Sacramento City School District

Young Author Celebration

May 24, 2000

(NOTE: This page is very "picture intensive" so can be slow loading... but it's worth waiting for!)


The Exhibition...

Young Authors who were finalists had their winning books on display

Assembly of Young Authors and their families, guests, and friends

Linda Jewett...Event Coordinator

Linda JewettVerla

Linda Jewett and Author Verla Kay


Verla Kay's Presentation


Many thanks to the Washington Masonic Lodge #20 and East Sacramento Rotary Club -- Sponsors of this wonderful event

Masonic Sponsors

(Oh, in case you were wondering...Fred E. Reads, the frog, isn't one of the sponsors)

the Kids

The Young Author Finalists came up on stage to receive their awards and be congratulated

And they kept coming... 

more Kids

And coming...


And coming!

It was a wonderful, exciting event for everyone!

audience again

Many thanks to Jenny Stowers for her wonderful photography of this day!

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Verla Kay

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