Ups & Downs of a Writer

Workshop Transcript


with Anastasia Suen


berries Close Window to Return


Verla^: Howdy!

Dani257: So, what is the subject tonight?

Verla^: It's the Ups & Downs of a Writer

*** Verla^ has set the topic on channel #Kidlit to Ups & Downs of Writers workshop tonight!

Verla^: How is everyone tonight?

Sammeow: Our fearless leader has arrived1

Verla^: No, I'm not the leader. Anastasia is tonight

_Lyra_: hope our leader shows up soon (g)

NOTE: (g) = GRIN

Verla^: Me, too!

Sammeow: Yes, but you keep us all in line.

Verla^: yeah...I get the fun job, Samm

Sammeow: Whips and chains

mrsjan: "Whips and chains" wow do I know when to join or what?

Verla^: whips and chains, Samm? I didn't realize I could use THOSE to keep order in the chat room during workshops!

Verla^ runs out to the garage to find some whips and chains...

Sammeow: Use whatever works!

Dani257: No corporal punishment allowed here

Dani257: Discipline with love and kindness. And chocolate

*** A-Suen has joined channel #Kidlit

NOTE: A-Suen is Anastasia

Verla^: Hi, Anastasia! Hooray! Our fearless leader has arrived!

Verla^: about four minutes to workshop, folks...

Verla^: If you just came in...we are almost ready to start. HEY! Did anyone dust the podium? check the microphone?

Verla^: Get Anastasia some water?

ClaraRose: check one two three... testing..... testing...

ClaraRose: mic test is good.

katrappp: what will the topic be?

Verla^: Ups & Downs of Writing

Verla^: Time to start!

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_Lyra_: I could do a whole hour of ups & downs all by myself (g)

_Lyra_: but I MUCH prefer to hear Anastasia

Verla^: For those who have not yet met her, our workshop leader tonight is A-Suen. Anastasia Suen.

_Lyra_: do tell, Anas!

NOTE: Anastasia used her bio here, so it is written in 3rd person...

A-Suen: Anastasia Suen is the author of 16 books for children

A-Suen: and is currently negotiating a new 4 book contract.

A-Suen: A credentialed teacher and poet in residence,

A-Suen: she presents poetry programsn in schools, universities

Verla^: Okay

A-Suen: bookstores and libraries.

A-Suen: As a textbook consultant,

A-Suen: Suen has selected poetry for phonics and mathematics

textbook series.

A-Suen: She is a former SCBWI Assistant Advisor

A-Suen: co-founder of the Writers Roundtable Conference

A-Suen: former confernece direxctor of Tell me A Story

A-Suen: and Director of Seminars in Children's literature.

A-Suen: Suen teachers writing at Southern Methodist University

A-Suen: and writes about children's writing for the Dallas Morning

News and others.

A-Suen: (forgive any typos, please!)

A-Suen: the first thing I want to talk about is ROSES

A-Suen: Why? Becasue roses are an analogy of the writing life

A-Suen: when you look at a rose,

A-Suen: you can only see the flower,

A-Suen: can see the entire plant

A-Suen: a rose grows slowly

A-Suen: over an entire season

A-Suen: and as it grows,

A-Suen: it grows with leaves and thorns

A-Suen: the flowers come last

A-Suen: at the very end

A-Suen: just like the books or articles

A-Suen: it takes time to grow a rose

A-Suen: and in the meantime

A-Suen: leaves and thorns

A-Suen: leaves are everyday life

A-Suen: and thorns are...REJECTIONS

A-Suen: I grow tea roses

A-Suen: they can be 6 -8 feet high

A-Suen: that's a LOT of thorns and leaves

A-Suen: just for a single flower!!!

A-Suen: that is my writing life...

_Lyra_: excellent comparison, A-Suen!

woolfff: that's a beautiful analogy.

A-Suen: thanks! :)

A-Suen: several years ago I heard Uri Shulevitz speak

A-Suen: I love hos book, WRITING WITH PICTURES

A-Suen: his talk was about learning your craft

Verla_: I have that book, too, Anastasia! It's a GREAT book!

A-Suen: he said there are 3 stages to becoming a writer

woolfff: me, too.

A-Suen: go, URI!

A-Suen: stage 1 = apprenticeship

A-Suen: stage 1 is where you ask a zillion questions

A-Suen: and take everything in

A-Suen: you are like a sponge

A-Suen: the next stage is the tricky one..


A-Suen: that's when you have to push everything out

A-Suen: and find your own voice as a writer

A-Suen: He said this was not an easy stage

A-Suen: I know it was difficult for me

Dani257: I think I'm in stage 2 now. It IS difficult

A-Suen: Stage 3 is THE JOY OF WORKING

A-Suen: that's when you have mastered your craft

A-Suen: and the words flow

A-Suen: your work becomes second nature

Verla_: Yeah!

Verla_: I recognize those stages, Anastasia

A-Suen: you trust yourself and the process

LisaW1: But each stage doesn't have a time limit, right?

A-Suen: no time limit at all!

Mooska: Finding time to work is the most difficult of all. Sometimes I wish I lived in a cave.

Verla_: (I don't think you EVER find enough time to write, Mooska. Even when you have all seems like THINGS take up your time.)

Sammeow: You can move in and out of those stages, too, can't you A-?

A-Suen: I do, sam

Dani257: Oh, Sam just asked my question

_Lyra_: I think I'm in stage 2 1/2

A-Suen: when I learn something new, I start at stage 1 all over again

_Lyra_: Even with book sales, I continue to attend conferences & want to learn more

A-Suen: yes, lyra

A-Suen: Jane Yolen said you have to stretch

LisaW1: I doubt anyone feels they've mastered stage 3

A-Suen: I agree, LisaW

Verla_: I agree.

Verla_: I am constantly learning new things

_Lyra_: In the ever-changing market, you have to keep learning to stay working

Verla_: And just when I feel like I have a handle on it, something new comes along and throws me back to the zillions of questions stage again.

A-Suen: don't you love it, Verla?

Verla_: yes, I Do!

_Lyra_: I'm quite proud of the online short stories I've been selling this past year--it was something new for me

woolfff: And they are very good, Lyra.

_Lyra_: (thanks)

_Lyra_: When I started writing teen romances had been big and were dying out--but I managed to sell a few of them

Verla_: I've noticed that your book manuscripts have improved since you started doing the short stories on line, too, lyra. They are more compelling and a little "edgier" than your previous stories. And since that's something that editors seem to like right now...your growth in books has been the reason you sold again, I think. (Did that make sense?)

SallyA1: Just when I know all the answers, they change the questions!

A-Suen: has anyone read THE CREATIVE was on PBS years ago

A-Suen: it has the 5 stages of creativity

_Lyra_: never heard of it

A-Suen: 1=preparation

A-Suen: you get everything together

A-Suen: stage 2 = frustration

A-Suen: you get stuck


LisaW1: Would that be 1.I love it 2. I hate it 3 I love it 4. I hate it 5 I loveit...?

LisaW1: sorry..A-Suen...

Dani257: I'm at stage 2

Dani257: Constantly

Verla_: I'm at a constant stage two in my stories!


A-Suen: then you let go... of the book, the idea, the ms, whatever

NOTE: MS = manuscript

A-Suen: only then can you get to stage 3 = incubation

LisaW1: is letting go stage 3?

LisaW1: never mind

A-Suen: that's when things go round and round in your subconscious

Verla_: I think I LIVE in stages two and three!

ClaraRose: yeppers... I've been there.

A-Suen: stage 3 - incubation = let it go so your mind can put it together without your 'CRITIC'

Verla_: I am very critical...

Verla_: of my own work, most of all. I love these "stages," Anastasia!

^GailM: My critic is ALWAYS THERE.

A-Suen: then...stage 4 ILLUMINATION

A-Suen: that's the A-HA! moment

Dani257: AH, I like that stage

A-Suen: I LOVE that stage

ClaraRose: yes, yes, yes.

A-Suen: stage 5 is = translation into action

A-Suen: this is when the words flow - as fast as your hand can go...

Mooska: Hey, I've been there .........once.

LisaW1: I'll take 4 and 5 anyday!

A-Suen: the funny thing is - you have to have the frustation, so your subconscous can work on the book

ClaraRose: That I can believe.

A-Suen: letting go makes your book richer

Mooska: Oh, is that what's going on?

A-Suen: yup

Windy2u: rewrite time

Verla_: Hmmm. That's when I change and work on another story for a while, Anastasia

ClaraRose: but... is it normal to go through that with every other chapter or so?

A-Suen: yes, CalaraRose - even sentence by sentence

LisaW1: work on something else Verla, or read, read, read

Verla_: With me, it's word by word! LOL (Laughing Out Loud)

A-Suen: Me, too, Verla

ClaraRose: then, I think I'm at incubation right now on a couple few stories.

SallyA1: I'm not sure I know what you mean by "letting go."

Verla_: Letting go is when you stop trying to force the words to come and just THINK about the story for a while, isn't it?

A-Suen: let it go - put it away - stop working on the ms

A-Suen: so getting stuck doesn't mean you have a bad book

A-Suen: getting stuck means let it go for a while

A-Suen: so your mind can do its thing

A-Suen: and get back to you

A-Suen: with a richer ms

A-Suen: that's why you get those GREAT lines when you're on the freeway or in the shower!

Verla_: Yeah. I can't begin to tell you how many lines I've scratched out on a piece of damp toilet paper while hanging out of my shower!

LisaW1: my best stories are the ones I let go

Sammeow: Or DON'T think about it

SallyA1: OK. Yes, I've had to do that or it's too forced.

A-Suen: writing is NOT a linear thing

_Lyra_: my best stories are the ones that keep getting rejected (g)

Mooska: How about a ms that I've "let go" three times over a three-year period and it still isn't done.

NOTE: ms = manuscript

A-Suen: Mooska - the book I sold this year took EIGHT years to write -

Verla_: Hey! There's hope for my YA novel yet,'s only been in the works for 5 years!

A-Suen: it takes time to "grow" a book

LisaW1: Even a 200 word one, right Verla?

Verla_: That's right. Two of my 200 word books took 3 years each to write...and the rest took 2 years each

A-Suen: roses take time to grow...:)

Mooska: Wow! In a way that's encouraging. There is hope!

A-Suen: yes, there is hope

_Lyra_: and my 150 page books take about two months to write

_Lyra_: sure there's hope, Verla -- especially as your reputation for excellence grows

Mooska: I heard from a writers' workshop speaker that when a ms. has to be let go for a while, short pieces and articles fine tune our skills for the long ms. I've found that to be true.

A-Suen: in Sunday's USA Weekend -

A-Suen: they talkd about creativity and the brain

A-Suen: I found this great sidebar about Einstein

A-Suen: "What happens in the brain

A-Suen: of an Einstein in the throes of creativity?"

Verla_: I don't know. What?

woolfff: rapidfiring choices, decisions?

A-Suen: the sidebar said they tested the brians of chess masters

A-Suen: and GRAND chessmasters

A-Suen: to see if there was any difference

Verla_: and was there???

A-Suen: no difference in the brian

Verla_: No?

A-Suen: no difference in the brians

A-Suen: they said that "Passion may be the key to creativity."

_Lyra_: passion is a good answer

Verla_: a passionate nature is the key to writing success, eh?

LisaW1: Passionate about what you are creating

A-Suen: The grand chess masters won because they had a PASSION for chess

Verla_: (No wonder I'm doing well right now. Giggle!)

A-Suen: eveything else was the same!!!

woolfff: passion, like going overboard in a particular direction?

A-Suen: IQ< memory, spatial reasong, etc

ClaraRose: I think that is zeal...

mick13: that is obsession

_Lyra_: Is there a difference between passion and obsession?

LisaW1: That's why I'm so bad at dieting. I have a passion for food!

Verla_: it's your passion for writing that makes you love it enough to keep working at it until you PERFECT a manuscript!

mick13: very fine difference

mick13: if any

A-Suen: yes, Verla!!

LisaW1: That makes al lot of sense A-Suen.

Verla_: I've seen lots of people with LOTS of talent that aren't willing to do the work it takes to make a manuscript "sing"

LisaW1: me too, Verla.

Verla_: and they don't get published...ever

^GailM: Obsession is passion +++++++.

ClaraRose: is that bad?

_Lyra_: I worry I'm too obsessed sometimes

_Lyra_: and that worry is what pushes me to work harder

Dani257: It's going to push me to work harder

_Lyra_: The more anxious and frustrated I am, the more I try harder to create new projects

Verla_: but people with passion DO eventually get published. YEAH

Sammeow: But those "thorns" can "prick" that passionate zeal

Verla_: They sure can!

woolfff: I think voice comes from passion

_Lyra_: I agree (g)

Verla_: Yes, I agree with you, woolfff

A-Suen: I agree Woolfff

ClaraRose: you have a point, woolfff

A-Suen: if you have passion, you keep pushing yourself to the next level

Verla_: true!

Verla_: this makes SO much sense!

LisaW1: because you want it!

A-Suen: even if the next level is difficult - your passion keep you going

_Lyra_: But there's really no solid goal -- because the journey is where you live most of the time

LisaW1: Nice quote Lyra

_Lyra_: Because suddenly you want a different want the book to SELL, to get reviews, to be loved

_Lyra_: I felt a stirring of passion today because I rewrote 4 pages

Marianne__: Maybe it's worthy to note, too, that there are different types of passion as it pertains to writing or any creative endeavor? Mostly good, but I think some bad, too.

Verla_: I have gotten SO frustrated with my writing at times, because I'm SO slow at it....but I can't let it go.

^GailM: Amen!

Verla_: My goals are to finish my manuscripts....and make them the BEST I can...then I send em out and let happen what will. And start working on the next one.

Verla_: I don't have a "publishing" goal, because I can't control that.

Windy2u: Amen Verla!

A-Suen: so true, Verla

^GailM: Easy for you to say, Verla.

Verla_: (That doesn't mean I don't hope the manuscripts won't sell! But that isn't the GOAL I set for myself - because I can only realistically set goals that I can meet. I can't control whether or not an editor will buy my manuscript this year. But I *can* control how many manuscript I complete this year...and how many I keep in circulation this year. So I CAN set those goals.)

_Lyra_: (if that makes sense to anyone)

Verla_: It took 3 1/2 years before my first picture book found a home.

Verla_: AFTER it was done

_Lyra_: I can't control publishing, but sometimes I visualize the goal of the moment

ClaraRose: oh, I do that too, Lyra... too much!

Dani257: My goals are to find ideas and then finish what I start

Verla_: Once I have completed the manuscript to the best of my ability, then MY goal is finished, except to keep it in front of editor's eyes until it sells or I decide to retire it.

mick13: I think Larry McMurtry said it well

mick13: if you want one particular thing too much

mick13: you might be disappointed when you finally get it

Verla_: That's true, too, mick

_Lyra_: not disappointed, but the imagined goal is a different reality

mick13: 'so enjoy the small things along the way

_Lyra_: I have had to learn that along the way

mick13: ie: creating a perfect manuscript

Verla_: yes! I love every step of the way.

_Lyra_: Because for the first several years, all I could think about was THE GOAL-THE BOOK

^GailM: Me, too.

woolfff: I love the magic of that first idea the best.

Verla_: Each rejection that had a little better comments was a positive step on my way, in my eyes. Linda Joy Singleton's article on the Writer's Tips page of my website about Reading Rejections says it all....

NOTE: Lyra is Linda Joy Singleton's chat name

_Lyra_: I have learned that the more tangible joys are the simmering of new ideas and the completion of exciting chapters

_Lyra_: Of course, getting that book cover in the mail can be a heady moment, too

Verla_: It sure can, lyra!

Marianne__: Anastasia, Have your experiences with Window Music, were they near to what you thought (dreamed they would) be?

A-Suen: Marianne, they held Window Music for almost 2 years before they said yes

A-Suen: I had to rewrite it, too, Marianne

Verla_: Wow! Long wait for IT, too, Anastasia. But look at it now!

A-Suen: I was so happy to see it as a book

_Lyra_: But then once the book is published, you die every time you go to a store and they don't carry your book

ClaraRose: oh I live for those...

A-Suen: and then all of this magic started happening with window music!

Verla_: (I have yet to have THAT experience, lyra.)

_Lyra_: And then you worry about it going out of print too soon

^GailM: I am so close to the chapters that I don't know the reaction of the reader.

Verla_: (Yikes! Only 15 minutes left in the workshop, folks!)

A-Suen: it was wonderful magic, but it wasn't my doing! I am just along for the ride

Marianne__: Of course it's your doing! You wrote the book!!

_Lyra_: It's a changing emotion ride of changing goals, pains, and joys

A-Suen: yes, Lyra

A-Suen: leaves and thorns, and a few roses!

ClaraRose: I go through all of that just in one day!

^GailM: And such a ride, Anastasia. You had the right illustrator. Great!!!

_Lyra_: Enjoy the much IS out of your control

_Lyra_: Everytime you write a book you love it, even the less-successful ones (like kids)

Verla_: Yes, but I'm discovering that after the book is accepted, there are so many things that are OUT of your control as a writer...things that have a direct bearing on the success or failure of your book.

A-Suen: most of it is out of your control!!!

^GailM: Like the illustrator.

Verla_: and reviews, too, gail

_Lyra_: you have to be the best you can be, persistent, and just darn lucky (g)

NOTE: (g) = grin

A-Suen: marketing $$

LisaW1: you guys are scaring me

Marianne__: Something tells me,Verla, you're gonna make sure your books are successful! (:)

_Lyra_: the luck part if scary because you can't predict it

Verla_: All you can do is do the BEST you can...and promote it the BEST you can...and let happen what will happen.

Marianne__: (:) Verla, you're doing a good job, IMO

NOTE: IMO = In My Opinion

Verla: Thanks, Marianne

_Lyra_: I once had a relative "tease" me that of course I was published because I flooded the market with my manuscripts

A-Suen: they think it is so easy :(

Marianne__: Ignorant relative, Lyra..

^GailM: Your relative is naive.

_Lyra_: a bit envious, actually (g)

Verla_: (I'm working at that "success" thing, marianne)

A-Suen: pays off eventually

Verla_: yes, it does.

_Lyra_: Success can be overwhelming because suddenly everyone thinks you have it MADE, when you just have a new path to travel

Verla_: Boy, is THAT the truth, lyra!

Verla_: I honestly thought for YEARS that I would never get published.

ClaraRose: Who perseveres, wins.

_Lyra_: Perseverence helps Big-Time

Marianne__: I guess this is where that "passion" come in, huh..

LisaW1: every step in the process has its own ups and downs

_Lyra_: Just let those rejections roll off you and go forward with determination

A-Suen: yes, Clararose

^GailM: I am where Verla was. Let's hope the result is the same.

Verla_: It will be, gail. You are an EXCELLENT writer...I've seen your stories.

^GailM: Thanks, Verla. Let's hope it happens.

^GailM: No florist will buy this rose. Where is Bill? He is a florist.

NOTE: This rose refers to Gail's manuscripts. Bill is a writer friend who is a florist in "real life"

_Lyra_: I keep all my rejections in a box...I'm proud of those badges of battle

Verla_: I've got all my rejections, too. (Need to save em for the IRS, prove you are really WORKING at the business...and it's not just a "hobby."

_Lyra_: I was audited by the IRS for my writing this year--very scary

Verla_: But you did fine, lyra. Had GREAT records.

Verla_: Lyra prints out her emails to others telling what she wrote about each day...and saves them like a journal...

_Lyra_: I keep a daily writing log that impressed the IRS agent

_Lyra_: And she was NOT impressed with my sales one little bit

_Lyra_: In fact she threatened that if I didn't have a gain soon, they could consider my writing a hobby

_Lyra_: (The IRS ended up owing us MORE money <g>)

Marianne__: Yeah, Lyra!

^GailM: I love it. Stick it to the IRS.

Marianne__: Passion blocks out all the uglies you all have had to face, is what I'm reading from this workshop..

LisaW1: YES Marianne!

A-Suen: yes, Marianne - you have to grow the thorns before you can grow a rose

Marianne__: (:)

Verla_: It helps, Marianne

_Lyra_: Sometimes you just have to find your own writing NITCH...some area that fits you perfectly

Verla_: Right, lyra!

_Lyra_: Often instead of imitating what's selling, the way to sell if to send out something uniquely YOU

A-Suen: 100% correct, lyra

_Lyra_: I'm still learning Anastasia...constantly changing my ideas and tactics

Verla_: Yes, when I started my own style of writing..(which Anastasia ALSO thought up in Window Music, by the way) THAT's when I started to sell

A-Suen: great minds think alike, Verla!

Verla_: yep, Anastasia. I guess we do, don't we? :-)

Marianne__: Isn't that something, too? About Anastasia and Verla's rhyming ..

Verla_: yep...her Window Music is written in MY cryptic rhyme style. :-)

A-Suen: we write tight - short as can be, and we talk looong!

Marianne__: LOL!

Verla_: hehehehe

Verla_: got to make up for those tight manuscripts somehow!

_Lyra_: Lots of coincidences out

_Lyra_: my Sci-Clone series that just sold has a rumored competition with the SAME title, spelled differently

A-Suen: LOL!

_Lyra_: And I've had to change titles because another author beat me to it

ClaraRose: yuk!

Marianne__: Yikes! So, is your editor thinking about changing the titles, Lyra?

_Lyra_: I had a 4-book sale cancelled once because a similar one was being done by another company

_Lyra_: Not this series, Marianne ... so far I don't think the other unknown author has sold that series

Marianne__: That's good, Lyra...

_Lyra_: I just hope Berkley gets this series out quickly!

A-Suen: marketing is so tricky, lyra

_Lyra_: yup...and I've ridden many ups and downs

A-Suen: you have!

ClaraRose: Oh.. that would be a bummer... another book coming out?!?

Verla_: AWK!

Verla_: Only five minutes left, Anastasia! What else do we need to cover/talk about?

A-Suen: I'm done, Verla

A-Suen: open it up for questions now?

SallyA1: When you have a heavy family problem going on, it's so hard to write, has anyone else found that?

Verla_: Oh, YES, sally!

Sammeow: Absolutely, SallyA

that some great stuff in my files to work with some day!

_Lyra_: I'd say the BEST up was seeing two of my book covers--the best ones

Marianne__: Series go much faster than pbs or even m-g's , don't they?

NOTE: pbs = picture books

m-g's = mid grade books

_Lyra_: I don't have a firm pub date for my series, but probably 2000

_Lyra_: And my books have stayed in print for 2 years each time

SallyA1: My husband is acting like Alzheimers. Writing is my escape - but HARD to do!

_Lyra_: One bit of advise to budding authors & new authors--get copies of your books before they go out-of-print

Don_S_: A-Suen are you near Southern Methodist University in Dallas?

A-Suen: Don S _ I will teach there on Feb 20

Don_S_: Ok

Marianne__: Great, Anastasia.

Don_S_: That's a great place to be.

A-Suen: I was so happy they asked me! :)

Verla_: I wish I could come hear you, Anastasia!

Don_S_: I took some classes there before I went into the navy.

Windy2u: Sounds like a beautiful place.

Verla_: One minute any parting words for us, Anastasia?

A-Suen: any parting words?

Verla_: Any last thoughts for us?

_Lyra_: You could share your best UPS as a writer (g)

A-Suen: dont give up!!!

A-Suen: keep writing

A-Suen: believe in yourself

A-Suen: trust the process - after frustration comes illumination!!!

Marianne__: I like that quote..

Verla_: GREAT workshop, Anastasia!

A-Suen: thanks, Verla!

Sammeow: .Thank you, A for encouragement and perspective

ClaraRose: good job!!

A-Suen: thanks, robin!

Don_S_: Thanks A-Suen.

A-Suen: thanks, don s

DonaV: Very good workshop, Anastasia!

_Lyra_: great job, Anastasia!

Windy2u: Thanks Anastasia!

SallyA1: Good to be here. Thank you.

Dani257: very nice job

Marianne__: Good workshop, Anastasia, even tho I was a bit late..

Verla_: CLAP CLAP CLAP! Whistle, whistle, STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

A-Suen: thanks everyone!!! :)

Marianne__: Where's the silly string?

Sammeow: Heck with silly string, where's the chocolate?!

ClaraRose hands out afterdinner chocolate mints... (there are a few sugar free ones just for you,Verla)

Verla: Thanks, Samm

Verla_: Okay...the workshop is officially over folks. But you are welcome to stay and chat for a while if you'd like!

Dani257: Goody. I have a question. Where do I find online publishers for short stories? Especially paying ones.

Dani257: I'm printerless right now

_Lyra_: Dani--I only know where I've sold 5 stories

Dani257: Unfortunately, I'm not very good at mysteries

_Lyra_: If there are other sites, I'm not aware of them

_Lyra_: I only found out about that site by attending a Sister-in-Crime meeting

Verla_: Dani...

Verla_: the workshops on Finding Markets and Finding More Markets have LOTS of info on that

Dani257: I'll take a look at the transcripts. Isn't that sad? I WENT to those workshops

Verla_: But it's hard to jot down the info while the workshops are going ON, dani!

Marianne__: What I want to ask you, Anastasia, is have many of the people you've met in book signings, etc. - where they aware of the many good reviews Window Music has received?

A-Suen: usually not, Marianne

Marianne__: Just curious how well read people are, that's all...

Verla_: Hey, everyone, my FIRST booksigning is scheduled for March 6th in Modesto, CA at "The Bookstore" in the McHenry Village shopping center! Hooray!

A-Suen: yeah, Verla!

Windy2u: Way to go VERLA!!!

Marianne__: All right, Verla!!

ClaraRose: Congrats Verla! Good for you!

SallyA1: Hip-hip-hooray for Verla!

Verla_: I'm SOOOOOOO excited!

Verla_: (sorry for interrupting...I just HAD to share the good news!)

Marianne__: Anastasia, I wanted to tell you and others really, I put your book on the "what I call" see-and-buy shelves at my local Borders, they only had one of your books when I was there. Anyway the next day it was gone!

A-Suen: thanks, Marianne!

Marianne__: And I do this for all CW authors, hoping it helps in a small way rather than have it stuck with all the other books.

NOTE: CW = Children's Writer's email list group

Verla_: I'm sure it does, help, marianne

mick13: I'd like to throw a question to the crowd. I have a ms out to a particular house. They requested a revision and have had the revision for 8 months. Should I drop a letter asking its status?

Verla_: I would, mick. 8 months is a LONG time to go with no word.

mick13: Thanks, Verla

A-Suen: Call, Mick, and see what's up

mick13: call... or write?

A-Suen: I would call, Mick

mick13: that won't tick the editor off?

A-Suen: nope, it shows you care

A-Suen: I call editors all the time

Verla_: Yes, after that amount of time, you can call, mick. You won't want to keep them on the phone long...just ask for the status of the manuscript...and that's all.

mick13: ok, A I'll do it tomorrow

A-Suen: let us know what happens, Mick

mick13: I will

mick13: I'm psyched now.... I wonder if they're in right now? <G>

Verla_: No, mick. Just like MY editor wasn't in at 6am on Sunday morning when I tried to call her. LOL I thought it was MONDAY...and since there's a three hour time difference, I thought I was BEING SO clever. I left a DUMB message for her too! LOL







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