Because of the great number of transcripts now on this website, the list has been alphabetized. The last few workshops posted will be marked with "New" signs for your convenience.

Workshop Transcripts

15 Ways to Avoid Rejection with Gail Martini

1998 SCBWI National Conference with Linda R. Rymill

Advantages of Conferences with Verla Kay

Approaching Authors, Editors & Agents with Linda Joy Singleton

Ask an Agent with Steven Malk

Ask an Author with Paula Danziger 10/10/00

Ask an Editor with Alice Pope 3/30/99

Behind an Editor's Door with Julie Strauss-Gabel 1/8/02

Breaking Writer's Block with Adrianne Fitzpatrick

Building Believable Characters with Miriam Hees

Cover Letters & Follow-Ups with Verla Kay

Creating Fantasy Worlds with Dawn Cloyd 8/22/00

Creating Exciting Non-Fiction with No Leader - Open Discussion

Creating Kid-Like Dialogue with Linda Joy Singleton

Eek! A Critique! (On-Line Crit Groups) with Verla Kay

Easy Readers with Anastasia Suen

Effective Critique Groups with Linda R. Rymill

Examining Viewpoints with Melody DeLeon 8/8/00

Finding Markets with Janis Waldrop Field

Finding More Markets with Janis Waldrop Fields

From a Writer to an Author with Anastasia Suen

Getting into Your Characters' Heads with Greg Fishbone, Esq. 7/25/00

Great Query Letters with Karma Wilson 1/12/99

ICL (Institute of Children's Literature) Course Information/Testimonials 4/10/01

Journey to the Imagination with Dianne de Las Casas

Know it, Don't Blow It! (Grammar & Punctuation) with Leslie Carmichael 12/11/01

Linda Sue Park Won the Newbery! ... an impromptu chat with newly honored Linda Sue Park

New! Linda Sue Park Q&A ... with Linda Sue Park 10/ 8/02

Making Christian Characters Real with Melody DeLeon 1/26/99

New! Making the Most of Conferences with Editor Julie Strauss-Gabel 6/11/02

Marketing to Schools with Dianne de Las Casas

More About Editors with Jenny Reed 2/23/99

Mid-Grade Series Books with Linda Joy Singleton

Middle Grade Fiction with Linda Joy Singleton 2/9/99

Money, Money, Where's the Money? with Linda R. Rymill

Networking for Success with Linda R. Rymill

Overcoming Disappointment with Jessica Swaim 1/4/00

Plotting Christian Stories with Melody DeLeon 9/28/99

Plotting for Success with Linda Joy Singleton

Procrastination & Perfectionism with Linda R. Rymill 1/9/01

Punctuation Problems with Gail Martini

Reading to Write with Linda Sue Park

Revision-Your Key to Success with Kate Johnston

Rhyming Right with Verla Kay

Self Promotion with Verla Kay 2/16/99

Self Promotion Panel with Toni Buzzeo, Verla Kay, & Linda Joy Singleton 4/10/01

Speak with an Editor with Julie Strauss-Gabel 2/13/01

Storyboarding & Easy Readers with Anastasia Suen

StoryTelling for Profit with Dianne de Las Casas

Submitting Articles with Alice Pope 3/7/00

Submitting & the Market with Alice Pope 1/19/99

Terrific School Visits with Toni Buzzeo 3/20/01

The Truth About Agents with Linda Joy Singleton & Verla Kay

To Publish or Not to Publish on the Web with Adrianne Fitzpatrick

Ups & Downs of a Writer with Anastasia Suen 1/5/99

Why Writers Get Rejected with Adrianne Fitzpatrick 6/13/00

Words That Work with Gail Martini

Working with an Agent with Steven Malk 9/10/02

Working with Editors with Kate Johnston

Writing Articles with Alice Pope 11/14/00

Writing Biographies with Pat McCarthy 9/14/99

Writing Humor with Greg Fishbone, Esq. 4/4/00

Writing for Inspirational Markets with Melody DeLeon

Writing Multi-Cultural Stories with Rukhsana Khan & Uma Krishnaswami 11/13/01

Writing for Young Adults with Linda Joy (L.J.) Singleton 9/19/00

Writing Picture Books with Verla Kay

Writing Right with Gail Martini

Writing UP, Not Down to Kids with Linda Smith



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