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Linda Sue Park Won the Newbery!


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*** Topic for #Kidlit: Writers & Illustrators of Children's Literature Meet Here Nightly - WELCOME!

NOTE: Linda Sue very generously gave permission for this impromptu chat conversation to be posted on this website.

LSue: kia, look! I'm in!!

NOTE: kia is Verla Kay's chat nickname

kia: Linda SUE! You are HERE!

kia: Congratulations! 

LSue: Thank you!

kia: WOW! A Newbery winner in our chat room!

kia faints!

Deetie: kia faints a lot. Here, have some water.

LSue: Kia, get up or I'll have to do CPR...

kia: CPR? 

Deetie: just throw some water on her.

Deetie: she'll be fine.

Deetie: she does this fainting routine on a regular basis.

kia screams and jumps up <AVOIDING the water deetie is throwing>

Deetie: (The rest of us know its a ruse.)

Amishka: fainting salts

Amishka: kia undo your girdle a tad bit you won't faint as much

kia: har har

Deetie: yeah, that girdle really scrunches up her middle.

kia: girdles do that to you, ami?

kia: Well! My mother never told me THAT.

Deetie: well, sheesh, kia.

Deetie: she probably didn't wear a girdle.

Amishka: if they're too tight they will

kia: no, she did wear one, deetie.

Deetie: maybe hers fit.

Deetie: right.

Amishka: same as corsets that's why those ladies in the old days fainted all the time

kia: maybe it did, deet

kia: I wonder how often they died of concussions?

Deetie: well, heck, they cinched them up so tight their internal organs were rearranged.

Deetie: (I once did a unit study on dress during those days.)

Amishka: so did you buy a snowblower, Linda Sue?

Amishka: or are you still soliciting

LSue: No Ami, I went *crazy* and bought a new clock radio, $24.99 haha

Amishka: haha

LSue: Ami, no snowblower for a while! The Newbery award has no cash prize. You get this huge sales bump, but I won't see that money until OCTOBER!! I told the family, we're still poor most of this year, LOL!

NOTE: LOL = Laughing Out Loud

Amishka: good thing this has been a light snow year haha

kia: so are you thrilled beyond belief, LS? How does it FEEL????

LSue: Kia--it still doesn't feel real. It still feels like a dream. A couple of times, it started to feel *a little* real, and I burst into I figure it's better that it's unreal...

LSue: How's everyone's writing going?

Amishka: good LS I'm working on a free verse YA

NOTE: YA = Young Adult novel

Amishka: but I didn't write today - except for my poem for the day

Deetie: I'm plodding along on a YA.

kia: I'm doing great, LS. Actually got a GOOD beginning to my schoolhouse story yesterday. One that I'm happy with, that lyra agreed is good, and even my HUSBAND likes it. YEAH!

LSue: COOL, Ami!

LSue: Good for you, kia!

kia: yup. I'm happy. The book is actually starting to take shape a little.

LSue: And plodding is good, Deet. Better than no movement at all! :-)

Amishka: great kia

LSue furrows brow slightly...writing will be tough this year...

Deetie: yep, with all this publicity.

LSue sighs

Deetie: ah, the pitfalls of celebrity!!!

Amishka: you don't have a deadline do you?

kia: yes, you will be so busy talking you won't have much time for writing, LS

Amishka: write on the road

Amishka: that sounds like a book title

Amishka: Writing on the Road

LSue: I read that Richard Peck said, the Newbery costs you a book. He didn't write all year.

Amishka: I don't have to worry about ever winning a Newbery

NOTE: Amishka is from Canada and the Newbery is only for writers in the U.S.A.

kia: it's worth it to pay the price of one book, LS... because from this day on ALL your books will be bought by EVERYONE!

kia: Hey! Have you been swamped with offers to speak at wonderful places already, LS?

LSue: Kia--yes. Although I don't really know where they are, LOL. The publisher is taking ALL requests for me at this point. We are going to go over them next Friday, and decide which ones I will do. But they did tell me, already two invites to Korea!

Deetie: that's so cool!!!

Amishka: Cool!

Amishka: you going?

kia: WOW, LS! That is so awesome!

kia: Will you be speaking at National in Los Angeles next August?

kia: And... (I have SO many questions!)

LSue: I don't know if Nationals is one of them, I hope so, I've never been and I'd love to go!

kia: Oh... I hope so, LS.. lyra and I will be there and we'd LOVE to meet you in person!

Deetie: hubby just got home with flowers!!!!

Deetie: he doesn't think I saw them.

Amishka: nice

LSue: Deet--how wonderful! and it's not even Valentine's Day!

kia: flowers, deets? Wow. You RATE

LSue 's husband doesn't do flowers... :-(

Deetie: mine usually doesn't either.

Deetie: but it's been a particularly difficult week.

Amishka: I buy my own flowers

Amishka: I buy flowers for the girls' rooms too

Amishka: fresh flowers all year

LSue: kia--a librarian friend of mine called. She said she had called Clarion to ask about a visit, and they told her the earliest I could probably go would be 2004!??

kia: 2004???? LOL LOL LOL! Wow, LS! That's unreal

LSue: Good grief, and I only really just started doing school visits, I'm so inexperienced!!

kia: I have a strong feeling that you are going to get a LOT of experience VERY fast, LS! LOL LOL LOL

Amishka: are you going to the ALA in Toronto 2003?

LSue: Ami--I don't know yet. All I know is, I have to go to the one in Atlanta in June of this year.

Amishka: I want to go to the one in Toronto

NOTE: Several new people just entered the chat room

tem2: Hi, LSue. You been busy lately?

LSue: Tem, yeah, a little. ;-)

LSue: But my server was banned from this chat room, for AGES.

kia: but now you are BACK, LS..

tem2: Good to see you back

NOTE: We have since moved the chat room to a new server that doesn't ban our attendees from coming in

kia: and if you want to do a chat session on what it feels like to be a Newbery winner... we'd LOVE to have you!

LSue: kia--I don't know what it feels like yet, LOL--it still doesn't feel 'real'!!

kia: Well, we would love to have you if you can do it sometime, LS

NOTE: Linda Sue Park is leading the October 8, 2002 workshop. It will be a Q&A session where everyone can ask her the questions they've always wondered about what it's like to win the highest honor any children's book can receive in the United States - the Newbery!

LSue: kia--after I get back from Midyear and meeting with the pub, I should have a good idea what my schedule will be, OK?

kia: you bet, LS

tem2: LS: Will you be in NYC next weekend for SCBWI Midyear?

LSue: Yes, tem--will you be there!?

tem2: Oh, cool. I may see you there!

kia: YES! You are going to get to meet her first, TEM!

LSue: Oh good, tem! I'll be looking for your name tag!

tem2: I hope I have a chance to fight through the crowd around you. :D

LSue: I just got back from a three-day visit to Chicago, kia. It was very hard work, but a lot of fun. :-)

LSue: I had everything from k-2 through 8th grade. Five schools in three days, 13 presentations!!

Amishka: wow

kia: Whew! Lots of talking, LS. I've got one coming up that's five days straight plus an author fair on the 6th day

kia: I love doing author visits!

kia: I just did one this morning with lyra

LSue: Cool, kia!

J_Colwell: big congrats LSue!

LSue: Thanks, JC. Have we met before? :-)

J_Colwell: Probably not, LSue. I'm on the Yellow Board and been here for a while, but <it was> while your server was banned.

NOTE: The "Yellow Board" is a wonderful, fun, informative on-line forum for Children's Writers. <>

_Lyra: so our STAR, LS is here!

_Lyra: how's it been going?

LSue: GREAT, Lyra. Busy and crazy, but fun. :-)

    LSue: And I'm NOT a star. Just the same old LS, you know that. ;-)

Amishka: she's not a star until she gets her first royalty check (g)

NOTE: (g) = grin

_Lyra: it's in the mail...I'm sure

Amishka: right now she's still poor - with a rich heart

LSue: LOL, exactly, Ami!

kia: she IS here, lyra. And she just told us something really fantastic. (you missed it)

_Lyra: I want to HEAR everything!!

_Lyra: having a tantrum...hate missing out

kia repeats: all of her author requests are now going through her publisher... and a librarian friend of hers called about her doing a visit and the publisher told her friend the soonest they could book her would be 2004!!!!!

kia: There, I filled you in, lyra. You may stop having a tantrum now

_Lyra: wow, LS -- how are you limiting your speaking engagments? Are you comfortable doing a lot?

LSue: I don't know yet, Lyra. I haven't seen hardly any of the requests. Publisher is fielding them all for me. We're going to go over them next Friday while I'm in NYC.

_Lyra: wow--you're going to NY?

LSue: For SCBWI Midyear, Lyra--planned to go long ago.

_Lyra: I bet you'll have dizzy, head-spinning exciting fun, LS

Amishka: tell her about Korea

LSue: Oh--two invitations to Korea so far, Lyra. :-)

tem2: Very cool

LSue: I don't want to do too many--kids still at home, etc.

Amishka: what do your kids think?

kia: Hey, LS... we can call tonight's chat an "impromptu chat with Linda Sue" if you want... and I can pull out just the things you are sharing and post em for people to read. Or would that make you uncomfortable?

LSue: No, that's fine, kia. But could you send it to me first before you post it?

kia: you bet, ls

Amishka: yeah kia she wouldn't want anything incriminating on the post

_Lyra: LS--since hearing of your success, I'm sure I've not the only one curious about what's been happening since you found out

LSue: This is kinda funny: Back in May, in Bologna, my agent couldn't get any foreign publishers to make a deal for Shard. Finally they got one small French deal--I was thrilled! Now, it seems, there's a bidding war among 20 Korean publishers who wouldn't even look at it before!!

LSue: Same book, dummies...

_Lyra: wow, LS

katrapp_: that is wonderful ls :)

Harazin: wow, LS

tem2: They couldn't tell how great a book it was on their own, eh?

LSue: tem--yeah, looks like.

kia: Isn't that the way of it, though, LS? You can't get them to even LOOK at your stories, have to BEG them to read them, and all you have to do is win a major award with your book, and suddenly EVERYONE is fighting over you! It's a lot like trying to get accepted that first time. They see your story and say NO NO NO NO NO then when one publisher takes it on, it's suddenly a GREAT book. HA

LSue: kia--yes, it's so weird...all that contributes to the 'unreal' feeling...

tem2: Did I tell you how the librarian babbled on about how great the book was last summer when I took it out? She even gave away the ending. :D

LSue: Really, tem? Thanks, that's nice to hear. :-)

LSue: But I have to admit I'm worried about the not-writing business... I'll have to come in here and get inspired by you folks once in a while...

kia: Oh, we hope you DO come in here to get inspired once in a while, LS. And to share your on-going success with us little peons, too. :-)

Amishka: write a quick poem a day LSue

Amishka: nothing major - five minutes whatever comes out

LSue: Good idea, Ami.

Amishka: that's what I do

Amishka: most of mine will never be published but it keeps me motivated

LSue: Another friend scolded me and told me to write ONE paragraph I did--that made me feel better.

Amishka: some will be publishable with a lot of work

tem2: Do you keep a journal, LS?

LSue: tem--no, I don't. But I do have a couple of regular e-mail correspondents--almost daily--and I keep those e-mails as sort of a journal.

_Lyra: LS--that's exactly what I do!

_Lyra: I've been keeping a journal since 1978

_Lyra: and updated it to emails/cut/pasted in a journal a few years ago

Harazin: good idea Lyra

kia: hey! I do the same thing, LS!

kia: (lyra taught me to do that)

_Lyra: Of course I have SO many journal books, it fills two shelves in my closet....!

LSue: Wow, Lyra! What a wonderful history to have!

_Lyra: Yeah--I once gave a talk told about my ups & down, sharing my journal entries

tem2: I throw a paragraph or two into my weblog every day...usually.

tem2: It's the only journal I've ever been able to keep.

J_Colwell: I've kept a journal on and off since high school. I always stop when life gets too interesting, though.

kia: Hey, that's when you NEED to keep a journal, JC. When things get interesting.

J_Colwell: I know, kia. My best stuff just wastes away n my head. sigh...

_Lyra: LS--what do you have coming next? Is something scheduled or a Work-In-Progress?

LSue: Lyra--next book out in March. That's a big relief, actually--that the next one was done and ready to go when this news hit.

kia: How's *your* agent taking all of this success of yours, LS?

LSue: Oh kia, you know her, she's the same old sweetheart. :-)

Amishka: don't you have the same agent kia?

kia: yes, we do, ami. That's why I phrased that question like that. GRIN

LSue: I'm throwing the 'N' stuff into a box. My sister is going to make a scrapbook for me.

kia: Hey, how long will you be in New York, LS? I'm flying in with my hubby on the 25th

LSue: Kia, I come home on the 18th, :-(

kia: awwww. Too bad. But if you come to Nationals in August, I'll see you then. (If I can get through the masses of bodies swarming around you, that is. GRIN)

_Lyra: I don't know if I could take that much travel, okay with it?

rrranch36: I haven't met LSue yet...are you THE L SUE?

kia: yes, ranch. LS is THE Linda Sue Park

rrranch36: oh wow

Amishka: hehehe she called you THE linda sue

LSue: LOL, ranch, just LindaSue, No "THE" in front of it!

kia: our very own celebrity!

tem2: Linda Sue, this is THE rrranch36! :D

rrranch36: lol @ tem

_Lyra: I hope you come to Nationals, LS...I'll be rooming with kia as usual

rrranch36: nice to meet you

LSue: Nice to meet you too, and JC. :-)

rrranch36: and congrats

LSue: Thanks, ranch

kia: Hey, hara! When did you sneak in????

Harazin: about an hour ago Kia

kia: how'd I miss that? You been hiding under that potted palm, hara?

kia glares suspiciously at hara

LSue: Lyra, do you know, does the Newbery winner usually speak at the next Nationals?

_Lyra: LS--Nationals tends to focus on their Kite winners, I think

_Lyra: But it would be a GREAT place for you to go for some more shine on your rising star

LSue: That's what I thought, Lyra.

LSue: I mean, I thought the focus was usually on the Kiters, good for them!

_Lyra: LS-When you were on TV, I watched you early on Satellite and then again at Pacific time...such a cool moment!

LSue: Omigosh, Lyra--you watched it *twice*!? I could barely even watch it once...

_Lyra: LOL! If it had been me, I'm not sure I could have watched it...I'm afraid of being on TV, have avoided it so far

_Lyra: Well...once my CHEST was on TV

rrranch36: lol

LSue: I hate hate hate having my picture taken. Those huge TV cameras are like my worst nightmare...

Deetie: your chest?

tem2: Lyra: Should we ask?

rrranch36: we have to hear this story lyra

_Lyra: yeah-you can ask

LSue: Your chest!?

_Lyra: I was in Boston in 1989 at the Romance Writers Convention

_Lyra: And I had this ADORABLE cartoon-T-shirt on showing a romantic couple kissing...and Discovery Channel (I kid you not!) filled my chest

LSue: "Filled" your chest, Lyra,? ROFL!

NOTE: ROFL = Rolling on the floor laughing

tem2: Filled it with what?

_Lyra: typo alert (embarrassed!)

_Lyra: FILMED...

rrranch36: that is too funny lyra

_Lyra: I have it on tape a cabinet with other tapes

LSue: Filled or filmed, great story either way, Lyra. ;-)

_Lyra: I should have kept that shirt, but it got too ratty

tem2: Must be an interesting label on that tape.

_Lyra: Actually I was really embarrassed and kind of scared to see myself (my chest...) on TV

LSue: LOL, tem "Filled Chest", something like that?

tem2: Banned in Boston, I'm sure.

J_Colwell: How would you like to be browsing her collection and see, "Braveheart", Sound of Music", "Chest shot"?

_Lyra: LOL, J

J_Colwell: LSue, my son had to give up Sesame Street for your TV appearance. He was bummed, but I was happy.

LSue: Oh, poor dear, JC--please thank him from me, LOL! I'd pick Bert & Ernie over me & Katie anyday, hahaha

_Lyra: You looked very calm and professional, LS

_Lyra: well...maybe a bit nervous...but in a calm way

tem2: LS: Is that studio as small as it looks on TV?

LSue: I thought the 45 pounds of makeup they had put on me would start sliding around and caking up etc.

Amishka: I would have been upchucking in the corner somewhere

LSue: tem--that couch setup is like a little island, and there are about three of those 'islands' around the studio.

_Lyra: So was it a real zoo getting to NY and being on TV?

LSue: Yes, very small.

kia: you looked as cool and professional as anyone I've ever seen who's a professional TV personality, LS

LSue: kia--you're so sweet!

LSue: Lyra--I was there and back home in less than 24 hours. That made it feel even more unreal.

_Lyra: It's true, LS...I really admired how you handled it, and was SURE I'd have been a basketcase

_Lyra: Wow...what an experience for you...only one of many to come

kia: you did so GOOD on TV, LS. I was REALLY proud of you!

_Lyra: Yeah--LS -- I was SO impressed with how cool you were on TV

Amishka: see we told you you looked cool LS

LSue: I did not feel the least bit cool..

_Lyra: I tried to buy your book afterwards -- but missed out by not getting it when I meant to BEFORE.

kia: I'm so GLAD I bought your book a long time ago, LS

_Lyra: kia was SMARTER than me -- I wanted to have a pre-Newbery copy, but missed out

kia: if you are going to be at national this year, I'll bring my book to get it personally signed, LS

Deetie: LS, you doing bookplates?

LSue: Deet--yes, I do bookplates.

Deetie: I'll email you for how to get one.

J_Colwell: Congrats again, LSue!

LSue: But I NEVER watch daytime television. While I was waiting, this guy walked by and smiled and said, "Congratulations," and I remember thinking, wow, he has a nice suit. And my sister poked me and said, "That was Matt Lauer." And I said, Matt who??

Amishka: LOL

Harazin: who is Matt Lauer?

kia: uh... I don't watch daytime TV either, LS. Who IS Matt Lauer?

_Lyra: Matt Lauer is a hottie

tem2: Matt who?

LSue: Shirley--THANK YOU, see, I'm not the only one who didn't know who he was!

_Lyra: I DO watch TV a lot....

LSue: Katie Couric's co-host.

_Lyra: I have TV on now...

Amishka: I only know his name

tem2: Ah

LSue: Sure, Deet, no problem, I'd be delighted. :-)

_Lyra: I am life...TV/computer...

Harazin: I don't watch tv much, especially daytime. It is my writing time

Amishka: wouldn't know his face

kia: oh. Okay. I've never seen Katie before either. Watching you with her was the first time I'd ever seen her, LS

Deetie: kia is culturally deprived.

Amishka: Me too Kia

kia: I am, deetie. What can I say?

kia: I'm wrapped up in my own little world...

_Lyra: I like to watch Entertainment shows because they talk about FICTION and people who are like it's close to what I love best: books!

Deetie: you been in the mountains too long.

_Lyra: yeah, kia's too busy writing rhyme in her hot tub

Harazin: All I know about Katie is that she wrote a book

Amishka: I don't watch tv - except I do watch old reruns of Fran Dreshers the Nanny in the morning

kia: my stories, author talks, my computer... Star Trek and 3's Company Reruns... that's about it.

Deetie: star trek is cool.

LSue: One thing I liked about Katie, she seemed the same person on camera and off. She really was very nice.

^GailM: Hello, LS. Congrats again.

LSue: Thanks, Gail. :-)

_Lyra: So LS...we all know about the TV show thing and the Korean bidding-war...what other exciting things have been happening?

LSue: Lyra--mostly, interviews. The first week, two or three a day, yikes! I sure got tired of the sound of my own voice...

LSue: Those have slowed down now--today I only had one.

LSue: And I got EIGHT big flower arrangements. That was really fun!

Amishka: very nice

Deetie: oooh, who sent them?

Amishka: see your hubby doesn't have to buy you flowers

kia: WOW! who sent all the flowers, ls?

LSue: Deet--publisher, agent, paperback publisher, writers group, local bookstore, etc.

LSue: Korean TV came one day last week and followed me around ALL DAY. I was afraid they were even going to follow me... [EVERYWHERE].

kia: Wow. Lots of interviews, LS. You should just type up a huge paper with all the questions and answers on it, and when someone calls, read off the answers from your sheet. Or better yet, mail it to them. LOL

Amishka: LOL

tem2: LSue: was it live?

Deetie: wow.

LSue: No tem, taped. I never did see it, but I think my cousin in Seoul did.

_Lyra: Are most the interviews in person?

kia: LOL LS! that TV crew was a wee bit intrusive with your private life, eh?

LSue: Lyra--phone interviews, mostly. A few by e-mail, a few in person.

tem2: Are you going to put any up on your website?

LSue: I didn't think of that, tem. Maybe I should? Not much time for the website these days.

tem2: LSue: Need an assistant webmaster? :D

LSue: tem, my sister is thinking of helping me out there. But if it doesn't work out I will be sure to let you know!

NOTE: Greg Fishbone does website design

_Lyra: LS--Tem is a real pro. His website is great

tem2: Cool. You've got so much great content up there already.

rrranch36: i signed your guestbook today LS

LSue: Oh, great, ranch! I'll have to go look! :-)

rrranch36: i just said conrats

_Lyra: I signed the guestbook right after you won -- along with about 500 other people

rrranch36: oops no i said congrats

kia: miche, we have a real celebrity with us tonight...

LSue: Oh kia, STOP!

rrranch36: rofl

kia shoves Linda Sue up to the podium...

Miche1: Who?

^GailM: Linda Sue, you are all of our HERO.

kia: Linda Sue Park, Miche... our very own, brand new Newbery winner!

LSue: Gail--youre so sweet, but I think I'd be a rotten hero. I'm very ignoble. ;-)

tem2: She's the same Linda Sue she was before. Just now everyone else knows what we did all along about how talented she is.

rrranch36: lol

kia: you are right, tem

^GailM: Our speaker at the SCBWI meeting quoted from the beginning of your book, LS. She was talking about dialogue, and you have teasing dialogue at the beginning. See? I wanted to jump up and say, "I know her!!!"

LSue: Gail, really? Wow, thanks for telling me!

kia: heh heh, you should have, gail

LSue: Gail--who was the speaker?

Miche1: I just read that name either on the cover of a book that I read, or in a book I read about writing. Which book did she receive the Newberry for?

^GailM: Well, I feel I know her. The speaker was Kathryn O. Galbreth.

Miche1: Sorry for not knowing.

^GailM: She has 11 published books.

kia: A Single Shard, Miche

LSue: Oh--I don't know her Gail. But if I ever meet her I'll say hello!

^GailM: She is local to Washington and teaches children's writing at the University of Washington (state).

^GailM: She is a very nice woman, and she likes me. I like people who like me.

Miche1: Boy that is familiar. Is she mentioned in the new Children's Writers?

LSue: Another weird request: to donate the *manuscripts* of Shard to the Kerlan Collection at the Univ of Minnesota.

LSue: Miche--yes, there is a profile of me in there, and I also wrote an article.

Miche1: That's it!

LSue doesn't want to give away her manuscripts...very fond of them...

_Lyra: LS--that's not a weird request...the topic was on the YA list, a bunch of the authors there have mss in Kerlan collection

kia: LOL She just won the award a couple of weeks ago, Miche. She was on the Today Show already. We are SO proud of our wonderful Linda Sue!!!!

tem2: LS: I've heard of them. They're supposed to have an amazing collection of manuscripts.

^GailM: LS, all you need to do is print out a copy, and sign it.

LSue: I know, Lyra, tem. And I *will* donate them. But I'm feeling quite attached to them just now.

kia: so make a copy of it, LS. And send them a copy.

LSue: --they don't want copies, they want the originals.

tem2: Paula Danziger has manuscripts there, so yours will be in good company.

_Lyra: I was at the Denver library once and looked at writings of Lenora Mattingly Weber who wrote a teen series -- it was cool. They even had a bust of her head someone had made there.

LSue: Marked up, with post-its, etc.

Amishka: are you doing another article for Alice this year LS

LSue: No, Ami, someone else's turn. :-)

kia: so make a copy of it for yourself, LS

kia: so you don't lose it for your own use, but let them have the original

^GailM: I thought it was cool that you were also in the CWIM this year, and everyone can go look at your picture. LS, what makes an original? I'd have to donate my hard drive.

_Lyra: I have saved most of my early versions of books -- hoping for fame & requests someday

LSue: Gail--the marked-up copy. Editorial comments, penciled suggestions, post-its, etc. Those wouldn't photocopy well.

kia: no, gail... Oh LS already explained

LSue: Yes, kia, that's what I'll do, eventually.

kia: yes they will, LS!

Miche1: What page are you on again, Linda Sue, so that I may not waste the next five minutes searching for you?

_Lyra: No rush, LS -- you can take things at your own pace. You ARE the winner ... Queen of Newbery this year

kia: You can copy those very well with a good copy machine

kia hands LS a tiara....

LSue: Gosh, Miche, I don't know what page, I don't have my CWIM right here...

Amishka: 52

kia: erp! Those were REAL jewels in that tiara...

^GailM: Miche1 52

Amishka: I opened right to it

LSue hands it back to kia, who is the REAL queen in here

kia sends for the paddy wagon to take her off to the poor house...

Miche1: Thank you, Amish.

_Lyra: I got a comp one since I did an article...every little bit helps

kia: oh, ha ha, LS

kia: but thanks... you are too sweet

Miche1: I will read it again.

kia: hara! 

kia faints

_Lyra: LS--you are right. Kia was like a queen today talking to the kids about their contest entries

tem2: I've misplaced my CWIM already

kia: hey, you were more glittery than me today, lyra

Harazin: she fainted again?

^GailM: Our Ad Comm for SCBWI of Washington did a mass order and got the CWIM at a reduced price. Oh, Alice Pope will be at our conference this year.

NOTE: Alice Pope is the editor of CWIM (Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market guidebook).

Amishka: bad tem

LSue: Alice is so nice!

tem2: I just can't have nice things.

kia: oh oh.. she is SO nice!

_Lyra: kia--not glittery enough! I didn't even wear my glitter body paint this time

kia: I really like Alice

tem2: Yes, I like Alice too

kia: you DIDN'T, lyra! 

kia faints again

_Lyra: I like Alice ... too also

tem2: I wonder if she'll be at Midyear.

kia: she lives in New York area, tem. She will most likely be there

LSue: Gang, I have to go now. It was really great to see you all again. I'm so GLAD my server isn't banned anymore!!

^GailM: We have Melanie Crecka? from viking as our major editor. (at the Conference)

_Lyra: lyra throws water on kia...splash!

kia: oh, I'm SO glad you came in LS

LSue: So I'll be able to see you again soon.

Amishka: night LS

kia: thanks!!!!!

Harazin: Bye, LSue!

rrranch36: night LS nice to finally 'MEET" you

LSue: Take care everyone. Happy reading and writing!

_Lyra: LS--enjoy!

tem2: Bye, LS. See you in New York!

_Lyra: it was nice seeing you in here

kia: I'll send you a transcript before I do anything with it for you to check over, ls

LSue: That's great, kia, thanks. :-)

Miche1: You too.

LSue waves

*** Signoff: LSue (Quit: Leaving)


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