Workshop Transcript

Finding Markets

with Janis Waldrop (Fields)


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Danni25: Have we started yet?

Verla: in about five minutes, Danni

Danni25: Ok

dorii: Should be a good workshop tonight

Danni25: What's the topic?

*** Verla has set the topic on channel #Kidlit to Finding Markets WORKSHOP IN PROGRESS

Danni25: Just what I need

Verla: Hi, everyone...are you ready to start the workshop? Anyone want to set up the podiuum? Get the chairs straightened? Set up the Microphone?

Verla: Please get the room ready....I need help, folks...too hard for me to do alone...

redtail19: I'll help set up, verla

redtail19: here let me move that podium, it's too heavy for you

dorii: There! Room's all set!

hollyj: Dori, that was my chair

Verla: Goodie. Did anyone test the microphone?

dorii: Oops. Sorry, holly

Verla: Tap. Tap. Tap.

MsEdit: testing 1 .. 2... 3

Verla: TAP. TAP. TAP.

ClaraRose: testing... testing.... one two three...

redtail19: testing testing 1 2 3

MsEdit: works

Verla: good. It works.

MsEdit: lol

_Lyra: silly people in here (g)

JanWaldrop: That is good to know...I would hate to have to YELL


Christyy: oh! my ears!!!

MsEdit: can't be any worse than your son's screeching, Christy!

Christyy: lol ms!

NOTE: lol = Laughing Out Loud

dorii: It's okay now.

Verla adjusts the more problems folks!

Verla: (Be serious now, folks!)

Verla: Okay, Janis, do you want to introduce yourself and get started?

dorii: applause...applause

MsEdit: clap clap

JanWaldrop: Ok, sure....I am Janis Waldrop...a writer of over ten years publishing experience

JanWaldrop: I began in adult nonfiction but write predominantly for children now

JanWaldrop: Since, writing is my only means of support ( not counting playtex) I had to learn

MsEdit: now who needs to get serious?

JanWaldrop: ways to find markets

JanWaldrop: There are only just so many publication slots to go around so sometimes...I had to make my own

Danni25: Wow, you actually make a living at this?

JanWaldrop: Yes...a somewhat impoverished living...but a living

JanWaldrop: You are also going to learn how much I depend on my spell check :-)

MelLane: ANY living as a writer to me would be GREAT! So long as it is a living!

JanWaldrop: Well, today...the bulk of my money comes from material I sell online

dorii: Interesting, Jan

_Lyra: I didn't know there were THAT many online markets that paid

_Lyra: very interesting

_Lyra: I wouldn't have thought most paid...still not clear how they are funded

_Lyra: Of course I've sold to ONE online publisher myself

MsEdit: Two, Lyra <g>

NOTE: Lyra has also sold an article to Keystrokes Newsletter - an online newsletter for writers that Kate is the editor of.

katrapp: I've sold twice online

Danni25: I've had manuscripts accepted on the web for kids, but none pay

JanWaldrop: I find that online markets respond more quickly and pay more quickly

redtail19: I'm really surprised!

MelLane: How do you find these online markets? Search pages? Writing pages?

_Lyra: Good question

dorii: Seems like a little known market

JanWaldrop: One thing I do to find markets begins with the search engine

Danni25: Are they children's markets?

JanWaldrop: Mostly kids markets, Danni, but I do a little parenting still and a little writing articles

Verla: Ah...but...did you hear that, folks? MOSTLY kid's markets!

JanWaldrop: I look for web sites that target kids

JanWaldrop: I use a little program called web ferret to help me

katrapp: where does one find web ferret?

JanWaldrop: You can get the web ferret from <>, Kathy

Verla: Is it only for IBM's janis?

MsEdit: web ferret is for PCs only...not for MACs

Verla: Okay. Thanks, ms Edit

katrapp: oh drat!!

JanWaldrop: There are probably some kind of program similar for mac...or you could use a meta search engine

zbell doesn't know how to use search engines effectively

Verla: I'm sorry, janis. I'm really a computer infant...(although I try not to let my ignorance show much....) what is a meta search engine? I only know about search engines like Alta Vista, Yahoo, etc.

JanWaldrop: A meta search engine will search several regular search sites at once

Danni25: Like savvysearch?

MsEdit: I think a meta search engine would be something like dogpile, which does a search through several search engines at once

Verla: dogpile? Where do you find that?

JanWaldrop: There are several could go to Alta Vista...put in metasearch and it will show you one

Verla: Ah...input the word metasearch?

JanWaldrop: Yes, I think savvysearch and dogpile and Ask Jeeves are three of them

Verla: Thanks, msEdit! (It's so NICE to have a computer literate Mac person here!)

JanWaldrop: Yes, Verla...or just try dogpile...or Ask Jeeves...I love

NOTE: URL for Dogpile was supplied by MsEdit. Thanks, MsEdit!

MsEdit is going to have to try out AskJeeves

katrapp: is dogpile for macs?

MsEdit: katrapp, I think so. I think I've used it at least once.

Verla: great. Thanks, janis. Sorry for interrupting...please go on

MelLane: How does it work, Jan?

Danni25: can you search for online children's markets? What's the wording you should use?

JanWaldrop: In the ferret ( or meta search engine) I plug in kids and child

JanWaldrop: I get zillions of web site returns

JanWaldrop: Then I begin checking out the sites

JanWaldrop: I find a site that is professional and commercial

JanWaldrop: Most of the markets I work for are web branches of businesses

JanWaldrop: For example, I write for Kidz Own which is a branch of the Family Company ... a toy company

JanWaldrop: I am looking for a slick professional site...they are not all obvious about the company link

JanWaldrop: When I find a site that is professional and commercial and targets kids...I look to see if they have stories

JanWaldrop: Sometimes they do...then it is can email them for guildelines

Verla: enter two words, kids and child?

JanWaldrop: Yes, those are the words I enter at least once a month to look for kid sites, Verla

zbell: How do you tell if they look professional and commercial? I'm not a very discriminating person

JanWaldrop: Professional sites are pretty...they have fancy graphics and nice format

JanWaldrop: Their layout looks more like a magazine...less like a handbill made in someone's basement

zbell: okay, thanks

_Lyra: approximately how many have you found by this method that PAY?

Danni25: Yes, we want money

MelLane: Money! Money!

Verla: lol! Calm down, folks. Let Janis talk and she will tell you where you can get money!

JanWaldrop: I make $100 apiece for the articles on Family Company

JanWaldrop: Kid stories...mysteries

JanWaldrop: The Family Company did not originally do stories or know they wanted to do stories

_Lyra: Sounds like FUN many words long?

JanWaldrop: They are multipart...pretty long...but they are not an open market...they love me ;-)

Verla: Hey, $100 an article is GOOD pay!

MsEdit: sure is

Verla: I didn't even get that much from my REAL magazine stories!

JanWaldrop: I suggested that stories would bring more kids to the site

JanWaldrop: The vice-president of the company was willing to try

_Lyra: Clever Jan!!! (VERY impressed)

zbell: Do you query an online market or send them a manuscript?

JanWaldrop: I wrote a WWJD story that got 1000 hit over a weekend

MelLane: WWJD story? That would be write up my alley!

MelLane: (pun intended)

Danni25: What is that?

Verla: Hey..what's a WWJD story?

Verla: (Good Danni...I'm not the only one who doesn't know what that is!)

Danni25: Ignorance loves company, Verla

JanWaldrop: WWJD -- What Would Jesus Do

Danni25: Oh, okay

Verla: Ah...thank you, Janis!

_Lyra: (I even knew that, Verla)

Danni25: Hey, no bragging!

redtail19: not every one is so up on christian terms, Lyra <g>

dorii: Are you their exclusive writer, Jan?

JanWaldrop: Yes, right now I am, though eventually they will get bigger than I can keep up with

JanWaldrop: I have been writing for them ever since

Verla: in effect, you made your OWN market with them!

MelLane: Seems like the Christian market is bigger than I thought!

JanWaldrop: We did two WWJD stories, then they changed to a more interactive format

MelLane: What do you mean by interactive format?

JanWaldrop: I create stories with open forms...[child] [friend] [hometown]

JanWaldrop: The kids input the information and it appears in the stories

dorii: ahhhh!

JanWaldrop: I get a couple dozen fan letters a week from those stories

zbell: kewl!

JanWaldrop: Kids love to read about themselves

redtail19: kewl, JW

Verla: Oh, that's neat, janis. Do YOU have to design the input stuff? Or do they do it in the formatting when they put the stories up?

JanWaldrop: The idea was one I had, the company had the money to implement it and they have been happy ever since

redtail19: do you have to know the mechanics of it?

_Lyra: fan letters online--now that's GREAT!

Verla: A couple of DOZEN fan letters a WEEK? Wow. That's GREAT, Janis!

JanWaldrop: They use CGI to do the formatting...I just needed a basic format to follow for the fields

zbell: How do you get to that site, Jan?


JanWaldrop: I am Miss Sassy

JanWaldrop: That company remembered me when they launched a doll I did the picture books to accompany the dolls

JanWaldrop: You just have to be enterprising.

zbell: great! I'll have to get my kids to check it out

Verla: Are those picture books on line too, janis?

JanWaldrop: There is a little blurb about them at

JanWaldrop: I think that is right

JanWaldrop: Professional sites get a lot of get a lot of exposure through them

dorii: What rights do they buy, Jan?

NOTE: You have to ask each one about the rights they want. Just like with paper publishers, they are all individual comanies with their own policies.

_Enchanted: How do you query an online company? Email? Snail mail?

MsEdit: enchanted, you first check out their guidelines

JanWaldrop: I email companies with an online presence

Ikeeper: thanks

Verla: Okay, Janis. Back to basics. (Sorry) What is an "online presence?"

zbell: thanks, verla, I wanted to know that

JanWaldrop: Many of the online companies do not have guidelines...some do...check the site thoroughly

JanWaldrop: Their web site is merely a promotion is their presence on the WWW

JanWaldrop: For example...the Family Company does not sell anything online

JanWaldrop: Some magazines have a print version and an online site -- an online presence

JanWaldrop: Owl for example is a print magazine with online (web) content also

JanWaldrop: So is Surprises

Verla: Thanks, Janis!

_Lyra: This is all so interesting, Jan

MelLane: On an average, how many web pages do you review before you get a market?

NOTE: This question did not get answered.

JanWaldrop: I also make my own markets closer to home

Danni25: Make your own?

JanWaldrop: When I need some stable money...I look for a need and fill it

Gaillynn: Jan give us an example.

JanWaldrop: I look for someone (with money) who relates regularly to kids

JanWaldrop: Like Pediatricians or Dentist

JanWaldrop: Then I create a little storypaper for them

Gaillynn: Then?

JanWaldrop: It can be personalized with the doctor's name

MelLane: Locally or on-line Jan?

Danni25: What is a storypaper like?

JanWaldrop: It only needs to run about two pages...a little story, a craft or recipe or puzzle...maybe a poem

_Lyra: Wow! This is all such a new concept...fascinating

Danni25: (Are the questions coming too fast for you?)

KarmaWilso: ACK! What new concept?

JanWaldrop: Like a little newsletter for kids

Danni25: For teachers?

JanWaldrop: Teachers do not have enough money

Danni25: Oh, right.

JanWaldrop: I like teachers but I need someone who can pay, Danni

redtail19: wow! talk about creative, Jan

Gaillynn: Who do you sell the storypaper to?

dorii: Jan. Is the 'story paper' a one time thing? or on-going?

Christyy: do you query them first, or walk in with it and show it to them?

JanWaldrop: So I create a little newsletter for be sent out by family practices in medicine or dentistry

JanWaldrop: No...I offer maybe six issues

Danni25: Dentists, pediatricians, who else?

zbell: Are you ever able to utilize Athletic corporations and such Janis?

zbell was thinking about the way certain clothing and athletic corps. promo to kids

JanWaldrop: I would try them zbell if I knew more about athletics off the top of my head

Ikeeper: What is the storypaper used for by the professional who buys it?

JanWaldrop: Very simply stories...maybe some simple health tips

MelLane: This is FASCINATING!!!!

Gaillynn: What do you get out of this?

JanWaldrop: I sell the newsletter to the dentist/ can get about $500

MelLane: How do you charge for those newsletters? And do you provide the copies?

KarmaWilso: $500??

Gaillynn: Do you have to continue publishing it -- ongoing?

dorii: Jan. you mean... you write up the 'story papers' and the dentists/peds mail them out to their patients?

JanWaldrop: $500 for six issues...which would be 24 pages of content

Christyy: do you sell one of each, or make copies yourself?

JanWaldrop: I don't provide the copies...I have done this a couple ways

Danni25: How do you sell it? Who do you talk too?

tinaeva1: So how do you sell the story paper to the professional?

KarmaWilso: Yea, how do you sell it?

KarmaWilson is sitting on the edge of her seat....scooting forward...

JanWaldrop: I send a sample to all the dentists/doctors I find with kid practice

JanWaldrop: The sample is one page

Verla: Does the dentist/ped then make their own copies? Ah...I see you are answering my question before I even ASK it!

Christyy: do you send the same one to all the doctors?

redtail19: do you use the same storypage for each dentist who subscribes, or does each one recieve entirely different stories/poems. etc?

JanWaldrop: I usually have a couple samples, Christyy & redtail...not many though

JanWaldrop: I create a banner headline incorporating the Doctor's name

JanWaldrop: I add a story about Mr Tooth...or whatever

Verla: Oh, this is REALLY good, Janis!

JanWaldrop: And a puzzle or recipe

JanWaldrop: And some health/teeth tips

_Lyra: WOW! (Need I say more?)

MsEdit seconds Lyra'

Verla: Or maybe both?

Danni25: Ooh, I have a tooth fairy story. Maybe I should make up a story page and use that for a dentist

Verla: What a GREAT idea, Danni!

_Enchanted: What about illustrations and pictures. Do you have to get rights and buy them somewhere?

JanWaldrop: I sketch really simple pictures

JanWaldrop: Or use public domain clip art

Verla: Ah..SHE is an artist...Oh. Okay. clip art is okay to use, then.

Christyy: where do you find that clip art?

LisaW1: I know a woman who does this kind of thing, Janis. But she is also an artist. Are you?

Danni25: This is exciting

Gaillynn: After the 6 issues, does the doctor continue on his own or is it over?

JanWaldrop: You can get clip art books or clip art on CD.

NOTE: Verla has quite a few clip art books she found in a local art/craft store. They are published by:

Dover Publications, Inc.

31 East 2nd Street

Mineola, NY 11501

Try writing to them and ask for their sample clip art catalog.

KarmaWilso: Is any clip art included in a desktop pub program public domain?

JanWaldrop: Some is...different desktop programs have slightly different restrictions, Karma

JanWaldrop: You actually have to (ACK) read the license

Verla: You just have to make sure that the clip art is okay to use commercially, folks. Some of it says, for non-profit use only.

MelLane: How do you do that, Verla?

Verla: Use a search engine and plunk in clip art, karma. You should get dozens of sites. And Mel, read the box or site. It will tell you how you may use it.

katrapp: unless you purchase clip art, i believe it is pretty much public domaine and since you have purchased the program with clip art you should be able to use it fine

KarmaWilso: I think mine must be. It has a whole section for business brochures

Christyy: if I have microsoft word and works, can I use their clip art legally?

JanWaldrop: I am not need to read the box/license

Christyy: this is the scary part

Verla: If you really need some simple art, why not pay a one-time fee to one of the artists on the CW list to do the artwork for you? Then you could use the artwork over and over and they would get credit/exposure, too.

dorii: How are the actual copies printed?

Ikeeper: What benefit do the professionals recieve from this?

JanWaldrop: Doctors and Dentist spend literally hundreds and hundreds of dollars on give aways to patients

JanWaldrop: They buy greeting cards, erasers, junk....this is one more thing

KarmaWilso: Coloring pages to use while the kids wait!

KarmaWilso: To take their mind off that nasty needle!

JanWaldrop: But it is personal...has their office on the banner

Christyy: this could fall under advertising, and their ad budgets are pretty big

JanWaldrop: Has a TIPS column from Dr Dan ( or whatever) even though I wrote the tips

Danni25: I've been targeting the wrong people. Forget magazines. I'm going for the dentists

KarmaWilso: So, do you walk into the dentist's office and say, "Hey, lookee here...."

KarmaWilso: Or do you mail a sample?

KarmaWilso: Or or or????

Danni25: Yeah, I was wondering the same thing, karma

Danni25: How do you charge, by issue, in bulk? How much do you charge (Have you answered that already?)

Verla: Danni...she charges $500 for six issues. About 24 pages. The doctors make their own copies.

Danni25: Wow, wow, wow

dorii: Can I REPEAT a question? WHO or HOW are the actual send-outs printed?

JanWaldrop: Sorry, dorii...I got distracted

JanWaldrop: I meant to go there

JanWaldrop: I send one copy to the dr...with his personized banner and tips column...he copies them

JanWaldrop: I have had one or two doctors who would pay more ( a lot more) if I print them

JanWaldrop: I don't do that any more though...don't have time

tinaeva1: What kind of paper do you use? Is it just copied or printed by the professional.?

tinaeva1: Are they colored or b/w?

JanWaldrop: I make them black and white...most doctors do not have a color photocopier yet

MelLane: Janis, does each issue have 24 pages, or do you mean a TOTAL of 24 pages?

JanWaldrop: Each issue has four pages...two pages front and back

Christyy: so all the doctors are purchasing the same newletter, different only by their personal info? same recipe, story etc?

NOTE: The answer to Christy's question was, YES.

Danni25: How often did they come out?

NOTE: The answer to Danni's question is: One Time - a set of six different newsletters for each professional to use.

KarmaWilso: stapled?

NOTE: Since the copies sold to the professional would be used to make their own copies for their offices, staples would NOT be used.

_Lyra: How many separate projects are you doing a week/month?

JanWaldrop: I usually only did doctors with little in each town near me...same with dentists

dorii: How many dentist/ped clients do you presently have now, Jan?

JanWaldrop: Right now, I don't do this any more...I don't have time

JanWaldrop: And I make more money at other things

Gaillynn: Have you guys already talked about book markets -- not online markets?

JanWaldrop: Haven't done books yet...I am still on creating a market, Gaillynn

_Enchanted: Do you get a "contract" for this kind of work? Or does the payment serve as the contract?

NOTE: This question was not answered, but the logical answer would be to ask each publisher. Since they are all individually run, they would each have their own policies and procedures on this subject.

Danni25: Sorry if this is another repeat question. I'm having a hard time keeping up. How many copies do you make at one time?

Danni25: Or do they make the copies?

KarmaWilso: They make them, Danni

KarmaWilso: Unless otherwise arranged, and then you charge more.

Danni25: Ok, thanks

JanWaldrop: Dentists actually buy quicker...or so I find

MelLane: Wonder why?

LisaW1: more kids fear dentists

dorii: Umm. My son-in-law is a children's dentist.

Christyy: more money... all those fillngs and braces!

JanWaldrop: I don't know....maybe they want to build morale more, Mel

KarmaWilso: Do you mail them out? Or walk in the office and pitch the idea?

JanWaldrop: I mailed all my ideas

KarmaWilso: Great, thanks Jan.

JanWaldrop: My package was VERY professional looking

Verla: Great, Janis!

KarmaWilso: What was included?

JanWaldrop: I mailed to everyone in the area but only sold on a first come first serve basic per town

Verla: This is a wonderful idea. Make your own market by targeting pediatricians, dentists and doctors in your area.

JanWaldrop: I included a cover letter, explaining what they would get...any options they might have.

Danni25: Options like what?

JanWaldrop: Like they could have a puzzle, or a craft or a recipe...or alternate, Danni

JanWaldrop: My cover letter included pictures ( doctors like that)

JanWaldrop: And a sample ... one page...front and back

MelLane: Are you talking an 8.5 x 11 inch page?

JanWaldrop: Yes, MelLane...8.5 x 11

KarmaWilso: Pictures of what?

KarmaWilso: (Did that sound dumb?)

Verla: Yes, pictures of what, Janis? (Wasn't a dumb question at ALL, karma!)

JanWaldrop: Oh..I used this cute little Mr. Tooth on the dentist cover, Karma

JanWaldrop: And a teddybear in a cast on the dr one

KarmaWilso: Ah ha... in the letterhead??

Verla: Oh, cute!

JanWaldrop: I always wanted to make cute coverletters

KarmaWilso: Wonderful!

_Lyra: What OTHER things, Jan? What's the best for you to work/sell?

MelLane: LOL!

KarmaWilso: ME TOO!

Verla: I LOVE this idea!

KarmaWilso: Finally, it won't look "amentuerish"

JanWaldrop: Yes, can break publishing rules....doctors don't know them

JanWaldrop: I printed on 25 lb paper so it looked really nice

MelLane: Did you let the other dentists/doctors know it was a simultaneous submissiion?

JanWaldrop: Yes, I told them I was selling to only one doctor in Hendersonville...first come, first serve

Verla: the first dentist in town to respond with a paying offer got the package...and everyone else had to gnash their teeth!

KarmaWilso: My pediatrician might just bite on this. She's a real marshmellow (I don't mean I won't be professional though)

KarmaWilso: I can see OB's really snapping this up, with a more professional news letter with diet tips, and monthly examination charts.

KarmaWilso: As a pregnant woman I would have DIED for a newsletter from my Dr.'s office.

KarmaWilso: I read anything and everything. And what a great thing to include in cover letters for parenting mags!

tinaeva1: At the end of the 6 issues, did they renew?

JanWaldrop: Most tried to renew but I had moved on to other things

redtail19: did you then send them monthly, bi- monthly, all at once for the dr to disseminate on her schedule, or???

KarmaWilso: Ah, disregard my spelling. LOL

JanWaldrop: I had made three of the six already ( I should have done all six) and I offered the doctor the choice of weekly or monthly

JanWaldrop: Some chose weekly and I was kicking butt to finish

Verla: LOL! Funny, Janis!

JanWaldrop: So...that is an example of creating a market.

KarmaWilso: A GREAT idea.

dorii: great idea, Janis

_Lyra: What is your writing schedule & how much do you produce weekly, Jan?

JanWaldrop: I write about 5 hours a day, 5 days a week...I cut back for health reasons

JanWaldrop: And so my finance would still marry me, Lyra

JanWaldrop: I try to mail something every day

MelLane: e-mail or regular mail?

_Lyra: That's SO incredible!

Verla: Every DAY, janis?

JanWaldrop: Either, Mel

Verla: Wow.

Verla: That's great, Janis.

JanWaldrop: Yes...some of them are email queries

JanWaldrop: And I do puzzles and poems and crafts

JanWaldrop: As well as fiction and nonfiction stories

Verla: You are an inspiration to all of us.

KarmaWilso: Oh, I'm dying to make up my newsletters.

redtail19: whew!! I am so impressed!

KarmaWilso: What a FABULOUS IDEA!!!

Christyy: I'm starting tomorrow.... heheheeh

Danni25: Me too

MelLane: Me, too, Karma!

_Lyra: Jan, you are SO creative and resourceful

Danni25: No wonder you make a living

MelLane: How do you protect your stories when you sell them on-line? I mean, if they have the story, how can you be sure you'll get paid?

Verla: You don't worry about it, mel. You only go to professional sites.

JanWaldrop: If you are dealing with a big company...and usually I am, Mel, they have always paid just fine

KarmaWilso: I would never have had the guts.

KarmaWilso: Janis, did you include a business card?

JanWaldrop: Yes, Karma...I always include a business card

KarmaWilso: I guess I should have some made then.... sigh....

JanWaldrop: I am naturally shy, Karma, so I did all the marketing thru the mail

JanWaldrop: I would have died of embarrassment facing them and saying "You need this"

Verla: Look at what a SHY person can accomplish, folks!

KarmaWilso: Well, I'm not shy, but I might scare them off in person.

KarmaWilso: :-)

Gaillynn: Jan do you write Children's picture books?

JanWaldrop: I write them...have not sold one yet, Gail...except for a series commissioned by a toy company

_Lyra: Those COUNT, many book sales?

MelLane: series? What kind of series?

JanWaldrop: I have 8 in print right now, Lyra...and getting the package to do three more this week

KarmaWilso: Did you use plain white paper Janis?

KarmaWilso: Or color?

Verla: KarmaWilson: She said plain white with black and white clip art/drawings on 25 lb paper

JanWaldrop: I use plain white's cheaper

KarmaWilso: Okay. Thanks.

JanWaldrop: If I were in an spending mood...I would do a color cover letter

KarmaWilso: Ohhhh.....

JanWaldrop: And put stickers on it...I love these things

dorii: Jan, I'm going to be really gutsy and ask how much you grossed last year?

_Lyra: Or maybe in a an average month...?

Verla: But you do NOT have to answer that, if you don't want to, Janis!

Verla: (Dori's gutsy question...)

Gaillynn: Not a good question.

KarmaWilso: Dori isn't shy either!

KarmaWilso: LOL

JanWaldrop: I did not make much at all last year, I had to go take care of my mom for 6 months

Gaillynn: I'm taking care of my mom and it is eating into my writing time.

JanWaldrop: now I make about $1500 a month...most months

dorii: Thanks, Jan. Appreciate your openess

Verla: That's a DARNED good income, Janis!

KarmaWilso: Hey, I made $400 this month, and I'm thrilled with that!

KarmaWilso: $1500 would be spectacular!!!

_Lyra: That's quite an accomplishment, inventive

JanWaldrop: I may slack off a little after I am married in November

MelLane: That's more than I make as an abstractor!

JanWaldrop: Husbands need so much care and feeding

Verla: hmph. I did two software reviews last month, too, karma. But I only got paid $200!

_Lyra: True, Jan (g)

JanWaldrop: I also do software reviews...those are fun

JanWaldrop: I applied where you did Verla and got turned down

Verla: Karma and I do those, too, janis

JanWaldrop: So I made my own market

JanWaldrop: Now I get $300 for a review :-)

JanWaldrop: I can't accept rejection

dorii: These are all interesting and fresh ideas, Janis

katrapp: i would love to do software reviews....who does one contact?

Verla: Kat, I saw a notice on the CW (Children's Writer's) list asking for people to do reviews. I submitted my sample writings, etc, and was hired for the position.

NOTE: Information on how to sign up for the CW list is on the Writer's Tips page of this website.

MelLane: How do you create your online markets, Janis? How do you approach them?

Verla: She already told us that, missed it.

Verla: It will be in the transcript

Verla: WHEN I get it done!

MelLane: LOL! I was just thinking that, Verla.

Christyy: do this one quick verla!

Verla: I'm trying, christy.

_Enchanted: Maybe you can get Janis back again soon, eh Verla??

JanWaldrop: I wanted to offer a couple websites for market guidelines...does

JanWaldrop: everyone one have the Margaret Shauer site?

Danni25: I don't have it

MelLane: Not me, Jan.

Verla: I don't, janis

KT4YE: me too, neither

redtail19: nor i

Verla: Please share it, Janis?


Verla: Ah HA! Through Inkspot!

_Lyra: I think Janis should market herself to speak at SCBWI national

NOTE: SCBWI = Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators - there is a link to the SCBWI website on the Links page of this website

Christyy: she should!

_Lyra: This is quite a new frontier for writers

tinaeva1: Jan, this has been so interesting. Thank you. I'm quite impressed with what you have done.

Verla: AWK! Our hour is UP!\

MelLane: No way! Really?

Danni25: Extend the workshop!

redtail19: oh,nooo, not yet

Verla: Janis, would you PLEASE do a continuation of this workshop another night?

JanWaldrop: Time flies when one's hands are cramping

Verla: we only have 5 minutes left.

Christyy: please???????

_Enchanted: Maybe if we all say PLEEEEEZZZEEE , Janis will come back soon!

MelLane: LOL! Cute, cramping hands.


MelLane: Pretty PLEEEEEEZZZEEE!!!!

Danni25: Okay, any wrap-up, Janis?

redtail19: pleeeeeeeze

JanWaldrop: Sure...but it can't be soon

Verla: Hey...I was due to do next week's workshop...but I would Gladly postpone it...

JanWaldrop: Wedding plans and all

Verla: oh...too soon, huh?

KT4YE: Pretty please with suxxxxx nutrasweet on it

Verla: When is your wedding?

JanWaldrop: Ick...KT...make mine sugar

JanWaldrop: I am getting married Nov 12, Verla

zbell: lol, imagine a wedding taking precedence over our workshop!

redtail19: nutrasweet, blech! offer her sugar and cherries

KT4YE: That's out of deference to kia

Verla: hmmm.

Verla: And you couldn't finish this next week, huh?

JanWaldrop: I don't think so. I will be writing the Family Company books all week...I think it will be another 8

JanWaldrop: I hope some of you will try the newletter thing though

MelLane: I plan on it.

JanWaldrop: I would like to see the proud tradition continue

dorii: Well, we'll look forward to the next time you can do this, Jan

Verla: Let's about Nov 10th?

redtail19: I think you've inspired a bunch of us, janis

Christyy: lol verla

KarmaWilso: I missed more!

Christyy: I definitly plan to try it!

Verla: WEG (Wicked Evil Grin)

_Enchanted: This was great, Janis. Thank you.

JanWaldrop: Sorry Verla I will be out of town...tsk tsk

Danni25: There'll be a lot of dentists and doctors with storypapers now

KarmaWilso: HURRY UP WITH THE TRANSCRIPT!!! (Kidding Verla! Kidding!)

Verla: Are you going on a week's honeymoon?

JanWaldrop: Thank you guys for letting me do this

JanWaldrop: It was fun

redtail19: thanks for *doing* it!


Danni25: You were a great help

Verla: We could schedule you for the 17th....right AFTER the wedding....

Verla: heh heh heh heh heh!

dorii: Great workshop, Jan, Kia

_Lyra: I've fallen on the floor out of AWE!

JanWaldrop: No, the wedding is in TN and I am in NC...seems like I should be there for part of the prep

KarmaWilso: Wedding? You're going to let a silly little thing like a wedding stop you from doing a workshop for us?

redtail19: ooh, verla, you are wicked <G>

NOTE: <G> = Grin

KarmaWilso: Hrmph!

Verla: Janis...this was TERRIFIC of you to share all this information with us!

_Lyra: geez--details, details, Jan

KarmaWilso: :-)

MelLane: Me, too, Lyra. Imagine the possibilities, as they say.

_Lyra: I'm not a good sales-person, though...kind of meek

KarmaWilso: MEEK????

JanWaldrop: Pretend you are someone else in your letter, Lyra

dorii: That's why you use the mail, lyra. You can do it!

Christyy: you have such great ideas Jan! thanks for sharing them!!!

Verla: Okay, Janis...but we need you to contact me and reschedule another session ASAP!

KarmaWilson wonders if somebody stole Linda Joy's nickname?

JanWaldrop: Picture the most forward person you know...maybe Verla Kay....and pretend to be her

Danni25: I'm just worried I'll run out of ideas for a newsletter

KarmaWilso: Yea, Verla!

Verla: LOL! Cute, Janis!

_Lyra: Karma--I used to be quite shy...and sometimes I still am

KarmaWilso: You should HEAR her push nurses around....

JanWaldrop: Well, I really do recommend you have all 6 done before you market them

MelLane: LOL... that's a good one, Janis.

_Lyra: I think I met the most forward person I know at a recent convention (p.g --private grin)

Christyy: they're scared of her now at that hospital! hehehe

Verla: I am having a profound effect on Linda Joy, though, folks. You should see her now!

KarmaWilso: Good idea.

MelLane: Meek is an upgrade?

MelLane: <g>

KarmaWilso: Just do six, and every month, one more, to keep up.

Verla: Cute, mel!

Verla: Great idea, karma.

KarmaWilso: Janis, did you make the ones for an adjoining town completely different?

KarmaWilso: Or the same?

JanWaldrop: No, Karma...just different banner and tip headline...and a different game sometimes

Verla: janis....THANK YOU!!!!!

JanWaldrop: I also did a writing newsletter...marketed it through the tons of $$ from that

_Lyra: Before I was a serious writer, I did a newsletter for fun for kids of friends which I distributed through the mail

Verla: Hip Hip HOORAY!

JanWaldrop: But what a job..phew

Danni25: Good idea. Can you use stories you've published already? (from magazines that buy first rights)

Verla: IF they only bought first rights, yes, danni

JanWaldrop: Yes, Danni, you can

KarmaWilso: This is sounding better and better.

KarmaWilso: I'm dying to do an OB one. I love pregnancy! Wanted to be a midwife.

dorii: Karma, you'd be great at a newsletter

_Lyra: I agree--go Karma!

JanWaldrop: Same concept would do great with that

KarmaWilso: Gee, thanks guys!

zbell whistles, hollers and yells yippee for Janis

Verla throws confetti all over Janis...(scoop it up and save it for the wedding, janis!)

KarmaWilso: Okay, great!

*** Ikeeper has left channel #Kidlit

JanWaldrop: Thanks Verla

Danni25: Good. (How am I going to concentrate on midterms now?)

Verla: By the way...a wedding idea for you, janis. Instead of rice or birdseeds, my niece passed out miniature bottles of bubble stuff at her wedding and all the guests blew bubbles on the couple as they left the church. It was SO neat!

dorii: A warm and sincere THANKS, Jan. This was great!

KarmaWilso: COOL idea!

JanWaldrop: We are getting married with a JP at the mall

Verla: What's a JP?

JanWaldrop: Justice of the Peace

Danni25: (I didn't know that either, verla)

MelLane: At the mall?

_Lyra: Bubbles ARE fun...Verla even brought some to the SCBWI conference which she tried to blow off the balcony

MelLane: Why the mall?

Danni25: That's a great idea

_Lyra: The mall?

Danni25: And it fits in with the mall

redtail19: i luv bubbles

JanWaldrop: Just thought I would rain on Verla's parade...though you can get married at the Mall in Knoxville

JanWaldrop: It is a strange city

_Enchanted: Watch who you invite in this crowd, Janis. They have SILLY STRING!!!

Verla: Oh. Giggle. It doesn't HAVE to be a church, Janis!

MelLane: A Southern term, Verla.

MelLane: But a MALL?

KarmaWilso: LOL

Verla: This workshop is officially over, folks...

Verla: And you realize you had 22 people for nearly the whole thing??????? That's a GREAT workshop!

JanWaldrop: I really enjoyed it, Verla

JanWaldrop: I have been teaching writing here at the college for ten years

_Lyra: Ten years? Long career, Jan!

MsEdit: I want to put a pointer to Janis's article on Keystrokes, on how she writes:

JanWaldrop: Thanks Kate

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