In Boston

On the way to the

2000 Literature Conference-at-Sea

Boston was beautiful...

We saw as many of the sites as we could

Verla did research for her upcoming Tattered Sails book by visiting a replica of the Mayflower

And she did more research by visiting Plimouth Village

Verla got to meet Ronnie (aka cherpa in the Kidlit chat room)


And a whole group of children's writers gathered for the first time in Boston for lunch...

(See below to find out "Who's Who")

And we ate... and talked... and ate...

(See below to find out "Who's Who")

And we shared books and stories... and ate... and talked...

Left to right around the table... Greg Fishbone, Esq., Verla Kay, Peter Davis, Terry (Verla's husband), Granddaughter Kristyn (at the end of the table,) Andrea Murphy, Diane Davis, Diane Mayor, Kathy Deady

Boston is a GREAT place!


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Verla Kay

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