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with Alice Pope


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*** Topic for #Kidlit: Writers of Children's Literature Meet Here Nightly - Welcome!

Verla: Darn! I don't have power and can't change the topic for tonight's workshop.

Verla: Hey, deet! I need someone to get the podium ready....

Verla: and dani..would you set up the chairs?

Dani257 sets up chairs, with mine in front

SRW: I'll do crowd control. Step back. Step back. Move it please.

Verla: SQ isn't else needs to pass out the silly string (it's in the big box over in the corner of the chat room)

deetie gets water, pounds on the microphone...whoops, it's working, passes out the silly string and sits down to rest.


NOTE: LOL = Laughing Out Loud

deetie: I passed out the silly string.

Verla snags purple and red silly string (being greedy tonight)

Dani257: Hey, if I have to suffer, so do you. It's called sharing :-)

Dani257 grabs blue

Windy2u4no: Your website is just sooo much fun Verla.

Verla: Yay! I finally got POWER!

NOTE: "Power" is also called "ops." It's the person or persons with an @ sign in front of their names. These are the people who have the "power" to kick people out of the room if they are being obnoxious or disruptive.

*** Verla has set the topic on channel #Kidlit to Ask an Editor Workshop tonight

Verla: The workshop will begin in five minutes folks

Dani257: Verla goes drunk on her newly recovered power

deetie: oh, my, verla got power.

SRW: Verla, why are your eyes glowing?

LindaSue: Hi Alice, it's nice to "meet" you.

Verla: Okay....If you are new to these workshops, this one is a little different...because we have Alice Pope here (you may take a bow, Alice) we are going to pretty much do just a question and answer session, so you can all ask her the questions you have about what goes on behind an editor's desk.

Verla: Once the workshop starts, you will be asked to please not say any hello's or goodbye's or personal chatter...but please! DO feel free to join in the topics under discussion...we love humor and would love to hear your viewpoints on things, too.

Verla: Okay...are you ready Alice?

AliceP: I'm ready Verla!

Verla: Alice Pope is our workshop leader tonight...and I am going to post her bio so you will know a little more about her.


Verla: I've been editor of Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market for more than five years. I'm also Senior Editor of the market books department of Writer's Digest Books. In addition to editing CWIM (Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market guidebook,) I also assist on acquisitions and development of our trade books dealing with writing for children. I'm also the assistant regional advisor for the Ohio SCBWI.

NOTE: SCBWI = Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators

Verla: I attend a lot of writers conferences and at each one I'm asked at least half a dozen times if I write outside of my job. I don't, but children's books have always been something I've been passionate about and I feel like I fell into the perfect job for me. When I'm preparing to interview an author, I may spend a week sitting at my desk studying her picture books or reading her novels. I can't imagine getting paid for anything better.

Dani257: It sounds like a wonderful job

Verla: Okay, are on. Anything you want to say before the questions begin?

AliceP: Not really--I'm still a little fuzzy from vacation so go easy on me

Dani257 backs away, so she's not breathing down Alice's throat

LindaSue: Verla--how are you handling the questions?

Verla: tonight we have a small group, so you may ask questions as you think of them, LindaSue

RB: Isn't the next CWIM the 2000 edition?

AliceP: Yes, 2000 is in production

rlphil: Hi Alice....Are there any major changes in the children's publishing since CWIM came out in January?

SRW: Good question and is there a place to get an update?

Verla: I don't think there is an update...except the one issue every year, SRW...isn't that correct, Alice?

AliceP: Updates--They run in CBI quarterly

NOTE: CBI = Children's Book Insider

AliceP: Possibly on our website in the future.

Verla: AH! I didn't realize that, Alice! Thanks for sharing that fact

AliceP: Major changes--you mean in general? There was a merger.

rlphil: Any changes that would effect children's writers?

^Barb: I have a question, Alice. What % of children's book publishers would you say are in CWIM?

Dani257: Who are some of the author's being interviewed in the new edition?

Verla: Okay..let her answer the questions on the floor...then we can ask more

AliceP: What % of children's book publishers would you say are in CWIM?

--most. Maybe 80% or more.

AliceP: We don't list companies that don't want to be included.

AliceP: Interviews for 2000. Well, there's Verla Kay

Verla bows and smiles happily

Dani257: Verla? Cool

SRW: Editors change companies rather frequently, so a book is already 3 months behind what's or who's at which house. It's hard to keep up. What about sending an update, or do they not notify you till you send out the next questionaire?

AliceP: We also may offer market books on line that are contantly updated

Verla: updates would be GREAT!

SRW: Yes, the website would be wonderful.

^Barb: How do you find out about new publishers to include?

AliceP: SRW, sometimes they notify us.

AliceP: sometimes we read about it like you do. We try to keep up on industry news

AliceP: have I missed anything? I'm not an experienced chatter so bear with me

Verla: rlphil asked if there were any changes that would affect us as children's writers, Alice

rlphil: Thanx Verla.

AliceP: Honestly, other than megers and editors moving, I don't think there have been much change in the industry.

AliceP: Since I've been working on CWIM, I've found changes to be more subtle than drastic

SRW: One problem I think is that when editors post guidelines on sites like, they don't go back and update them. Then they tell you in a letter, "this is our guidelines", but hey, I read that other information on their site.

AliceP: I often wonder if guidelines are up-to-date. I see the same ones from some publishers year after year.

Verla: I agree, Alice! Some never change.

LindaSue: Alice--with all the mergers, some companies like Dial-Penguin-Putnam, etc. all under one you see this affecting acquisition of manuscripts in the next 5-10 years?

NOTE: This question did not get answered

selowe: Alice, how many children's writers do you know of that are also able to sell in adult markets and is it common?

Verla: ( I know several writers that do both, selowe, and lots that want to do both and are working at doing both)

AliceP: selowe, I'm sure there is some crossover, but that's not my realm. I'm not sure

Amena: It seems as though rhyming anthropormorphic pb's are back. *winks at Karma*

NOTE: PB's picture books

SRW: Alice, how do you find out what an editor is looking for?

KeyEditor: you ask them

Verla: LOL ! Good answer, Key!

NOTE: LOL = laughing out loud

AliceP: SRW, we send a copy of last year's info to each publisher, an update quex, ask for guidelines and a catalog

SRW: And, by what month does a publisher normally have all the books they're going to acquire for that year?

SRW: One publisher told me they had already acquired all they're going to get for the year, and that was a month ago at least.

SRW: Gold 'N' Honey was the publisher, but I understand they've been bought out by Zondervan

AliceP: Our index is approximate, a guideline. Publishers may have different term and age cut-offs

ShelliC: Do they just shut off for the year // not go ahead and read for next year's list?

KeyEditor: SPW, I think it depends on the publisher.

AliceP: SRW, I'm sure that's different from pub to pub

AliceP: It depends on their size, their budgets, etc.

AliceP: My company acquired year round

LadyPen: Alice, some houses list "early readers" in their needs and others list "easy readers". The Age-Level Index in the back of the CWIM doesn't designate lists for both types, yet pubs ask for them as if they were different. Are they?

^Barb: Of the 20% of publishers you don't include, are they mostly those who have declined to be included, or do you have your own criteria for rejecting them?

AliceP: Barb, we reject subsidy. Most (of the others) don't want to be listed so they don't get slush

Verla: LadyPen asked about Easy Readers and Early Readers, Alice...did you answer that question?

AliceP: Sort of. It's a pub to pub thing. CWIM is offers approximate. It's hard to find categories that fit everyone perfectly. Any suggestions for improving indexes are welcome, though

Verla: okay....because each house has such individual requirements for their early/easy readers. I see. Thank you, Alice

RB: Are publishers backing away from unsolicited ms because their vague guidelines produce huge slushpiles?

NOTE: ms/mss = manuscript/manuscripts

AliceP: It's more than their vague guidelines that produce slush

Verla: How long does it really take to put one issue out, Alice? Do you work on it for a full year? Or does the production of it only take up part of the year?

AliceP: Verla, we're "in cycle" March thru Sept. I'm working on it year round by sometimes not 40 hr/wk

Verla: Thanks, Alice...I thought it was a pretty big job

LadyPen: Alice, I like to see a pub list a couple of their recent books in their needs list. It's another way to determine if a house is right for your ms *at a glance*. Do you encourage this in when you ask for guideline updates?

AliceP: Yes we do :LadyPen. Some pubs are very forthcoming, others change very little info

MelLane: Alice, have you considered listing Christian markets separate from Religious markets?

AliceP: Mel, I have tossed that idea around. But I wonder how to handle secular pubs that do some religious material. What do you think?

MelLane: I would suggest listing them under both.

MelLane: But that's just me, personally. (g) You would know better, I think.

NOTE: (g) = grin

SRW: I think it would be a bit easier to list or put a ** by the one's that publish only Christian material.

AliceP: An icon for "only Christain Material"?

MelLane: I like that suggestion, SRW!

MelLane: Or for those who publish Christian Material, too. A star or something.

AliceP: That's a good idea, Mel

MelLane: It was SRW's idea -- I just changed it a bit.

Verla: Or possibly and icon for any publisher that does Christian Material whether it was exclusive or not, Alice? If it's exclusive, they usually say so in the listing

SRW: Maybe * one for religious, and ** two for only religious.

SandyKC: Good idea SRW

MelLane: They have a Religious category, SRW, but it's inclusive of Jewish and New Age.

AliceP: That's true, Mel

MelLane does her market studies.

SandyKC: When does the 2000 issue of CWIM become available?

NOTE: This question was not answered at this time

BillPuzzle: I had an editor call me up last week after receiving my puzzle book manuscript. Do you ever call people to talk about their manuscripts?????

AliceP: Bill, I'm pretty hooked on emailing writers.

^Barb: Are there improvements or new features in the works for CWIM?

NOTE: This question was not answered at this time

Amena: Do you still see a big need for multicultural material? It seems as though that has 'dried' up somewhat.

AliceP: Amena, muticultural is still out there and being published

Amena: What does it take to get noticed?

AliceP: Amena, most editors would say a great ms

^DonnaB: Alice, who are some of the other authors/illustrators interviewed in the 2000 edition besides our darling Verla?

SRW: Verla got an interview?

Verla bows again....Yes, SRW. I'm going to be in the 2000 CWIM. I'm SOOOOO excited!

AliceP: I'm excited, too, Verla.

AliceP: Donna, There's Jackie Briggs Martin, SE Hinton, Anastasia Suen

^DonnaB: Anastasia? Great!

Dani257: Another lister!

NOTE: A "lister" is someone who belongs to the CW email list and posts questions/answers to the group there

MelLane: All very interesting people! I almost can't wait!

PamelaRoss: Verla-- you're in great company.

Verla: Wow...I was just about to say the same thing, Pam...I'm in GREAT company!

ShelliC: Sounds like we'll get some great interviews along with the updated editor information in the 2000 edition

LindaSue: I *love* the interviews, Alice. Informative and enjoyable.

AliceP: Also, Allyn Johnston from Harcourt, Lin Oliver from SCBWI

RB: I hope you'll include all of Verla's contributions to this industry beyond her successful books.

SRW: Also encouraging to see the first time authors stories.

PamelaRoss: Great Minds....;>

LindaSue: Yes, SRW, I love those first-time stories too

^DonnaB: Yes, I like the first-time author stories.

Verla grins...I'm a first time author!

MelLane: Is Verla your New Author interview in 2000?

AliceP: Mel, Verla is an Insider Report. I have a great First Books lineup, though

Verla: (Wow. I'm the "insider?" Sounds cool...)

SandyKC: When does the 2000 issue of CWIM become available?

NOTE: This question was not answered at this time

LadyPen: Does CWIM include small publishers in the mix of houses listed? I don't know a small house from a large house in the line-up but wondered if this was the case.

AliceP: LadyPen, we list small and large

SRW: Lady, you kind of have to go by how many books they publish a year, that will give you an idea.

MelLane: Alice, you said earlier that you don't list subsidy publishers, but what about those who only subsidize 20% or less of their books?

AliceP: Mel, we don't list them period. We had so much trouble with subsidy in the past we made a policy for zero

MelLane: Oh, good, Alice! That's a relief.

Dani257: What kind of trouble?

AliceP: Dani, shiftiness

ShelliC: What other mergers took place in 1999 so far that will show in the 2000 edition?

NOTE: This question was not answered at this time

^Barb: Are there any improvements or new features in the works for CWIM?

AliceP: Barb--As you all suggested last time I was here, we're adding a section of agents and reps

^Barb: Oh, good. I like that.

Verla: Oh, hooray, Alice! (For the agents and reps section!)

PamelaRoss: Wow!

SRW: Hey, I like the thought of agents in the book.

rlphil: Great Alice!

SRW: You know we'll all definitely buy one. <g>

LadyPen: Do you have any new WD writing book titles to mention tonight?

AliceP: LadyPen, this is bad, but I'm not too up on our line in general. I hear about many from the CW list

Marianne_2: Interviews, you mean, or listings?

KeyEditor: lol

Verla: don't do EVERYTHING at WD, Alice?

AliceP: Not hardy, Verla. Not beyond my desk some days!

honeyberry: aliceP: what criteria will the reps and agents have to be listed?

AliceP: honeyberry, we'll looking for those most open to taking on new clients

honeyberry: Thanks, AliceP

Verla: Oh, Good starting criteria, Alice. Do they have to have been in business for a certain length of time so you know they are reputable, Alice?

SRW: Will they be checked out so that we'll know if they're listed as bad agents, etc. is what I think honeyberry wants to know.

SRW: I know the Christian market guide doesn't check them out.

SRW: I found 2 or 3 on the list of bad agents.

MelLane: SRW: The Christian guide just prints whatever is sent to them. It's only one person doing the work.

AliceP: They will be run past the Guide to Literay Agents editor. She knows the good, the bad and the very ugly

Marianne_2: LOL!

Verla: GREAT! Sounds terrific, Alice.

Dani257: Any new contests? Especially for unpublished manuscripts?

NOTE: This question was not answered at this time

MelLane: Alice, have you considered adding a code for those publishers most open to new/unpublished writers?

AliceP: Some of our books do this. I hesitate for fear of too much slush for the chosen

Verla: ah... (We just don't always think of all those things, Alice. I'm so glad you are there to think of them for not marking certain listing as receptive to new writers so they won't get too much slush at once.)

^Barb: I like the idea of the codes. Have you ever considered having a key to start each entry- e.g. PB, YA etc. so you can quickly eliminate publishers who just don't do what you write?

Verla: Wow..that would add a LOT of extra work to Alice's job, Barb...I think...but man! Would it be helpful!

^Barb: Yes, I suppose it would

AliceP: Barb, good suggestion. I'm all for more user friendly listings

Verla: Ah...What about putting the code in the index?

^Barb: It would be a great help, though

Verla: so you wouldn't have to even look UP the ones that aren't appropriate.

AliceP: Verla, that would be my assistant's job ; )

Dani257: Right. push the work on to the lackeys

KeyEditor: but then, Editors don't DO anything, do they? <G>

whatie: editors? nah, they're a bunch of lazy slobs who sit at the watercooler all day :)

Verla: whatie!

AliceP: I must do something--they pay me

Verla: (She is kidding, Alice. LOL)

KeyEditor: Whatie and I are editors! So we can make fun of editors! :)

ShelliC: I like that the CWIM is very helpful when the publishers indicate the average number of books published per year.

^DonnaB: I agree, Shelli.

SRW: Whatie, Why are they sitting at the water cooler? Does it have fish in it?

whatie: srw: I put goldfish in MINE. :)

SRW: LOL, I'd be watching it too.

AliceP: Feel free--I'll join in, too

PamelaRoss: Alice: Welcome back! Re: Publishers indicating what sort of books they do: Do you send a list to the publishers to check off or do they have free reign to write what they are looking for?

AliceP: Pamela, we send a list.

PamelaRoss: And they check off what they want?

AliceP: Pamela , yes.

PamelaRoss: Thanks, Alice.

SandyKC: HEY! What about a chart with columns and 'x's in the columns for different genre's, unsolicited acceptance, etc?

SandyKC: Chart could be in the back or front of the listings

Verla: oh...I like the chart idea!

MelLane: Me, too. Poor assistant, more work for her/him.

^DonnaB: Sandy, that would be helpful, a handy reference.

JenGal: Great idea, Sandy!

^Barb: Yes, me too. That would be easy to read quickly.

KeyEditor: sounds like a guidebook to the guidebook!

AliceP: Verla, I'm short on pages--that chart sounds long and complicated.

SandyKC: If it was a table with dots... maybe it wouldn't be too long.

whatie: oh, sandy, that's brilliant :)

SandyKC: Making work for your assistant Alice... Sorry!

^DonnaB: Alice, do you have to work within a prescribed number of pages?

AliceP: Donna, I have 400 including front and back matter and I will NEVER get anymore. I had 368 when I started and begged

^DonnaB: Alice, maybe if we begged, too.

AliceP: Donna, maybe if I sold twice as many copies they'd spring for the extra room--I'd love it. So everyone buy TWO copies next year, okay? ; )

Verla: LOL Yeah! And then everyone will have the article about me twice! I love that idea, Alice. GRIN

AliceP: Verla, they could have one copy of the article to read and one to frame for their offices : )

Verla: LOL thanks for the idea, Alice.

SandyKC: I'll buy two and really push sales on my website

Verla: Did you decide to go with a separate section for Canadian publishers, Alice? I used to get so disappointed when looking at publishers and I'd find one that seemed JUST perfect for a story of mine...and then at the bottom it would say, Canadians only. Sigh

Dani257: I know what you mean, Verla

Amena: The reason for that is that many Canadian publishers get grants from the governments and they have to ensure it supports Canadian authors.

LadyPen: government grants to write books?

Amena: Yes LadyPen. Many Canadian publishers rely on these grants.

^Barb: Although some Canadian publishers accept work from authors from other countries and some don't.

SRW: Don't you lose the rights to your book if you write it on a grant?

Amena: The publisher gets the grant SRW,

Amena: Do you find any difference in publishing quality between the Canadian and American publishers on the whole?

LadyPen: I don't understand why.

AliceP: Amena, I see only occasional books from Canadian publishers, although a number of catalog. There's some fine quality Canadian children's titles, from my experience

AliceP: Verla, we have a cut maple leaf icon in front of Candian pubs

Verla: oh, good, Alice! That will help

Amena: That's a great idea Alice.

PamelaRoss: I love all the new symbols and where you placed the index-- front of book.

Verla: Duh....NOW I see the maple leaf, Alice...

honeyberry: AliceP: Have you ever discussed more than one annual with different categories?

AliceP: honeyberry, I'm not sure what you mean.

honeyberry: AliceP: separate categories for the types of books.

Verla: I can't see how that would work, honeyberry...too many publishers publish lots of different types of children's books....

honeyberry: thanks verla

SandyKC: Now, the Index could be a table with the page number listed along with the symbols for canadian, unsoliciteds, YA, PB, etc.

Amena: Is it harder for Canadian authors to get noticed in CWIM?

NOTE: This question was not answered at this time

AliceP: I'm happy to get all these suggestions. I'll be sure to read over the transcript to I get them all

Dani257: Are there any new contests listed?

AliceP: We've gotten a few Dani. The think we get most each year are conferences

LadyPen: Alice, is it assumed across the board that "no unsolicited mss" does not exclude their openness to queries?

AliceP: LadyPen, that's correct.

AliceP: Sometimes they specify in listing or guidelines, though, LadyPen

^DonnaB: Alice, how many copies of CWIM are bought/sold each year? Just curious.

PamelaRoss: Have sales for the CWIM gone up or down in recent years?

AliceP: Pamela, Donna, they have gone up! Last year 35,000 plus. When I started on 94 edition, around 25,000

KeyEditor: wow! good job!

^DonnaB: Excellent!

SandyKC: Great!

Verla:'s all because of US, Alice. We are spreading the word via the internet

AliceP: I think there's some truth to that Verla!

Verla: I was very serious, Alice...I really do think our networking has helped to spread the word

AliceP: Me too, Verla. I appreciate it tremendously. Having online contact with all of you helps me so much!

PamelaRoss: Incredible. How long have you been the main editor there?

PamelaRoss: (oopos-- 1994-- I see that now)

AliceP: Pamela, I've been sole editor since 1996 edition

PamelaRoss: And I mean this: the books have become so much more focused and interesting in recent years.

AliceP: Thanks, Pamela. We've got a great staff

Amena: I've always found CWIM an engrossing read.

PamelaRoss: They used to be a little... er, well, lacking pizazz and freshness

AliceP: This is great to hear from you!

Verla: they are really interesting...and full of terrific information these days...a lot MORE than just "listings" Alice

Marianne_2: Come january, everyone starts counting down the days til it comes out.

whatie: why wait until january to start counting days? :)

AliceP: We'll be out in December this year--in time for the holidays

Amishka: It comes to Canada after the US Amena

PamelaRoss: Hurrrrrrah!

Amena: No wonder Amishka!

whatie adds that to my christmas wish list :)

Marianne_2: Ho! Good to know, Alice!

SandyKC: I love to get my new copy, go thru reading the listings with highlighter in hand... then I go through and write manusrcript names in the margin that are potentials for that pulisher

PamelaRoss: I LOVE when the new edition comes out. It's so clean and pure and I Can't wait to read it and play with it.

PamelaRoss: Jinx, Sandy!

Verla: AWK! We only have 12 minutes of this workshop left!

Amena: I've always had to wait because it's out of stock.

AliceP: The listing are the least fun part--I love coming up with articles and interviews

^DonnaB: Is Laura Geringer back in for next year? Didn't they get their questionnaire in too late for this year's book?

AliceP: Laura Geringer missed the dealine by a few day. They didn't make any major changes so check the 1998 edition

^DonnaB: It's coming in December this year? Great! I know what I'm going to ask Santa for for Christmas.

Amena: Can we order CWIM directly or something?

AliceP: Amena, we have an 800 customer service number, but you'd have to pay shipping. You can find it cheaper other places on the internet, too.

Amena: How much would the whole she-bang be including shipping to Canada Alice? A ballpark figure.

Amishka: Really Amena they cost quite a bit here

NOTE: "here" is in Canada

Amena: Would it be cheaper to get it shipped Amishka?

Amishka: but you are paying US dollars when you get it shipped

Amena: Oh darn it. Can't win either way.

Verla: It WILL? In DECEMBER? YEAH! Everyone can get it for Christmas!!!!

SandyKC: Yipee! I'll have to have it up on my site in time for christmas too.

KeyEditor: good marketing ploy! it will be under a LOT of christmas trees!

^Barb: Yes, good to know. It's a very valued resource!

Verla: I know that's what I'm going to ask "Santa" for!

AliceP: Verla, you'll get one before they hit stores hopefully. I try to get them to contributors early

Verla: Oh, neat, Alice!

Verla: Wow..I get a FREE copy?

AliceP: Sure, Verla.

Verla: Yahooo!

whatie: really? I wanna be a contributor! :)

Dani257: Must get published, so I can get into CWIM and get a free copy. Motivation!

Verla: another goal, Dani!

Verla: :-)

Amena: I'm sure you've got to be more than published Dani. *g*

AliceP: Let me know Dani. I'm always looking for First Books subjects

Verla: Yes, she did my good friend Linda Rymill last year

Dani257: Good. I'll let you know when it happens

KeyEditor: another goal for a LOT of us! :)

PamelaRoss: Is this one done, then? When does it go to press?

AliceP: It goes to the printer September 17th, God willing

Verla: Wow...I got my picture to you just in time, Alice

PamelaRoss: So soon! GOOD LUCK!

SRW: Alice, how many copies does it take to make it to the best sellers list?

AliceP: SRW, it depends on the list

Windy2u4no: When was the first CWIM printed?

NOTE: This question was not answered at this time

^Barb: Do you know if The Writer's Market does include subsidy publishers?

Verla: I know they used to include subsidy pubs, barb...

AliceP: Barb, no market book lists subsidy pubs. it's a policy

^Barb: Thanks, Verla and Alice

Amishka: Alice did those canadian publishers names I gave you help?

AliceP: Amishka, yes. I sent questionnaires to all of them and got a few new listings. (I put you on my free copy list, too.)

Amishka: Great thanks

Verla: (Hooray Ami! A free CWIM for you, too!)

Amena: That's great Amishka

PamelaRoss: I also want to tell you how attractive the cover art has been in recent years.

AliceP: Wow--we're running out of time. Anymore questions?

Verla: 7 minutes left, Alice

rlphil: Alice, can you give us the scoop on what editors seem to be asking for?

NOTE: This question did not get answered at this time

AliceP: Anyone going to be at the LA SCBWI conference in Aug?

^DonnaB: Me, Me, ME!

Amishka: I wish

whatie: I was THINKING about it, but probably won't (going to the SCBWI conference)

Marianne_2: Sadly no, but still plan on the writer's retreat at Miami U. in the fall, Alice.

Amishka: possible

Verla: Me, Alice...but you already know that

Amena: I wish I could go too.

AliceP: I'd love to buy lunch (or drinks) for anyone who's going

PamelaRoss: Incentives!

SandyKC: Wish I was going!

Dani257: Careful Alice. Do you know how many lunches you might be buying?

Zzzzzzzzzz: I wish I could go Alice. :-( (It's Karma)

Amishka: You'll be buying a lot of lunches

Marianne_2: I'm moving this summer, hoping for next year to the conference.

Verla: She'll need to get a new credit card JUST for us! LOL

AliceP: Dani, I've got a BIG food budget : )

Verla: It's a DATE, Alice...

MelLane: Wish I could go!

AliceP: Great.

KeyEditor: when in august?

Verla: National Conference is August 7th through 10th for anyone who didn't know...

KeyEditor: darn...

Amena: Double darn.

rlphil: Alice, can you give us a scoop on what editors seem to be asking for?

AliceP: rlphil, I haven't really gone over the new info yet--it's still with my assistant. Don't know what's different from last year.

Verla: the Insider Report new? I didn't see one in the 99 CWIM

Verla: (And what IS it? I mean, I anwered all the questions for it...but I really don't know what it is. LOL...I thought I was part of the First Books section.)

NOTE: This question did not get answered at this time

^Barb: Do you ask editors for feedback on the questionnaire you give them?

AliceP: Barb, yes. I we ask lots of questions. Reponse varies

PamelaRoss: I think I was on an e-mail panel for CWIM last year.. Did those responses ever get to your eyes?

AliceP: If you mean my email survey, yes, Pamela

PamelaRoss: Oh then I am NOT losing my mind. I thought I did that!

Verla: Oh....Our hour is UP! So soon!

^Barb: Thanks for all the helpful info., Alice!


SandyKC: Thanks so much Alice!!

honeyberry: thanks, AliceP, very informative.

^Barb: Yes, thank you Alice.

JenGal: Thank you Alice!

Amena: Thank you so much Alice. Definitely very enlightening.

AliceP: Amena, there isn't a CWIM email list.

ClaraRose: Thanks Alice!!!!

Amishka: Thank you Alice

Verla: Alice...thank you SOOOO much for the GREAT workshop!

Don_S: Thanks Alice for the workshop.

Verla sprays silly string over everyone!

AliceP: Thanks you for having me, Verla. It's always fun. It's too hot to do anything else.

whatie: yay alice!

RB: I thought CWIM 1999 was great...looking forward to CWIM 2000!

Verla: Next week's workshop will be Juggling Your Time

Dani257: I can't juggle. I can't even catch!

MelLane: WHo's doing it, Verla?

Verla: with the editor of Keystrokes...Kate

MelLane: Oh, GREAT!

Verla: (You may take a bow, Kate...)

KeyEditor takes a bow

MelLane grabs the purple string and sprays Verla, Alice and Sandy.

KeyEditor: thank you, ALice!

SandyKC: Thanks!!! GREAT JOB Alice!

^DonnaB: Thank you, Alice!

SandyKC: Sandy sprays MEl!!

whatie: what's that?

Dani257: Great job, Alice

Marianne_2: Loved tonight, Alice! THANKS!

MelLane ducks under the table....

Zzzzzzzzzz: Wish I had been here earlier Alice! Thanks. :-)

PamelaRoss: [[]]

Amishka: Great Job again Alice. Thanks

Verla: It was a great workshop, Alice.

MelLane: Alice, thank you for your time and patience.

AliceP: thank you, all for your questions, comments and suggestions




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