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This is the place to come for information on how to get started, and what to do after you start selling. Begin with the Getting Started, Writer's Tips, and Links pages, and browse through the extensive workshops on the Transcripts page. Then, when you need more information, move on to the Published Writer's page. Chat with other writers on the various chat boards or in the Live Chat room (nightly). When you're ready to find out more about Verla Kay, check out Verla's Books, About the Author, and the Author Talks pages.

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YIPPEE!: The Good News Board and the Forum Chat Boards have been reinstated on this website plus Live Chat is still available for those who want to communicate "in person" with other children's writers.

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A new page on this website designed to assist writers who have been published and have questions like, "What do I do now?"

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 A Tribute to Linda Smith

June 29, 2000

by Verla Kay

new Linda Smith's second picture book

Mrs. Biddlebox

can now be pre-ordered at your local bookstore!

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