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Verla Kay

(Also known as kia in the #Kidlit chat room)

For those who wondered... Kia stands for "Know It All," a name given to Verla in the early days of the #Kidlit chat room because of her penchant for discovering new ways of doing things in the chat room. This is Verla, the way she looks when she's sitting at her desk, where she spends 99% of her waking hours. (Of course, THIS desk isn't Verla's...she's at a friend's house...but even when visiting, she somehow ends up in front of a computer.) <GRIN>

And here are some of Verla's special, wonderful, incredible, and VERY talented writer friends:


Linda Joy Singleton

(Also known as Lyra in the #Kidlit chat room)

Linda is the author of 20 published Mid-Grade & Young Adult series books (including one self-published collector Judy Bolton mystery book which was co-authored by Linda and the original author of the series, Margaret Sutton.) Linda recently sold five MORE books (a new original series) to Berkeley Books - a division of Penguin Publishing. This newest series of hers, Regeneration, has been named to the American Library Association's Quick Pick list for reluctant readers and has been optioned for a possible TV series by 20th Century Fox!

You can visit Linda's Website to see what books she has published, and while you are there, find out how terrific this author's work really is by reading some of her short stories!

 Marilyn Wood

(Also known as Windy2U in the #Kidlit chat room)

Marilyn is a wonderful children's writer. Much of her writing reflects her love of nature. She has a great family and husband who live with her on the Oregon coast. Her gorgeous hair is naturally silver, much to the frustration of some women who would love to find a bottle that would make theirs that beautiful. Marilyn is often to be found in the #Kidlit chat room, sparring and conversing with other children's writers.


Gail Martini

(Also known as GailM in the #Kidlit chat room)

Gail is one of the mainstays of the #Kidlit Chat Room. She and her husband enjoy wonderful gourmet meals together (many of which he cooks for them.) Gail is a retired English and History schoolteacher who generously answers many of her chat buddies' questions. She has led several wonderful Workshops in the #Kidlit Chat room. Gail writes Non-Fiction Articles, Picture Books and Mid-Grade stories.

You can read Gail's Bio on the Workshops page of this website.

Missy & her mother, Sue

(Also known as Missy in the #Kidlit chat room)

(Missy is on the left...)

Missy is the youngest writer to regularly frequent the Kidlit chat room and she is the darling of all the "old" writers who come there to chat. She's mature, sensible and just plain fun. We appreciate her mother letting her come and visit us there.


Margot is a transplanted "Aussie" from Australia, and her lovely accent betrays her with every word. She's just as sweet and just as much fun in person as she is via email and the internet. Verla is still irritated at her bird, PigPen, who absolutely refused to mumble a single word or sing a single note until two minutes after Margot left the motel room where Verla was staying when she and Margot met for the first time.


Kathy R.

(Also known as Kat in the #Kidlit chat room)

Kathy is a regular in the #Kidlit chat room. She writes picture books and loves living on her farm. She spends a lot of time in her garden and is full of fun and humor.

Judy G.

(Also known as Deetle or Deet in the #Kidlit chat room)

Judy is a wonderfully fun person in the chat room. She keeps everyone one their toes, is an avid writer and makes us all "toe the line." If we don't she is very quick to chastise us. :-) We all love her dearly and those of us who haven't met her in person yet, are looking forward eagerly to the day when we get to see her in "real life."


(Also known as Mel in the #Kidlit chat room)

For four years Mel has refused to let ANYONE see what she looks like. It was only after threatening her with bodily harm and telling her she would be banned from the chat room that she reluctantly sent this photograph to Verla. Of course, it came with an inflexible requirement...her photo was NOT to be posted on the website.

You can see that her demands have been met and her photo is NOT here. (Verla wonders how long it will be before she allows her face to be shown....)

HA HA HA! It only took her one second to yell at me to post her face, too. (Aren't I a stinker?) So... here is the REAL Mel!


Ronnie (with Verla)

(Also known as Cherpa in the #Kidlit chat room)

Ronnie and her wonderful husband met Verla and Terry at the dock in Boston and gave them a ride to their hotel when they were returning from their cruise to Bermuda. She is as sweet and beautiful in person as she is in the chat room, as you can easily see from this photo.

San Diego, CA, SCWBI Chapter Meeting

May 8, 1999

Verla's first "big" talk in front of a writer's group. (She might not have done a lot of these talks before, but they obviously enjoyed her presentation.)


The CW (Children's Writers) "Gang" from the email list

Left to Right: Mary, Marlene, Verla & Ann

Asilomar Conference

February 1998

Top row pictures: Katy, Verla, Verla, Linda Joy, Terry, Verla

Middle row pictures: Shelley, Verla, Linda Joy, June, Linda Joy, Verla

Bottom Row pictures: June, Verla, Katy, Deborah Norse Lattimore, Linda Joy, Judith, Eloise, Marge, Verla

SCBWI National Conference

August 1998

(clockwise from bottom left)

Lindy, Verla, Linda Joy, (person in yellow is not with us) (HELP! Who is this mysterious woman hiding behind June?) June, Brenda

More SCBWI National Conference

August 1998

Top row pictures: June, Linda Joy, Verla & Pam

Middle row pictures: Lindy, Joy, Linda Vierra, Linda Joy, June, Brenda & Linda S.

Bottom Row pictures: Laurie, Linda Joy, Adele, Deborah Norse Lattimore, Terry, Verla Kay, June, Linda Vierra, Joy & Verla Kay. (By the way, we were having dinner at the DIVE (a restaurant shaped like and with the atmosphere of a submarine) and those bright blue drinks in front of most of us are all marvelous Margaritas. :-)


Close-ups of .....Terri ............Joy..... & ....June

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