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Next Workshop

- Mysteries of Self Publishing -


Miriam Hees

will take place in the #Kidlit chat room on

December 10th

 new As of 5/29/02 the chat room has moved!

(click on chat link below to go to the new chat room or use irc.fractured.net server if you use IRC)

A fun and easy way to join Live Chat with Children's Writers

Verla Kay's newest book, Broken Feather is now available in bookstores everywhere. Get yours today!

new See some photos from Verla Kay's fabulous trip to New York for the celebration of the Child Magazine Children's Best Books for her Tattered Sails book.

There's a wonderful coloring page for kids that can be reached from the Just for Kids page of this website. Choose from one of six wonderful pictures drawn by children's book illustrator, Charles Jordon. Print them out and then color them with your crayons or paints.


Be sure to read the new REGENERATION story written by L.J. Singleton. This wonderful series for kids of all ages (from age ten and up) is about five teenagers whose lives are in danger when they find out they are clones. Book number six is now posted on the web. Check it out today! :-)

There are new workshops scheduled for the upcoming months. Check them out today, so you don't miss your favorite subjects!

The following new Transcripts are now UP and posted on the Transcripts page. Go check them out!

New! Linda Sue Park Q & A with Newbery winner Linda Sue Park

New! Making the Most of Conferences with Editor Julie Strauss-Gabel

Q & A with an Agent with Steven Malk

Linda Sue Park Won the Newbery! an impromptu chat with Linda Sue Park


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