2000 Conference at Sea

July 16 - 23, 2000


(Warning...This is an extremely picture-intensive page...

but it is WELL worth waiting for!)

What an incredible and terrific way to have a literature conference! On board a cruise ship that sails the exotic seas and ends up in Bermuda. Ah... it was a delightful experience and one that Verla will be repeating on the week of July 15, 2001... Here are a few of the photos that Verla took while on this fabulous trip. (And if you'd like to particpate next year, send an email to Verla with CONFERENCE AT SEA in the subject line and she will send you more information on the 2001 conference as soon as she has them.)

It was thrilling to see one of the Tall Ships in Boston harbor just before the ship sailed.


Verla Kay & Paula Danziger at dinner. As you can see from this photo, Paula is not content to be just a dynamic, entertaining and informative speaker; she is also a lovely, warm, and delightfully fun friend.

The one time Verla sat in a deck chair. (She's the first person in the white shirt and black pants.) She was too busy running around "talking shop" and enjoying the sites of Bermuda the rest of the trip to sit down.


Conference meetings began early each morning so there would be plenty of free time to enjoy the cruise.


One of the lifeboats was lowered (right outside Verla's stateroom window!) when the ship docked in Bermuda. It was comforting to know that at least one of the lifeboats was seaworthy. <GRIN>


Sing-A-Longs were a familiar and very enjoyable part of each conference day.


This is the view of Bermuda from Verla's cabin on board the ship. It was breath-takingly beautiful.



Verla's husband, Terry, finding "treasures" on one of the soft, sand beaches.



Susan Campbell Bartoletti's talk was incredibly informative and interesting. Everyone came away excited about non-fiction in a way they never dreamed possible before listening to her speak.


There was plenty of time for siteseeing on the Island. This is one tiny bit of what Verla saw inside the Crystal Caves on Bermuda. The color of the water was sparkling crystal clear turquoise blue and it absolutely took your breath away. It didn't show at all in the photos, which was disappointing.


Getting around on the island was fun! We rode the busses or the ferry. Here is Verla's granddaughter, Kristyn, enjoying the ferry - shortly before the one downpour we had while on the island.

Verla's handsome husband, Terry, didn't want his photograph taken...but of course, Verla took it anyway.


Joni Gray (shown here with Paula Danziger) and Susan Acker (not pictured) made the conference a total delight every day.


A snorkling trip was absolutely not to be missed!

And it was almost like transporting into the most beautiful aquarium in the world...

Can you see the huge black fish in this photo?

HINT: He has a yellow stripe on his forked tail and is in the middle of the photo....

Patricia Polacco's talk was warm, friendly, and just outright wonderful. It was so exciting to meet her, talk with her in person, and hear her inspiring stories.


To Verla's great delight, this chameleon sat still on a small tree long enough for her to get this great photo of him. The tiny crab down near the shore who was living under a bush wasn't so co-operative and she missed getting his picture.


Verla's presentation was a great success. (So much that she has been asked to be a speaker again next year - and she has accepted, as she can hardly wait for the chance to go back to Bermuda!)


Verla and her grandaughter, Kristyn, on one of the pink sand beaches. The colors of the water, sky, land, and vegetation in Bermuda almost make you think of glowing jewels. They are prettier than anything Verla has ever seen anywhere. (And yes, she has been to some unbelievably beautiful places around the world.)


Verla, signing books after her talk.

The beaches were incredibly was so hard to leave....

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