in person, myself, I am kinda shy

JanFields: But some of the folks in this marketing exercise went to stores

Verla: Hmmm. I wonder what I could do with the Hershey's FACTORY that is about 40 minutes from my house?

JanFields: Another writer in my class liked to write recipes

katrap-: me too me too


JanFields: But recipes can be hard to sell...well, to sell for much money anyway

katrap-: o o

Verla: what did that writer do?

JanFields: So, she went to a small specialty grocer

JanFields: Sold them recipes using foods from the shop

Verla: Ah...sell the recipes to the grocery stores...and then they sell more of their ingredients to their customers!

JanFields: They ran the recipes in their store ads

Verla: yes! What a GREAT idea!

JanFields: It brought in new customers...looking for unusual items for the recipes

Verla: (Why haven't WE ever thought of any of these ideas?)

JanFields: The store paid $75 per recipe

Verla: Wow. Nice price.

woolfff: WOW

JanFields: It came out of their advertising budget

ElinorRigb: So really, fillers could turn into advertising/PR type of business

JanFields: It did for her

katrap-: wish I had a specialty store :(

NOTE: :( = Sideways Frowny Face

JanFields: Another writer had some kid stories she had never been able to sell

Dani257: That's me

Verla: Hmmm. I can identify with THAT author, jan!

JanFields: She was inspired by my in-class talk about newsletters

JanFields: So she printed a sheet with the story and a small coloring picture

JanFields: And sold them to OB/ time shot

ElinorRigb: That's cool idea

JanFields: They gave them out to kids waiting on their moms...

Verla: Ah...a story and coloring picture, eh?

woolfff: That would be a good idea for a rebus.

JanFields: Sort of like some restaurants do...give the kid a story and picture and a couple crayons

katrap-: really short story

Verla: (this sounds like something I could do....IF I could get someone to do the artwork)

JanFields: Yes, they were very short stories

Verla: Yes, they would have to be very short stories

Dani257: How short is really short?

JanFields: The stories were from 100 - 250 words, Dani

Dani257: Oh, I have a story about that short. maybe...

woolfff: And what did she make off this idea?

JanFields: Do you mean how much, woolff? I don't know, she did not tell me

JanFields: If it was me, I would charge about $35.

DonaV: You could ask the OB/GYNs to subscribe to your "service" for a year...

JanFields: Since the story is not personal to the business...and because I would probably sell it to several doctors

JanFields: If you make it a service, Dona, you would need to personalize it somehow for the particular office

Verla: Kind of like the packets you told us about last time, jan!

JanFields: Kind of like that, yes...usually to hook a doctor or business long term, it needs to fit their need specifically

ElinorRigb: I used to write historical tours for a Chmber of Commerce

Verla: Ah...resources, elinor!

_Lyra_: cool

JanFields: Good...that is another excellent example of making a market

JanFields: I have written histories for churches, also

Verla: kind of like "ghost writing" for the churches and historical tour people, jan and elinor?

ElinorRigb: Ah, actually, I was the assistant director for Chamber in a city

ElinorRigb: I didn't get paid nuttin' :(

Verla: But you got the experience to go on and use on your own, elinor. And that counts for a LOT.

ElinorRigb: Yeah, well, the guy who wrote the slide presentation who was not an employee was paid $3,000

Verla: So go back and offer your services as a freelancer, elinor!

ElinorRigb: True!

ElinorRigb: LOL

Verla: Get paid $3000 and that's as good as a book sale!

Verla: Better than some!

ElinorRigb: True

ElinorRigb: But I don't live in that city now

DonaV: Verla, except that you're not building up a name

Verla: True, Dona (Not building up a name...)

JanFields: Another possible source for publishing short pieces is the local paper

JanFields: One man did a series of letters from Santa

JanFields: That he sold to the newspaper

Dani257: Santa answering the kids letters? Sounds like fun

JanFields: No, Actually Santa was just telling all the kids what he was doing, how he was preparing for Christmas

JanFields: He was doing special exercises to tone up and make up for all the cookies he would eat on Christmas Eve

JanFields: Stuff like that

ElinorRigb: cute

JanFields: But I imagine you could do a santa answers kid letters thing.

JanFields: The man with the Santa column sold to several markets around the state, markets that did not overlap

JanFields: I bet you could sell a local radio on call in santa

Verla: Yeah, but I kinda think you'd have to be a guy to get that one past the kiddies, jan!

DonaV: You could be Mrs. Claus

Verla: You could do one with Mrs. Santa, though!

Verla: We gals could, I mean.

JanFields: Yes, I imagine you would have to be a guy unless you did Mrs. Klaus

JanFields: But Mrs. Klaus would be fun too

Dani257: Maybe I could do a Santa Journal. Or a Mrs. Santa one and sell her 'diary' entries

Verla: Oh, how FUN!

^GailM: Mrs. Claus could have the real dirt on Santa.

^GailM: He snores.

JanFields: I expect he has gas too, Gail

^GailM: Right!

JanFields: Yes, or even an elf journal

Dani257: This is really great

Verla: (Actually, that's a great idea for BOOK, Dani....Mrs. Claus's diary!)

JanFields: That could be a humor column....elf woes

ElinorRigb: Radio spots with kids' ideas would work, wouldn't it? If you wrote kids crafts & stories and let stores sponsor a super-short spot in their name?

JanFields: Yes, Elinor...I would think radio for kids crafts would go too

Verla: Yes, I think that would work very well, elinor. (And I used to work in radio stations...scheduling all the programs. I know that radio stations are always looking for ways to get listeners interested and programs that they can sell to their advertisers!)

woolfff: ooh,ooh! sheets sold to a radio station that could be picked up by visitors...

JanFields: I didn't know radio stations got many visitors

Verla: HA! People are ALWAYS coming into radio stations, Jan

woolfff: Well, around here their always doing contests and such so you will stop by.

JanFields: Cool

Verla: Yep. They definitely do that, woolfff

woolfff: It's closer than Hollywood in the South@

woolfff: I lost my exclamation point!!

Verla throws some extra exclamation points to woolfff so she will be quiet and listen!!!!!

^GailM: I have a story about a lumber store. I tried to interest Home Depot and Eagle here in the Northwest. Maybe I need to send to Lowe's.

^GailM: Lowe's bought Eagle a month ago.

JanFields: Independent stores can be even better, is easier to connect with the person who handles the $$

JanFields: Plus, they have a greater need for customer loyalty

JanFields: There are only so many magazines and publishers

JanFields: So you have to think creatively if you are to sell everything you write

MsEdit: only so many?

Dani257: You seem to be very good at thinking creatively

MsEdit: it's true there is a finite number of markets

MsEdit: however, that number is pretty big.

JanFields: Personally, I need to sell everything I write -- at least eventually

woolfff: I never looked at the other side of the writing picture before.

JanFields: If I have written something I really like but am having trouble placing, I try to think of some other way to get money for it

Verla: I like that idea, jan...and lots of times we write stories that are REALLY good...but publishers don't want them. This is a great way to get them into the hands of children...and get paid for them...and make a "name" for ourselves while we're trying to sell other stories more suited to the financial needs/wants of the publishing houses!

JanFields: It can also get you better know around your town, or city

JanFields: Then when you are promoting your book, someday, you have a built-in following

Dani257: How do you sell to a newspaper? Submit it like you would to a publisher, with a cover letter and all?

Verla: Just tell them what the story is for, Jan? Like...enclosed is a story I have written that I thought might interest you for the children's section in your Valentines issue of the newspaper?

JanFields: Yes, I use a super super super short cover letter....basically they do not care about your credits

Dani257: Good, I don't have any:-)

JanFields: To sell to a newspaper, though, you MUST put a copyright notice on everything

woolfff: so another newspaper can't pick it up for free?

JanFields: Actually, Verla, I tell them where the story should go in the paper and how important it is that we begin to build readership in younger kids

Verla: Wow....I didn't realize that, jan.

ElinorRigb: I think personal contact helps - a quick hi to the editor and handshake and then leave material with him

ElinorRigb: or her

ElinorRigb: I know. I did that

Verla: That's a good idea, elinor!

JanFields: Yes, personal contact is very good

JanFields: I find newspapers are somewhat easily manipulated by community spirit and helping the reader

Verla: Ah...good plan, jan.

JanFields: Newspapers, like radio stations are more immediately involved in the community than magazines

JanFields: They see themselves as having more responsibility

Dani257: Do the newspapers offer to pay, or do you have to let them know your services are for sale

Dani257: Suspicious mind I have

Verla: Yes, and how much do you CHARGE for the radio and newspaper stuff, jan?

JanFields: You have to let them know that they have to pay

Verla: Right...otherwise they will expect to get it for free, right?

JanFields: Right, which is not really their fault...they get a lot of press releases

JanFields: I normally include a line like...I am offering this at your usual freelance rate...

Verla: ah....SMART line!

Verla: That way you may get paid a lot more than you would ask for.

^GailM: $35 to 50 dollars seems fair.

JanFields: $20 - $25 is unfortunately a bit more likely

^GailM: CHEAP!!!!

Dani257: Hey, it's better than nothing

woolfff: by the word?

JanFields: They pay by the column inch, woolff

JanFields: Yes, very cheap...but quick money

JanFields: Basically, I do fast market fillers when I need quick cash

JanFields: The turnaround for money from most print magazines is slow slow slow

JanFields: Online markets are considerably better

Verla: I think a lot depends on the paper, too, jan. Some papers in big metropolitan areas charge horrific prices to their advertisers and can afford to pay more to buy things. (San Jose area is one...the normal charge for a tiny 1" add can be over $100)

JanFields: What they charge and what they pay is often not related

JanFields: When you can fill the paper with press release junk...why pay a lot for freelance?

Verla: hmm. Of course, jan! (I should have thought of that, myself)

^GailM: I was thinking I would advertise that I would wait at people's houses for repair people for $35 a day, providing the repair person designated AM or PM.

JanFields: Hey....that might net you some good money Gail

Verla: And you could be writing while you are waiting, gail. So you can make MORE money! Great idea

woolfff: Even when they don't show!

^GailM: I could write while I wait!

JanFields: Another way to fill a market niche is to see a need that is not being met and jump in there

JanFields: For newspapers or web sites or magazines.

JanFields: For example, I saw an online magazine that was for parents of teens

JanFields: I saw they had no software reviewer -- I pitched a I have a job

JanFields: See if your local paper has someone to review kids movies, kids books, kids software

JanFields: Your personal market research (reading kids books) can turn into a column

DonaV: Jan, I do a column for a hobby magazine that I got by pitching the idea to the editor (over the phone)

JanFields: Excellent, Dona...that is exactly what I mean

JanFields: Columns usually do not pay a lot, but they are steady money

Verla: Grin, nice idea, jan...but I think if I tried to do a children's review SCBWI Regional Advisor (who does that for our local paper already) would get a "wee bit" upset! LOL!

DonaV: This one is $75 for 4 doublespaced pages, bimonthly

Verla: Hey, that's not bad at ALL, dona!

JanFields: Sure, Verla...but for example. reviews movies, software, and toys for kids...but they have no book reviewer

JanFields: They pay big money...could be a good place to pitch a book review column

Verla: are you going to be their book reviewer, jan?

JanFields: Nope, I don't like doing book reviews. I write articles for them

Verla: (Poor Brain Play website...they will be swamped with potential reviewers in the next few days! LOL)

Dani257: She might beat you over the head for sending her all those mad writers:-)

Dani257: mad=crazy

JanFields: With a good query, they might go for it. The editor is Lisa Price, don't tell them I sent you

Verla: Jan! How silly you are! You put her name and the name of the website into this transcript which is going to be posted for the entire WORLD to see...and then tell me not to tell her you sent us? HAHAHAHAHHAHAH

ElinorRigb: LOL Verla

JanFields: Oh well

JanFields: She used to like me, Verla

Dani257: Jan, you'd better join the witness protection program or something

Verla: hahha. Yeah. And "used to" might just be the definitive word there, jan...

Dani257: Or you could do a website review for kids for a newspaper

Verla: Oh...THAT's a GREAT idea, dani!

JanFields: Yes, Dani...most newspapers would love that

Dani257: How come I never thought of these ideas before?

JanFields: The Knoxville paper here has a small syndicated piece that introduces websites for kids

Verla: What a super idea! Play on the web and get PAID for it! I love it!

JanFields: I have sold LOTS of website reviews to different is a popular thing if you can find the right slant

woolfff: Jan, you strike me as a great brainstormer.

JanFields: Price varies, though...I have gotten as much as $300 for a web site review article and as little as $25

Marianne__: Are these local papers, jan, or national?

JanFields: Those were ALL online markets, Marianne

Marianne__: Ok, thanks

JanFields: I got on BrainPlay by sending Lisa a query a day until she found one she liked

Verla: Oh, NO! We only have 8 minutes to go before the workshop is faster, jan!

Marianne__: Sorry, I came in late. You sold website reviews to other online sources?

JanFields: Right..I have done them for FolksOnline, BrainPlay, The Family Company and a couple other dinky ones

Verla: And to newspapers, marianne

Verla: also

Marianne__: I'm confused..

Verla: She finds great websites for kids, marianne, then sells an article to the local papers or other websites about the sites.

JanFields: Website reviews -- I only sold those to online markets, but I have SEEN them in newspapers

Marianne__: gotcha now.

Verla: (I stand corrected....)

Marianne__: ok, the fog has cleared. (:)

JanFields: I would sell to newspapers, Verla, but the local one here already buys from a syndicate

Verla: ah ha. (Verla thinks perhaps she should take a peek at her local newspaper once in a while...)

woolfff: And do you transact business with a website via e-mail?

JanFields: Yes, woolff, most of my business is transacted through email

Dani257: What about to print markets? Are those email, too?

JanFields: Yes, Dani, many are...The Writer just told me they would accept an email query

JanFields: You get much friendlier correspondance through email

Dani257: I wonder if my newspaper has an email address?

JanFields: They probably have several Dani...but they may not be adept with using email...many are not

woolfff: Do you sign contracts with these type deals or are you paid like contract work?

JanFields: I usually am sent a contract which I sign before payment, Dani

woolfff: and before sending your piece, or after?

JanFields: After, woolff

JanFields: usually

JanFields: With deals I generate, sometimes I make the contract...listing what both sides have agreed to

Verla: Ah...I like contracts...they make things safer and cleaner. No misunderstandings with contracts

Verla: Oh, DEAR....we only have four minutes left...any last comments or questions by anyone?

JanFields: I cannot think of any others off the top of my head

JanFields: Oh, and Your Big Backyard says they will take email queries too

Verla: They publish VERY few new stories, jan...

Verla: they reprint the old ones every few their children/readers outgrow them they just reprint the same ones again for the next batch of kids.

JanFields: Yes, I have found that out Verla...but the email lady is very nice

Dani257: Just how did you get to be so market savvy, Jan?

JanFields: Bill collectors, Dani...

Dani257: LOL

Verla: LOL! I LOVE that answer, jan!!!!

JanFields: I decided that the only way to make a living doing this is to jump in and do it

JanFields: So...I HAD to find ways to make money

JanFields: I was single...only I had to live on my income

JanFields: Now that I am married, it is harder to be motivated knowing the lights won't go out if I watch Designing Women today

Verla: Well, you have come up with the GREATEST ideas, jan!

Marianne__: I'm a freelance writer, Jan. If we had to live on my income, we'd starve. (:)

woolfff: and what kind of a search do you key in for finding such markets on-line?

JanFields: Woolff....I kind of shop around, I check out website links from kid sites, I check out online sites for kids magazines...different things

Verla: you still have MORE ideas you can share with us? Should we set up yet ANOTHER continuation of this session?

Verla: Finding Even More Markets?

woolfff: Yes, Verla!

Marianne__: Your're a great motivator, Jan.

DonaV: Maybe Jan would do one on brainstorming, Verla. :)

JanFields: Verla...NO

Verla: No? RATS.

Dani257: Jan, don't you think you should charge Verla if she wants to continue using your services? Could be a whole new market(WEG)

Verla: Hey, watch it, dani!

JanFields: Could be, Dani

Marianne__: LOL!

Verla fumes at Dani's remark...and mumbles...*I* don't get paid for the stuff on this website...or in this chat does Dani expect me to pay others to come here?????

JanFields: Awww...Verla....I love you :-)

JanFields: THank you Dani

Verla: snifff....THANK you, jan!

DonaV passes the hat so we can pay Verla with cyber nickles

Verla passes the cyber hat with great enthusiasm to Jan...Here's your money for the workshop, jan. Enjoy your cyber money!

JanFields: Thanks Verla

woolfff: Jan, what classes do you teach?

JanFields: I used to teach magazine writing at a community college in NC

JanFields: I don't teach right now

JanFields: I LOVE teaching but it pays horribly, so I cannot do it very often

Marianne__: How did you get your job teaching, Jan? I don't have a journalism degree, but many credits. I've always wondered about that. If you could share..

JanFields: I just went over to the Community College and told them I would like to teach magazine writing

Marianne__: Really, just like that?

JanFields: They practically kissed me right one seemed to care about my degree or my credits

DonaV: Jan, I did the same thing with a creative writing course...I showed them a lesson plan

Marianne__: I would like to teach, but no degree...

JanFields: Once I began teaching, there was so much positive feedback that they begged me to come back

Harazin: I teach Marianne. I do not have a degree

Marianne__: Do you Harazin?

Harazin: For the arts center

JanFields: You don't need a degree for Community College...continuing education

Marianne__: Did you have to follow a set curriculum?

Harazin: I make my own

Harazin: and set my own fees

JanFields: I made my own

Verla: Really, jan? Hmmm. You mean I could contact MY Junior College about teaching a writing course? (Of course, I probably CAN'T because AGAIN, my Regional Advisor does that. Sigh.)

Don_S_: Or adult ed.

Marianne__: They let you, that's great!

JanFields: THey don't LET you Marianne...they BEG you

JanFields: They send you letters

JanFields: They call you

Marianne__: Really???

JanFields: It's like Continuing Ed stalkers

Marianne__: Maybe I'll make a few calls tomorrow..

Marianne__: LOL!

JanFields: Have get to meet a lot of great people

Marianne__: I like people, that's my problem. (:)

JanFields: I have had soo much fun

Verla: they pay you for that, jan? Or is it just a freebee?

JanFields: They pay...$10 an hour at the teeny college back home

JanFields: I haven't looked into the college here, in a city like Knoxville, they ought to pay more

Marianne__: I live around the Cleveland area, many community colleges here for me to check into..

Harazin: The bookstore here called and asked me to do fiction classes in the bookstore

JanFields: Wonderful, Harazin

DonaV: Congratulations, Harazin!

Harazin: I don't like to teach Dona

Verla: I LOVE to teach, hara!

Harazin: I like to write. I want to write.

Marianne__: But, Harazin, you're a teacher?

Harazin: Only for fiction writing--I am an RN


Verla: Oh..what a NEAT idea...give classes in the bookstore!

Harazin: Yep--sometimes editors show up

Don_S_: editors are so worried it's so political.

Verla: I wonder if MY local bookstore would go for something like that? They have not been overly receptive to any of my ideas so far...but I bet the one in Modesto that's an hour and a half drive from me would be interested!

Dani257: Go for what?

Verla: Dani, I'm wondering if the bookstore would go for me coming into their store and giving classes there

Harazin: Borders does it Verla

Verla: No Borders here, hara

Verla: NO bookstores here except the ONE.

DonaV: I've also gotten paid for giving workshops at writers conferences (though not all pay)

JanFields: Well, I hate to teach and run, but my honey is playing alarm clock...he keeps telling me what time it is

JanFields: I guess he misses me

JanFields: Or maybe he misses his computer

Dani257: No, you. Think romantically

JanFields: Yes, we've only been married a month, Dani...I am betting it is me

Don_S_: I like that - think romantically.

JanFields: Besides he is calling out the time from the bedroom

Marianne__: LOL!

Harazin: Thanks again Jan

Dani257: Bye, Jan. Thanks a lot

DonaV: Thanks Jan!

Windy2u: Thanks Jan...

ElinorRigb: It was great, Jan

JanFields: It was fun

Don_S_: Thanks Jan.

Harazin: Thanks Jan

ElinorRigb: Great job, Jan. Enjoyed it.

woolfff: Great workshop, Jan.

Dani257: Yes, I loved it

JanFields: Thank you

ElinorRigb: Bye, room. Bye Verla.

DonaV: Great workshop, Jan!

Marianne__: Thanks so much, Jan!

JanFields: You are welcome..thanks for listening

Windy2u: Thanks again Jan...go grab him!

JanFields: Ta ta

Verla: Well, hug him for us and tell him we are SO thankful he shared you tonight, jan...

Marianne__: Bye, Jan, thanks

JanFields: bye

Windy2u: She's great!

Harazin: Good workshop

Marianne__: Well, I certainly got something out of it!

Windy2u: Night all...

Verla: GREAT workshop...she gives such wonderful ones....great ideas!

Verla: I'm all fired up again.

Marianne__: (:)


----------- END OF WORKSHOP ---------


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