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ginaav looks for the cookies

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raindew: Hey -- how about some hot chocolate, too? It's coooollld here

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^kia blushes and hides behind the potted palm

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NOTE: lol = laughing out loud

wusu hands Kia a plush robe

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HolSim: Okay, got the kids watching Sleeping Beauty, the cat's on my lap, I'm ready to go.

Verla: We have about five minutes before we start

Verla: I need to go get your bio, Alice...brb

NOTE: brb = Be Right Back

HolSim: My mom will also be joining me, so if I say "we" at any point, don't think I have multiple personalities, okay?

Dystar: I would have just assumed it was you and the cat, Holsim

wusu: hee hee, we're all writers Hols . . . we understand

wusu: I'm trying to eat and type, it's not working

Dystar: if you disappear we'll know it's because of the ketchup on the keyboard, wusu

wusu: or pepperoni, Dy, pizza tonight!

Vicki_C: What a big group!

LorieKay: It's a PARTY

HolSim: I think someone just stepped on my toe.

wusu: only way to sensible make the workshop . . . give 'em frozen pizza

Vicki_C: W, I thought you were eating rabbit food!

LorieKay: It's getting a little crowded to be able to dance

Verla: Workshop night. Always busy on workshop nights

Dystar: I can just imagine the cheese going from teeth to keyboard to monitor...

Verla pushes the automatic expansion button to make the chat room bigger. THERE, Lorie. Now there's room to dance

HolSim: Woohoo, Verla!

LorieKay: Thanks V, I like to move around a lot

wusu: rabbit food?? heck no! need fats and starches

Verla: Welcome everyone!

Verla: Tonight's workshop will begin in a few minutes.

wusu: more people, wow, I don't think I've ever seen a crowd this big!

Vicki_C: Alice is popular!

LorieKay: We live by her book!

HolSim: Alice is the WOMAN.

wusu: YES, we certainly do!

HolSim: Mom/Trudy is here, so my multiple personality disorder begins now.


Verla: For all of the new people, I'd like to welcome you to the #Kidlit chat room and our monthly workshop

Vicki_C: Thanks, Verla!

Verla: Alice...are you ready to begin?

Verla: If so, I'll give the basic "rules"... and then introduce you.

AliceP: Yes, I'm ready, Verla

Verla: Okay...

Verla: Welcome to our monthly #Kidlit Workshop. Please hold all personal talk, including hello's & goodbye's until the hour is up, but please feel free to join in the topic currently under discussion.

Verla: Because we have so many people here tonight, I'm going to ask you to PLEASE limit your questions to a time when there is only one or two questions "on the floor." If it gets too wild, then I will take all voices away except Alice's and give you each voice a few at a time for your questions...

Verla: IF that happens, here are the "rules"

Verla: When it is your turn to talk, you will be given "voice." When a + is by your name or your name changes color, you may ask your questions. We will go alphabetically, with latecomers at the end.

Verla: And now.... It gives me GREAT pleasure to introduce our wonderful workshop leader for tonight... Alice Pope!

Verla: Here's what Alice has to say about herself...

Verla: I've been editor of Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market (CWIM) for more than five years. I'm also Senior Editor of the market books department of Writer's Digest Books. In addition to editing CWIM, I also assist on acquisitions and development of our trade books dealing with writing for children. I'm also the assistant regional advisor for the Ohio SCBWI (The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.)

Verla: I attend a lot of writers conferences and at each one I'm asked at least half a dozen times if I write outside of my job. I don't, but children's books have always been something I've been passionate about and I feel like I fell into the perfect job for me. When I'm preparing to interview an author, I may spend a week sitting at my desk studying her picture books or reading her novels. I can't imagine getting paid for anything better.

Verla: Alice is here tonight to talk to us about Writing Articles...

*** Verla has set the topic on channel #kidlit to Writing Articles workshop IN SESSION

Verla: Okay, Alice... You are ON!

Verla: (You may all welcome Alice now)

Verla: clap clap clap...whistle stomp....YEAH, Alice!!!!!

Dani257: Welcome!!!

Vicki_C: Welcome, Alice!!!

tem2: Yay, Alice!

HolSim: Thank YOU for coming, Alice.

Dystar: Thanks for talking to us!

LorieKay: Loud cheers!

DonaV claps

GoldenRain: welcome

Guest36422: Welcome!

ginaav says hello to Alice

PamelaRoss: Hi Alice-- Haven't seen you in a long time

raindew: glad you're here!

wusu: welcome, Alice!

amyoh2: Hi Alice

AliceP: Thanks, Verla. Hello everyone. Thanks for coming!

AliceP: I'll start off by saying a few things I look for in article ideas, then you can shoot questions to me.

Verla: (good plan)

Verla passes out guns to everyone to shoot questions at Alice when her intro is done...

AliceP: I think the more important thing when I get a query is the idea...

AliceP: Is it appropriate for my audience? Is it something that I haven't covered before?

AliceP: I also think about whether it's too general or too specific for my readers...

AliceP: I cover a lot of area--pbs, mid grade, ya, fiction, nonfiction, etc...

NOTE: pbs = picture books, ya = young adult novels

AliceP: Once I like a writer's idea, I look for the right tone in the article...

AliceP: I really like personal stories--I think that works well for my audience...

AliceP: These are all, in some way, things that magazine editors consider as well...

AliceP: I've always felt like CWIM is more like doing one BIG magazine a year as opposed to a book...

NOTE: CWIM = Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market guidebook

AliceP: I also like writers to offer ideas for sidebars and artwork, too...

AliceP: I Want pieces to be well organizes and fun to read, but still informative--that's important in nonfiction...

Verla: Too specific? You mean you can get articles that are TOO specific for you to use? I'd appreciate an explanation of something that you might find too specific for the CWIM (Children's Writers & Illustrators Market), Alice.

Amishka: Maybe she means too specific for the genre

Amishka: pb or mg or ya or nf

NOTE: pb = picture book, mg = mid grade novel, ya = young adult, nf = non fiction

AliceP: Verla, I do have specific topics like nonfiction or writing series, for instance...

_Lyra: I wrote on series for Alice (g)

NOTE: g = grin

AliceP: That's what I want--general info on a specific topics...

Vicki_C: something that lots of writers can relate to and use

Verla: Hmm. So if someone were to send you an article about writing "one" specific sci-fi story, for instance, that might be too personal for you to be able to use it (no matter how well it was written) but if someone were to write something about techniques of writing any sci-fi story, that might work for you?

AliceP: Right Verla...

AliceP: I like personal experience to be able to give a big picture lesson

Verla: Ah... so you are looking for articles that will help MANY of your readers, rather than just a few.

AliceP: In CWIM the pieces are usually partly about the craft, partly about the market, and hopefully open people up to new areas of the genre they hadn't considered.

Verla: So a person who wants to sell to you, needs to look at the "big picture" when outlining an article

AliceP: Exactly, Verla.

AliceP: I'm very open to queries. I actually wish I got more.

Dani257: Could you tell me what a sidebar is?

AliceP: Dani, a sidebar is a short article within and article that somehow relates to the topic...

AliceP: like a reading list, a "for more info" or something like that.

_Lyra: I think my article has a sidebar listing various series books

Vicki_C: I have do's and don'ts with mine, Alice

Vicki_C: The one on writing a synopsis

HolSim: It seems there are also some bios in the CWIM. I love those, even though they are more specific.

AliceP: Yes, there are interviews too..those are a whole different thing.

HolSim: How do you choose who you interview?

AliceP: HolSim, I choose intervees all different ways...

AliceP: Some freelancers pick, some writers I see at conferences, some I pick so I can get some of their books for free :) I choose people whose work I admire.

Verla: LOL Alice!

Verla: Hmmm. I'm far in advance do you plan the articles in CWIM? And... how late in the year do you accept article ideas for a new issue?

AliceP: Verla, Right now I'm assigning for 2002.

Verla: (Of course, magazines will have much different needs than the CWIM...since they are usually published monthly instead of yearly.)

wusu: Is there something specific that you would like to see that you haven't recieved a query for, Alice? Any particular topic?

Verla: (ooooh, GOOD question, wusu!)

AliceP: wusu, I don't get a large number of queries. I'd love to get more ideas from writers to see what topics they think should be covered...

AliceP: But I often get ideas from conferences and from the CW list...

AliceP: then I set out to find someone to write them--like Linda Joy for example.

Verla: For anyone who doesn't know...the CW list an email list for Children's Writers. There are over 500 people on the list and it's

AliceP: That's why the CW list is such a good source for ideas, Verla.

Verla: VERY active. Average messages are 50 to 150 per day. Instructions on how to join this list are on this website on the Writer's Tips page.

Vicki_C: (but not today)

Vicki_C: In my case, I just emailed you, Alice

Vicki_C: You were so nice!

AliceP: Yes, vicki--I love that!

AliceP: gosh, thanks vicki :)

Vicki_C: (smile)

Vicki_C: I was really nervous

Verla: Folks...please do not be afraid to insert YOUR questions and comments at any time. This is an open workshop and your input is desired and encouraged. 

Guest07117: Thanks Verla.

Guest07117: I've really enjoyed the articles about how an author got started. They make the authors seem more like the rest of us, just getting started.

wusu: I'd love to see one on critque groups, it's such a hot topic with writers

AliceP: Crit groups is a great topic

HolSim: Are there any topics you cover again and again?

LorieKay: I appreciate the Insider Reports--getting the nitty-gritty from those in the trenches

Dystar: Are you more likely to publish an article by a published author, Alice?

AliceP: dystar, that doesn't make a difference to me as long as the idea works.

Verla: Hey, you might just be innundated with queries after this workshop is over, Alice!

AliceP: That's okay, Verla. This is the best time of year for me for getting queries.

HolSim: Alice, you have icons in front of your listings. I wonder if you would consider putting icons in the listings for multiple and simultaneous submissions.

AliceP: Holsim--good idea. Never heard that suggestion before.

DonaV: Alice, I LOVE Holsim's idea! It would keep me from marking up my copy so badly!

wusu: I second Hols's idea too!

Verla: Only problem I can see with Holsim's idea is that some listings don't tell it seems it would be best to ONLY put an icon in front of ones that DO tell you YES.

AliceP: That's true verla, but they do their best :)

Guest07117: I've always wondered, If I buy the new issue, should I consider the information accurate and correct all year, or should I call the pub house and confirm every time?

Verla: ooooooooh. Very good question, Guest07117

AliceP: Guest07, it's always best to get guidelines and check the info out--it can change.

HolSim: Alice, do you think you will be focusing more and more on online publications in the future?

AliceP: Holsim, that would be a topic i'd love to assign.

HolSim: Thanks, Alice.

Guest07117: Are you working with the online version of WM, or strictly the book?

AliceP: There is an online Writers Market. There may be some sort of CWIM online version in the near future.

Verla: or maybe only in front of the ones that state they do NOT accept mulitples?

Verla: so that all others would be possible mulitiples?

Verla: I can see the icon now... a little stack of manuscripts with a circle and a thick diagonal line across the no smoking signs have

AliceP: Verla, I'll pass that suggestion on to my art dept. :)

Vicki_C: That would be cool!

Guest07117: I would think the "exclusives only" suggestion would work better.

Verla: but then you would still have to scan through the rest to see if they were ones that didn't tell, or ones that didn't allow it, guest

HolSim: I heard that Guidepost for Kids is moving online (and only online). Do you see things moving that way, Alice?

Verla: Oh, I would LOVE an online CWIM!!!!

ponytailmo: ME too!!

Vicki_C: But it would be hard to write in!

AliceP: It's semi in the works. We're actually having a meeting about the topic this week, Verla.

_Lyra: I like having a solid book CWIM to mark up, too

raindew: I think having a hard copy and an online copy is best

Vicki_C: Yes, both

AliceP: We'd never get rid of the print version--WM is a book/online package.

NOTE: WM = Writer's Market guidebook

Verla: NO! Holsim... I love to HOLD my CWIM. I love to caress it... to fondle it. To turn down the corners of the pages and write little notes in the margins of the listings... I can't do that online!

DonaV: I'd like the online version if it were updated regularly

Dystar: on-line is more up to date

Verla: I'd like both.

LorieKay: I'd like both, too

HolSim: Oh, I didn't mean just the CWIM. I meant children's mags specifically. Possibly even children's books.

AliceP: That's what we're shooting for, DonaV. We'll let them work out all the bugs with Writer's Market, so CWIM is perfect!

Verla: you could use the paper version to hold and use...and keep it updated with the online version

Guest07117: I didn't realize they were a package deal

Verla: Oh, smart, Alice

raindew: yes -- I happen to love paper versions myself -- it is so different than online -- but online you can get instant info

Vicki_C: Alice, how about an article on Voice?

ToniBuzzeo: I would prefer to have CWIM in both formats because of the instant info!

raindew: but for me, online can never replace a book

ponytailmo: easier to search

Verla: I'm with you, Toni

raindew: well, a fiction book. Non-fiction info is different

AliceP: You know, Vicki, I have a file of emails on voice I've saved from CW...That would be great. How would you approach that?

Verla: Vicki! No fair pitching your article idea right here! WE are waiting... LOL

Vicki_C: I didn't mean that I could write it

Vicki_C: I wish I could!

Vicki_C: It's just an idea

Vicki_C: Every editor I've heard speak says they are looking for Voice

Guest07117: What is Voice?

Verla: Guest 07, we can talk about Voice after the workshop if you'd like

Guest07117: Nevermind, I know what voice is. I thought you were all talking about some new technology I hadn't heard of!!! LOL

Amishka: you'd need to find someone with a strong writing voice in her/his books to write that article

AliceP: Maybe an editor could do a Voice article.

DonaV: Alice, or several editors. Maybe voice in fiction AND nonfiction

AliceP: that would be a good approach, dona. or an interview/roundtable of several editors and writers.

LorieKay: An article with lots of examples of different types of voice

DonaV: In an idea on voice, I'd like someone to point out that voice goes beyond sounding Southern. <g>

Verla: (Ha..spoken like a true Texan with a southern accent, Dona)

DonaV: LOL Verla. Now ya'll cut that out

Vicki_C: I'll take notes

Dystar: Are you talking about character's voice or author's voice?

DonaV: Alice, PLEASE do that. Great idea!

AliceP: That sounds like a fun article, DonaV--I might just write that one myself :)

LorieKay: I like that idea, Alice

HolSim: Are there any topics that you recieve an excess queries for?

NOTE: This question was answered later

ginaav: Would you have to subscribe to both WM and CWIM online separately? Or would you be able to access both when sign up?

Verla: Hey, good question, gina.

AliceP: ginaav, not sure. too soon in the process to know this stuff.

ginaav: thanks verla. ok Alice

HolSim: I just wanted to say that I am so glad you included an agent section in your 2000 CWIM, Alice.

Verla: I have heard a LOT of people saying they appreciated that, Alice

Verla: about the Agent section

Guest07117: Do you consider easy reader books Hi-Low? I wonder as there is no easy reader section in the index

NOTE: This question was answered later

HolSim: Do you have specific word count requirements, writers guidelines, etc. available somewhere Alice?

AliceP: I actually don't have formal guidelines, Hosim, but many articles range from 1,000 (Insider reports) to up to 3500 words.

_Lyra: When I wrote my article, I studied the format of several of the previous issue's articles

AliceP: That's always a good things to do, Lyra, when writing for any publication.

HolSim: I agree.

Verla: Very good way to do it, lyra. You get a real feel for the way a publication likes its articles slanted and whether they are looking for dry and factual, fun and fanciful, or somewhere in between

Verla: Whether they like humor in their articles, how long they like them to be, whether they should talk directly to the reader or be more general in voice

Vicki_C: I just shot for a typical magazine two pager

Vicki_C: That's about 1,200 words with sidebars

AliceP: I decide on the wc based on the topic, how many pages i want to devote, how much art, and how much budget i have left :)

NOTE: wc = word count

wusu: do you have a prefrence for the query format, Alice? Right to the point and professional, or a more personable approach w/all the important particulars?

AliceP: wusu, an email saying, "would you consider an article on XXX" is great. Even " on x, y, or z"

tem2: Triple-X articles? Really?

wusu: lol, TEM!

Verla gets out the flyswatter and whaps tem. Behave!

HolSim: ewww. yucky

Verla: Do you accept bribes, Alice? Like chocolate bars mailed with query letters? <grin>

AliceP: verla, I'm partial to dark chocolate :)

Dani257: Chocolate?! XXX articles? I thought this was a children's market!!

Dystar: mmm. the dark side of the force...

Verla: LOL dystar!

AliceP: I did interview judy blume once...that got into some juicy topics...

AliceP: and my "From the Editor" <article> for 2001 is all about underpants :)

Verla: (by the way, for any new chatters...LOL is short for Laughing Out Loud)

Dystar: Captain Underpants?

Vicki_C: The funniest word in children's lit -- underpants

AliceP: it's about captian underpants in a way. you'll have to buy the book to find out :)

Verla: Alice...there were a couple of questions you missed... I'll get them for you

AliceP: thanks verla...sometimes it's hard to keep up.

HolSim: I noticed you focused quite a lot of attention on Snowflake Bentley in the 2000 CWIM, was that because it is a Caldecott winner, or is it a personal favorite?

NOTE: This question was not answered at this time

Verla: Guest07117: Do you consider easy reader books Hi-Low? I wonder as there is no easy reader section in the index

Verla: I think an Easy Reader section in the back of the book would be GREAT

AliceP: guest07, we have age level broken up into four level...

AliceP: do you think that could be improved?

Guest07117: Oh, so I'd have to look in the picture book section. Gotcha!

Verla: There is such a big demand today for Easy Readers..but it's hard to know which publishers have that catagory of books

Vicki_C: I think it's very confusing in general as to what publishers consider easy readers, chapter books, and middle grade

Guest07117: Actually, since you ask, yes! I'd love to have an easy reader section in the index. It would save me a lot of time!

_Lyra: publishing IS confusing, that's why CWIM is helpful

AliceP: we have pb, young readers (that would be easy readers), middle reader and YA. Should I mod up the termonolgy or add more catagories?

NOTE: pb = picture book, YA = Young Adult

Dystar: Does easy reader refer to all levels?

Guest07117: That's why they call it "the writers' bible"

Verla: true, vicki. But some publishers have specific book lines of Easy Readers. Maybe...they could be identified with another symbol, Alice? To alert the reader that this publisher puts out a special Easy Reader line?

HolSim: I would love to see more articles about easy readers vs. hi-lo, etc. Those are all hazy areas, IMO.

NOTE: IMO = in my opinion

AliceP: another problem is various publishers have different cutoffs for the ages levels.

Vicki_C: I don't think so, Alice, as the term "chapter book" literally varies from publisher to publisher

Vicki_C: (Sorry, Alice, the "I don't think so" referred to an earlier question)

Vicki_C: I agree that this area is hazy

AliceP: have is missed anything, Verla?

Verla:'s one more question we missed earlier, Alice (And if you had a question that was missed, PLEASE restate it as I missed it too!)

Verla: HolSim: Are there any topics that you recieve an excess of queries for?

AliceP: holsim, I don't recieve and excess of anything--I've never gotten a duplicate.

HolSim: wow. That surprises me.

Verla: Wow, Alice! That might change after tonight, though. GRIN

AliceP: i hope so verla.

ponytailmo: interesting and here we all think, ah, that can't be a new idea so I won't bother

ponytailmo: guess we better bother

HolSim: 22 proposals for an article on Voice. ;)

DonaV: I think Alice said she was taking voice for herself, guys. <g>

AliceP: may the best writer win :)

Guest07117: What exactly ARE concept books?

Verla: Hey, I know what concept books are. Those are non-fiction books that teach basic concepts to toddlers/babies. Things like alphabet books, numbers, colors, shapes, etc.

Guest07117: Oh! thanks

Verla: (You are most welcome, guest07)

HolSim: Can't concept books be fiction too?

AliceP: concept can also help kids deal with events in their lives like getting glasses, moving, parents getting divorces, etc.

Verla: thank you, Alice. (Guess that also answered your question with a, "Yes," Holsim

HolSim: This is kind of off the "article" topic, but do you see any major trends in children's publishing right now?

AliceP: gosh, I hate that question :) ...

HolSim: sorry.

HolSim: :)

HolSim: Inquiring minds want to know. Even though it's probably an impossible question to answer.

AliceP: It's tough out there and I don't think it's going to get easier to get published anytime soon,,,

AliceP: but there are always new writers get published...I read about them everyday...

wusu: hopefully we will all be one them soon, Alice!

AliceP: those of you networking daily on the CW list have an advantage I'm sure!

Verla: Holsim...remember, Alice is the Editor of CWIM - the Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market guidebook. We have an Associate Editor from Clarion Books that will be here in February. She would be a great one to ask that kind of question.

HolSim: I know Verla. But Alice also has her finger on the pulse of the publishing world probably as much as anyone.

Verla: EEKS! We only have TEN minutes left, folks. Get your questions sharpened and ready to ask...

Guest07117: Ok, I'm learning a lot here! So are novelty books ones like pop-up and such? I'd love a section in the index for those as well.

Verla: yes, they are, Guest.

AliceP: that's a good suggestion, too, guest07

Guest07117: Thanks! I spend a lot of time in the index! lol

DonaV: Alice, everyone says it's easier to sell nonfiction than fiction, and yet all the information on selling children's/YA seems to be overwhelming slanted toward fiction. (This is more a complaint than a question. <g>)

PamelaRoss: Alice? Did I miss this one? How do you decide what authors to profile?

AliceP: pamela, all different ways--I read about them, meet them, get queries, admire their books.

PamelaRoss: Thanks, Alice. I love that section.

LorieKay: Alice, are we losing a lot of markets due to mergers?

NOTE: This question was not answered at this time

ToniBuzzeo: Alice, before you finish, would you restate your deadlines for 2002 proposals. I got kicked off just as you were answering that. Sorry.

AliceP: Toni, now through, say March is good.

ToniBuzzeo: Thanks, Alice.

Amishka: Have you ever profiled a Canadian Author?

AliceP: no amishka, but I'd be interested in that.

HolSim: Do you think online publishing will help make it easier to get published at all?

AliceP: holsim is asking all questions that I don't know the answers to :)

HolSim: Okay, I'll be a good girl.

AliceP: sorry holsim..really, there are so many questions surrounding online publishing...I'm not sure what to make of it at this point.

Verla: Holsim is our designated "keep Alice from thinking she is the answer to every writer's prayer" person tonight, Alice. We want to make sure you don't get too swelled of a head. <heh heh heh>

HolSim: I understand. You don't have a crystal ball, huh?

_Lyra: Alice--I'm going to figure out e-publishing by doing it; 2 books out in 2001

AliceP: I'm not sure what's the best advice to give because it's all so new.

AliceP: I'm sure things will shakedown in the world of epublishing soon enough.

Verla: Lyra! YOU should query Alice about writing an article about EBooks for the 2002 CWIM

HolSim: It's exciting anyway. At least it opens new opportunities.

_Lyra: The most recent TV guides have advertisements for e-readers/ebooks

_Lyra: Verla--interesting idea (g)

AliceP: I wouldn't touch an epub article myself, but i'd love to have a freelancer tackle it.

DonaV: Amazon just announced they're going to be selling ebooks too

AliceP: it is exciting and interesting. technology moves so fast!

_Lyra: E-books intrigue me -- a pioneer effort, that's why I submitted 2 midgrade that sold

Verla: EEEK! Only five minutes left!

AliceP: have you done a workshop on epublshing, verla?

Verla: Good question, Alice. I can't remember!

tem2: Alice: Did you give us your email so we can send you all these wonderful queries?

wusu: good question, tem!

ginaav: (good question tem)

Verla: She MIGHT want the queries via Snail Mail, Tem


HolSim: I've just been approached by an e-publisher--the reason for all of my epublishing questions.

tem2: Danke!

NOTE: Danke = Thank You

wusu: thanks you, Alice

Verla: do you want queries in email, Alice? Or Snail Mail?

AliceP: I prefer email. it would take me a million times longer to answer snail mail.

ginaav: thanks Alice

Verla: Cool! Your readers will LOVE that answer, Alice.

Guest07117: Now that's what I like to hear!

Guest07117: I wish we could get ch. publishers to accept queries by email

NOTE: ch = children's (I think)

Dystar: some do

AliceP: maybe someday!

LorieKay: I'm sure it's coming, Guest

HolSim: I think they are coming around.

Guest07117: I know there are a few, but not enough.

AliceP: they have their reasons, but they'll come around one of these days.

Vicki_C: Always include your email address, even in snail mail queries, though

wusu: good point, Vicki . . .

Verla: Give it time. A few years ago there wasn't much of ANYTHING on the internet in the publishing world. Look at how much it's grown in just a few short years.

Guest07117: true!

_Lyra: On a downside of emailing an editor, it's harder to enclose a SASE to get some feedback -- one editor I know seldom replies

AliceP: that's true, lyra.

Verla: The public at large is just realizing how powerful a tool this internet is. They are all starting to scramble to "get on the bandwagon" before they get left behind.

 HolSim: My mom wants me to say, Alice, how grateful she is for your book. She's had four pb acceptances now, and believes that she would never have achieved that without your book.

AliceP: Tell your mom that makes my day, Holsim!

HolSim: :)

Guest07117: Your book brought me into the "Writing World"

Guest07117: It's WONDERFUL!

AliceP: gosh, you're making me blush :) this is why I love my job.

Verla: It was almost never out of my hands when I was first starting out ... I spent weeks pouring over the listings, marking it up...plotting and planning who my "babies" would go to next....

HolSim: I steal my mom's version as soon as she buys it. ;)

HolSim: Then she steals it back.

Guest40205: Will CWIM ever be in electronic form so we can have immediate updates?

Verla: She talked about that earlier, Guest40. You must have missed it. She hopes it will soon

Verla: Awk! Our time is UP

AliceP: Wow, that went fast as usual.

Verla: Alice, this was a WONDERFUL workshop! I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU for your time!

Dystar: Thank you, Alice!

Dani257: Thanks!!!

Vicki_C: Thanks so much, Alice!

tem2: Thanks a bunch, Alice!

DonaV: Great workshop!

raindew: thank you so much, good night

AliceP: Anytime, Verla. This is valuable to me.

Verla passes out confetti and silly string for everyone to use on Alice!

wusu: wow, Alice, this was great, thank you so much

Guest07117: Thank you, Alice, for taking the time to be with us tonight.

LorieKay: Yes, thank you!

Guest40205: Merci!

HolSim: It was great. Thanks for all of the valuable info and for such a great resource Alice.

ginaav: thanks Alice

GoldenRain: thank you

Verla squirts Alice with Yellow silly string! THANKS!!!!

Amishka: thank youalice

wusu grabs the blue

wusu squirts everyone with blue silly string

LorieKay: Have some more cookies, everyone

HolSim applauds

Verla: And then she shoots multi-colored (rainbow) silly string all over the whole room

AliceP: You're welcome, everyone. Now I have to go watch the Buffy/angel crossover enent that I taped.

LorieKay: Frasier's on here

Guest07117: Have a great night! Goodbye

deet: Frasier?

AliceP: Verla, do let me know when the transcript it up, so I can reread the ideas everyone presented.

deet: oooh, I love Frasier.

wusu: oh my gosh! I missed that tonight, Alice!

Verla: Hey, we overpowered BUFFY and Angel? WE RULE!

Amishka: night Alice

Verla: Okay, Alice. Thanks SOOOOO much

wusu: you took precedence : D

tem2: You were up against Dark Angel too -- tough timeslot.

jdd: verla please let me know about the transcript too

wusu: night, Alice!

_Lyra: I like Dark Angel, too

AliceP: yeah, verla--i wouldn't miss it for just anyone. I won't even skip buffy for my boyfriend!

jdd: we have diagnosis murder

ginaav: Actually Dark Angel just started here

Verla: I'll post notices when this transcript is up on the CW list and on the Yellow Board, too.

HolSim: This was well worth kicking my husband and kids out of the room for an hour!

Verla: I'm so glad, Holsim.

jdd: thank you

HolSim: Goodnight all. Thanks again, Alice and Verla.

_Lyra: Did we ask when exactly CWIM 2001 will be out? Still January?

AliceP: Lyra, you'll have yours next month. It should be in stores by early January.

_Lyra: thanks, Alice (g)

Verla: Hey, YOU get an early copy, lyra!

Verla is jealous

_Lyra: I'm excited to see my article (g)

NOTE: Alice left the chat room ...

End of official workshop

DonaV: What's the quickest way to get it by ordering it Alice (or where's the quickest place?)

_Lyra: And Verla--you had your turn last year

Verla: You missed her Dona...

Amishka: probably Amazon Dona

Verla: or your local bookstore

_Lyra: I bet Amazon is faster than some bookstores

DonaV thinks, I could steal Lyra's copy

*** Verla has set the topic on channel #kidlit to Writers & Illustrators of Children's Literature Meet Here Nightly - Welcome!

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