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*** Topic for #Kidlit: Writers & Illustrators of Children's Literature Meet Here Nightly - Welcome!

Verla dances around the room...

Verla: I'm so happy!

Amishka: why verla?

Verla: I'm very excited about Paula leading tonight's workshop

*** Paulad has joined channel #kidlit

new_Shelli: Hi everyone. I'm so excited about this workshop!

Verla: Are you ready for this, Paula?

Paulad: hi, everyone

Paulad: sure yes maybe

tem2: The podium is all warmed up for you.

Paulad: oh good

Verla: Just so you all know, when the workshop begins, I'll be removing "voice" from everyone except the people that will be asking questions. (And Paula, of course!)

*** Mode change "+v Paulad" on #kidlit by Verla

tem2: How do we ask questions without a voice?

Verla: You will be given "voice" when it is your turn to ask Paula your questions

new_Shelli: How do we know we have "voice?"

Paulad: how do you decide whose turn it is?

Verla: if you don't have any questions, then we will just go on to the next person

Amishka: you'll have a + like paula by your name

Amishka: or you'll change colours

Verla: I'll go in alphabetical order, Paula, with latecomers added to the end of the list

new_Shelli: cool -- new and a + <g>

NOTE: <g> = a little grin

deetie: I like to change colors. Will I see colors?

Verla: You might, deetie. But I doubt it. I think Mac people are the ones that get to see the colors. (On my machine, people like Paula with "voice" are a beautiful purple color. Those with Ops, like you, are red. Everyone else is black.)

deetie: sheesh, a multi color computer.

Amishka: please don't try to hold your breath to turn blue we can't see that

Paulad: ok......I'll be back in a minute......just wanted to make sure that I got on....

Verla: Okay, Paula

deetie: I was thinking psychedelic colors.

tem2: Deetie <-- How's that?

deetie: ooh, that is very good.

SRW: Cool Tem

SRW: now teach us oh great leader

new_Shelli: It's good to be in the black now and then

SRW: everyone is black on mine

SRW smirks at Tem as Tem shows off

Verla: LOL

NOTE: LOL = Laughing Out Loud

Verla: I need to see if the ops will get a plus if I give them voice...

*** Mode change "+v Amishka" on #kidlit by Verla

*** Mode change "+v deetie" on #kidlit by Verla

Verla: Did you get pluses?

Verla: you stayed the same on my machine

deetie: well, your machine is color blind.

deetie: it can't see my pc.

Paulad: I'm back

*** Verla has set the topic on channel #Kidlit to "Ask An Author" workshop starts at 9pm EST tonight

Verla: wb Paula

NOTE: wb = Welcome Back

tem2: rehi

Paulad: thanks....rehi to you too

Verla: :-)

NOTE: :-) = a sideways happy face

Verla: Hey, we need to get the room set up for Paula...

Verla: someone needs to test the mic

Verla: dust the podium

Verla: set up the chairs

Verla: pass out the confetti and silly string

deetie: I gotta check my potatoes.

NOTE: Deet was cooking dinner during the workshop

Verla: that's not on the list, deetie!

tem2: I need to figure out how to write a mid grade.

Paulad: can you visit some classes, tem?

Paulad: talk to the kids....

Paulad: hang out in the faculty room

tem2: Don't know... Might think I'm creepy if I try.

Paulad: explain to the school what you are doing....

Verla: Tonight's workshop will have a different format from usual, because we expect a larger than normal crowd

Verla: Welcome, new people who just got here

Verla: Welcome to our Kidlit Workshop. When it is your turn to talk, you will be given "voice." When a + is by your name or your name changes color, you may ask your questions. We will go alphabetically, with latecomers at the end.

deetie: <-----waves

Verla: We are using a different type of format for tonight's workshop because we expect a larger than normal amount of attendees.

Sisabell: do we need to say "pass" if we don't have a question?

Verla: nope. If you don't ask any questions when you are given voice, I will assume you don't have any to ask and your turn will be passed on to someone else

Verla: Workshop will start in about 3 minutes everyone.

bunone: So, should we type our questions now and be standing by?

Verla: yes, that's a good idea, bunone. Especially you, as you will be in one of the first groups. We will be going alphabetically according to my list. (Some people with ^carats and things in front of their names come before the A's)

Sisabell: suddenly sisa changes her name to aaaardvark

new_Shelli: hahahahaha, Sisa

SRW: sisa, just use a ^

Verla: no no, sisa!

Verla: everyone will get a turn. Promise!

Paulad: Is there something that I'm supposed to signal to show that I am done talking?

Amishka: A period paula (g)

Paulad: cute

Verla: nope. We will be able to tell from your posts, Paula.

Paulad: do I have time to get a glass of water?

Verla: sure, Paula. go for it

Verla: And I'll be giving voice to several people at a time, so you will be able to answer their questions in little "groups"

Verla: Usually we have time for two times around, too

Paulad: back

Verla: and if you let others ask their questions first, often you can ask other questions and get more of yours answered that way. :-) Cause then you get to ask the questions no one else thought of.

^Laura: Eeek! Usually I have a million questions. Can't think of any now! think, think, think!

Verla: LOL laura!

Sisabell: LOL Laura, me too... I'm full of questions... just not right this minute

Verla: Okay.. are you all ready to start? If so, you will all lose your voice except Paula and the operators of the room. :-)

*** Verla has set the topic on channel #kidlit to Ask An Author workshop IN PROGRESS

Verla: Welcome to our Kidlit Workshop. When it is your turn to talk, you will be given "voice." When a + is by your name or your name changes color, you may ask your questions. We will go alphabetically, with latecomers at the end.

Verla: We are very excited to have Paula Danziger as our workshop leader tonight.

Verla: Paula Danziger started writing in the second grade. She grew up and taught at the junior high, high school, and college levels. Some of her wonderful books are The Cat Ate My Gymsuit, Remember Me To Harold Square, and P.S. Longer Later Letter. She is well-known for her wonderful Amber Brown books. Kids love her characters and often say they feel like real people.

Verla: Paula is the recipient of numerous honors, state library awards, and nominations, including: a Parent's Choice Award, an International Reading Association - Children's Book Council Award, an IRA-CBC Children's Choice Award, and she also received a California Young Reader Medal nomination.

Verla: Currently residing in New York City, Paula writes full time for the children she adores. She is passionate about life, loves to travel, talk, and write. She is a dynamic, energetic and marvelous speaker with the tremendous gift of sharing her love of children, books, and writing with everyone she meets.

Verla: You may all welcome Paula now....

deetie: clap

tem2: Yay, Paula!

SRW: Welcome Paula!!!!!!

^Laura: Hi Paula!

Verla: Clap clap clap...WHISTLE Stomp stomp!

mugsyfersu: Clap clap clap

new_Shelli: Welcome, Paula! Standing Ovation begins...

Dystar: Hi Paula

texjane: Thanks for coming Paula!

_Enchanted: Yea!!

DonaV: welcome Paula

Hols: Welcome Paula!

Verla: We really appreciate your time to do this for us, Paula...

Paulad: thank you all

BigJohN_: Hi Paula!

*** Mode change "+m" on #kidlit by Verla

NOTE: Channel was changed to Moderated status at this point so only those with "voice" could talk.

Verla: Okay, type your questions, and have them ready for when your turn to talk is given to you, folks...

^Laura: I'm sorry. Too braindead from kids homework. Please pass!

Verla: Paula, you may talk and say anything you want any time!

Amishka: What were the biggest changes you see in the market since you started.

Paulad: I never think market......that's a rough first book came out in 1974 and there have been so many changes since then......

Paulad: maybe availability of money for libraries....certainly money funneled into computers.....harder for new writers to get published...I think

Paulad: .....although a really good author will always eventually be published I think

Paulad: Phew...I'm done

Amishka: great thanks

_Enchanted: What made you decide to write books for publication?

bunone: Paula, I just picked up the Amber Brown books for my daughter and LOVE them! I'm curious as to what made you start doing kids books and how you knew Amber's age? Did she start off 9 years old or did that come to you as you wrote your first draft?

Paulad: thank you so much.......I never thought I would do a book with a character so young but my eight year old niece bullied me into it.....

Paulad: she made me visit her class room....I discovered that third graders were terrific.....and when

Paulad: my niece's best friend moved away, I wrote something just for her.....tried turning it into a picture book and did a chapter book instead..

Paulad: she started off eight actually.....and now, I've just done prequels where she is seven....I love amber the character...I don't think of her as a real person

bunone: You can tell I'm JUST starting to read them. I like that they stand alone

Paulad: thank do I.......I think of them as sequelizers...

Paulad: not series

Dystar: I'm curious about series. Does a book series come into being all at once, or does it evolve, as regards plot, characters, etc.?

Verla: Here's a question we missed, Paula: _Enchanted: What made you decide to write books for publication?

Paulad: oh....ok....remind me of the series question...I have lots to say about that

Verla: Okay Paula. We will.

Paulad: I've always known that I wanted to be a writer.....since second grade.....after a major car accident, I decided that it was time to do what I really wanted to do

Paulad: ......and to say what I wanted to say.

Paulad: So I wrote my first book.

Paulad: should I talk about the series now?

Verla: yes, please, Paula

Paulad: Many of my friends write series, good ones. I've discovered that I can't do that....I can't meet deadlines that series writing demands.....It doesn't leave me time to think it all out.

Hols: How do you get in touch with your inner child? Or do you just rely on your experiences with children around you?

Paulad: ......My inner child.....that's just something that is so easy for me....anyone who knows me, knows that I have a high sense of play.....and also

Paulad: a real deep caring about things that hasn't been lost.

AKLHandy: Do you make a plot outline before you write or just write, knowing where you want to go w/ it?

Verla: (Don't worry about the overlapping questions, Paula. When you finish with the series question, we will come back to them one at a time)a

Paulad: ....I always think of the E.E. cummings poem, "anyone lived in a pretty how town"

Paulad: ....what more about series should I say? I think that sometimes, most times, there is a limited shelf life)

Paulad: that they aren't taken as seriously by reviewers, librarians

Paulad: i think that the good news about them is that they often have a devoted following

Paulad: that's all about that for now

Verla: this is the next question, Paula: AKLHandy: Do you make a plot outline before you write or just write, knowing where you want to go with it?

Paulad: yes

Paulad: sorry about that answer, I'll explain

Paulad: Plot outlines don't work for me.....I just write, sometimes thinking I know where I am going, but knowing that it often changes

mugsyfersu: Are YOU yourself the basis of any of your characters?

Paulad: .....Marcy in THE CAT ATE MY GYMSUIT is the closest to me, as I was as a child, not now. There are bits and pieces of me in many of the characters but they

Paulad: become their own characters.

mugsyfersu: Thank you! :-)

Paulad: you're welcome

new_Shelli: Do you have an agent? If so, how many books were published without one?

Paulad: yes........over my career, I have had three offer on my first book was made without my having an agent, but I got one before I signed the contract.

Paulad: I think agents are very important....especially now.

new_Shelli: Interesting. thanks

Verla: While you are talking about agents, Paula, I'd like to know if you found it very difficult to change agents?

Paulad: yes

Paulad: it was difficult, because you build up relationships.

Paulad: next

Verla: So would you say that picking an agent should be done VERY carefully, that's it's not good to just take "any" agent just because they will take you on?

Paulad: absolutely.....also to know that someone may be good at one point in one's career but you may need something else later....

Paulad: ...and it's not that they are bad, it's just that you need or want something else in an agent.

Sisabell: If you could give one piece of advice to unpublished (but aching to be published) children's writers, what would it be?

Paulad: .....write......write.......rewrite......take acting lessons (it'll teach you about characterization and motivation.....write ...write....

PamelaRoss: Paula, here's a question integral to my life and my MG novel in progress: do you like being known as the funny one? You write funny. You are funny. Expectations are to be "on" all the time. My main character is wrestling with this dilemma as we speak. :> Thanks so much-- Pamela

NOTE: MG - midgrade

Paulad: ..........I write both....ok....everyone sit quietly....this is a longer answer...but worth it, I think.

PamelaRoss: ääåå

Paulad: .....when i was in college, I used to babysit for John Ciardi's children....John was a major poet and director of Breadloaf Writer's conference.

Paulad: One day, he was talking about a poem by John Fredrich Nims, "Love Poem".

Paulad: He, Ciardi, said that if you took all the funny lines and underlined them in red....and all the serious

Paulad: ones and underlined them in blue, by the end of the poem, the underlining would be purple.

Paulad: and that's what I try to do.....mix the funny and sad.....and most people, I hope, see that.

Paulad: done.

PamelaRoss: Oh that is ... just what I needed to hear. THANK YOU PAULA.

SRW: Is it harder for a new writer to sell series? And if you gear it towards either gender, does it decrease your chances? And, you said sequelizers, do you leave readers hanging so they'll want to read the next one? Like, an unanswered question? BTW, I tend to collect series books because my children love keeping up with charactes they've become familiar with.

Paulad: about series....I'm not the best one to ask since I've just said that's not what I do....yes, I do know peoople who end the book with a cliff hanger.....

Paulad: but I try not to......once in a while....I have come close but I hope not.

texjane: How do you stay so in tune with today's kids? With your sequins, I can't see you fading into the background at McDonalds.

Paulad: what do you mean, not hanging out at McDonalds.....those milkshakes.....seriously, sometimes I ride NYC buses right after school and listen to the kids....

Paulad: ...I talk to kids as I would to anyone else....I visit a lot of classrooms.

texjane: Thanks, Paula. And add some fries to that shake?

tem2: Paula, I have a question about writing humor for different ages. What types of humor might suitable for young adults, but too sophisticated for mid-grade readers?

Paulad: ...humor for different ages........I think it depends on the's hard to classify....

Paulad: some humor is too sophisticated for some adults!

Paulad: I think funny is funny....obviously some subjects are too "grownup" for kids.

tem2: Thanks, Paula.

Paulad: ....I just caught the sequins many sequins, so little time.

Verla: LOL Paula!..

^GailM: Paula, you don't wear sequins, only good jewelry

Paulad: ...I wear sequins.....

Windy2u: Do you write in a home office? What is the environment like?

Paulad: I write at office is part of the living room....I can see south nyc from my window....

NOTE nyc = New York City

^GailM: Paula, I must say, when I was teaching middle school, you were well read by the population.

Paulad: .....thank you

Paulad: ...about my office....I don't have a lot of delivery...

Paulad: next

Verla: Okay, everyone has had a chance to ask one set of questions. For the last 15 minutes, I'll open the floor to anyone who still has more questions to ask. Please wait to ask your questions if several people have already asked something until Paula has had a chance to answer the questions already on the floor... Thanks!

Hols: My mom is here (a recently published pb author) and wants to know: What exactly does your agent do for you?

Paulad: Hooray for recently published agent does a great deal...offers advice.....negotiates contracts....has even helped work out things that were in place before she became my agent

Paulad: I think she is wonderful.

Verla: A good agent is truly worth their weight in gold!

Verla: (And a bad agent is MUCH worse than no agent at all!)

bunone: (Verla, you're so good at organizing this whole thing!) Paula, I'm wondering how many rewrites you do on an average Amber Brown. How long does it take you ,on average, to polish a manuscript? They really are wonderful and I'm in awe. Someday... BTW, I do plan on reading your other work too! Amber's just sort of where we are in life now! One last question. Do you write long hand or at a computer?

Verla: (Good questions, folks!)

Paulad: ....sometimes, the ambers are easy to write...sometimes they are first easy-to-read amber was very hard because I had never done that before....I had a great teacher (my editor)

NOTE: "ambers" are Paula's Amber Brown books

Paulad: ....I expect the next older amber will be very hard because of the subject matter....also the younger amber when the parents break up

^GailM: I know you skip over to England from time-to-time. How much time do you spend in England?

Paulad:I usually spend months over there....this year because of circumstances beyond my control, I haven't been able to go over there...

Paulad: I am going in November though...

Paulad: I am very happy about that.

Verla: We will miss you while you are gone, Paula!

Amishka: about how many manuscript pages are your Ambers?

tem2: Paula: What's your favorite kind of sushi?

Paulad: .......yellow tail and ikura....both of those...

new_Shelli: Paula, I now envy you, not only for your talent and success, but also for the fact that you can have sushi delivered to your door! Thanks so much for doing this workshop tonight.

Paulad: ......I know.... I have decided I can never live in a place that doesn't deliver most items...

Sisabell: When you are working on one manuscript do you have a bunch of other ideas rolling around in your head? If so how do you deal with that?

bunone: Paula, thanks so much for letting us pick your brain.

Verla: Here's another question, Paula... Do you write long hand or at a computer?

Paulad: I write on the computer....sometimes longhand (on a plane) but mostly on a computer.

Hols: Do you think an agent would help someone like my mom to get more books published, or would they just be good on the business end of things (contract negotiation, etc.)? P.S. thanks for your advice and answers to our questions.

Paulad: I think agents are important for different reasons....your mom will have to make a list of what she needs and wants and

Paulad: then either do it herself (very time consuming) or she will have to decide if an agent can do better.

texjane: Do you find it easier or more difficult to write with a partner as you did with P.S. Longer Letter Later?

Paulad: I like writing alone.....more control....but I learned so much writing with Ann....she is much more disciplined than I am....we both learned a lot from each other

texjane: Thanks, Paula. That's my daughters favorite book!

bunone: I hate surfing the web because I always take forever to find what I'm looking for! Do you have a website?

Paulad: website yet....but will as soon as I have time to do a really good one.

Verla: and there are two earlier questions, Paula... Amishka: about how many manuscript pages are your Ambers? Sisabell: When you are working on one manuscript do you have a bunch of other ideas rolling around in your head? If so how do you deal with that?

Paulad: ..... I am not sure how many manuscript pages...... I use wide margins, double space, leave a lot of room at the top ,

Paulad: so I don't know....

Hols: Thanks Paula. The list is good idea.

Amishka: okay thanks

Paulad: yes......... I have lots of ideas........and am currently trying to balance several things at once...

^Laura: I'm always curious about author's writing schedules. How often do you write and for how long?

Paulad: and now that I am working on the art, that's another consideration. yikes.....and I have no

Paulad: writing schedule...that question always makes me feel guilty.

_Lyra: You write regularly -- that's a schedule

^Laura: (sorry!)

bunone: Good, I don't have much of a 'regular' schedule either. That makes ME feel better!

Verla: (just for the record, a lot of writers I know don't have a regular writing schedule, either, bunone, including me, although I DO write almost every single day without fail)

new_Shelli: I love knowing that others don't have a schedule and don't write from an outline. I find outlines constricting.

Dystar: Have you ever written short stories for magazines?

bunone: Good question Dystar! Yeah Paula, what were your humble beginnings? How long did you struggle among the unpublished?

Paulad: humble beginnings...... I also hate this question, as some of you know..... I never have gotten a rejection letter. My first book was published quickly.

Verla: (Paula is one of the SPECIAL writers of the world. So few can say they have never had a rejection!)

Hols: No kidding!

PamelaRoss: May I ask another Question? What question do you rarely get asked that you would like to answer? What are we afraid to ask you? :>

tem2: Or what were you afraid that we would ask that we haven't?

Paulad: ....I'm not afraid of being asked much.... I know that it is my perogative to answer or not.....

Paulad: ....I can't write short stories.

Paulad: I've been asked lots by friends who are doing anthologies and I just can't do it.... I need more space.

new_Shelli: Oh sure, first book was accepted first time out, sushi at the door...I suppose you're going to tell us you can write in more than one genre, too! LOL We already know you can. Congrats on all of it.

Hols: How many books, total, have you had published, Paula?

Paulad: .....I think about twenty-five or I count the two books with Ann as one ....since I just did half of each?

Verla: LOL No you count EACH of the books with Ann as one, Paula.

_Lyra: Yes. Each book with Ann is a solid ONE book -- probably twice as challenging to write

Paulad: do I count the three that are almost finished?

_Lyra: I personally only count the sold books, otherwise I'd have a lot more

Hols: Wow. That's all I can say.

Paulad: thanks...

PamelaRoss: Do you like Tara*Star? Do you miss her? How close is she to your heart? And Elizabeth is so.. Ann Martin-ISH. :

Paulad: I really think Tara*Starr was terrific.... I don't miss her because I am so involved in the book I'm working on

PamelaRoss: (did you tell us about that and I missed it... or??? can you share?)

bunone: Paula, do you have a critique buddy/group?

Paulad: ...... I write books that are critiqued by Bruce Coville over the phone. We read what we are working on to each other

Paulad: all the time.

^GailM: I want to get critiqued by Bruce Colville. I guess I don't qualify. Dang.

Verla: (Bruce is wonderful, Gail. He's a very special person!)

^GailM: I know, thats why I want to get critiqued by Bruce Colville.

tem2: What has been your most challenging book so far?

_Enchanted: How'd you team up with Ann Martin?

Paulad: slow down with the questions please....I'm typing as fast as I can...

Verla: You are doing GREAT, Paula. I'm watching the questions and you have answered all of them except the newest one about teaming up with Ann Martin.

Paulad: The book I've been working on is the most challenging....four years with so many subjects that I feel are important....

Paulad: humor, grief, growth, understanding

new_Shelli: Is it mg or young adult?

Paulad: the character is 11, in the sixth know I hate labels...

Paulad: I find that amber is read by many older kids...

Amishka: adults too Paula

new_Shelli: Oh, I get it. I hate the term "picture book" because it completely eliminates an audience that may have loved the book, so I understand.

Paulad: we have the same agent, who was always "nagging"us to work together....finally a friend came up with the idea of writing our own characters in alternate chapters.

Verla: That is such a fun idea and it worked so very well, Paula

Hols: I agree

Verla: Ah.. we are almost out of time!

mugsyfersu: thank you for spending time with us-- I loved the story about John Ciardi's purple lines!

Paulad: get HOW DOES A POEM MEAN by will teach you wonderful things

mugsyfersu: I have read How does a poem mean MANY times it was a text book at my college!!!

^GailM: I used to have that when teaching school. I think Ciardi is out of print.

PamelaRoss: Are the characters male and female in the Coville colloboration?

Paulad: I'm not collaborating with bruce....

Paulad: we just help each other out....offer suggestions...listen

PamelaRoss: Ooops.

Paulad: am I all caught up on questions... I can take a little more time if necessary.

Hols: Thanks so much Paula.

Verla: yes, you are all caught up, Paula. You did GREAT! Thank you SOOOOO much! This was wonderful!


new_Shelli: This has been great. Thanks to Verla and Paula.

Hols: Mom says "thanks" too. :)

Sisabell: Thank you Paula

tem2: Thanks, Paula. Great workshop.

texjane: Thanks for talking with us. Good luck with your book!

mugsyfersu: REALLY GREAT!!

bunone: Paula (Verla too) can't thank you enough. Looking forward to your future projects!

Dystar: Thank you, Paula!

Verla: Does anyone have any last question for Paula?

Amishka hands around the silly string

^Laura: Thanks so much, Paula and Verla!

Paulad: You're all so welcome.

tem2: Any advice for rewriting a YA story as MG?

Paulad: tem2...let me think about that....another time ok?

tem2: Paula: You know where to find me. :D

NOTE: :D = a sideways face with a VERY big grin... tem was referring to finding him in the chat room, as he is a regular visitor there

BigJohN_: Thanks Paula. Have a great day tomorrow. :0)

Paulad: I hope that it was helpful

mugsyfersu: Yes thanks to you Verla for hosting and doing the minusing and plusing LOL

Verla pulls the string on the ceiling and lets loose with millions of colored balloons!

_Lyra: thanks, Paula -- lots of interesting/helpful info

_Enchanted: Thanks for sharing your time and info with us, Paula....and thanks as always, Verla, for moderating & organizing.

Hols: It was helpful and fun!

Verla: POP! POP! Oops. A few hit the sequins on Paula's hat

_Lyra: 43q2w (my cat just typed that)

Windy2u: Many thanks Paula.

Paulad: don't forget the ones on my shoes

Deetey: cat's doing math.

Deetey: equations.

PamelaRoss: (How do we find you? not that I want to bother you..)

Verla: LOL Stick that foot up here, Paula! POP! POP! (Good job)

Dystar: A sequins of events

Verla: ha ha, Dystar. Good one

texjane: LOL Dystar

LCC rolls on the floor in hysterics ... HA HA HA HA HA!

Verla: She comes in here sometimes, Pamela

Paulad: I actually visit here a lot

^GailM: Paula is getting hooked on Kidlit. Poor Paula!

Paulad:'s true...but

Paulad: now that I have finished the ms. I hope to see the outside world again....although I do have the art work to do.....

NOTE: ms = manuscript

Amishka: Paula, no one asked how much you make and if they could come over so you could critique one of there stories

Sisabell: or if we could move in with you

Paulad: one did....thank you all

Verla: ami! Tsk tsk tsk

tem2: :D

^Laura: Darn, amishka! That could have been my question! LOL

Amishka: I wasn't asking, verla!

PamelaRoss: (Wonderful. Thanks, Verla and Paula. I haven't done a chat in months. Now I know what I've been missing.)

Verla: We've missed you, too, Pamela

Verla: Oh, by the way, next workshop is with Alice Pope, the editor of CWIM

Verla: The next workshop will be on the 14th of November

deet: Night Paula. I have to let the 14-year-old have the computer.

Harazin: Thanks for the workshop, Paula! Goodnight everyone!

Paulad: say hello to the fourteen year old for me

Authoress: goodnight! thanks, Paula!

texjane: Goodnight, Paula. Thanks, Verla.

BigJohN_: I must part as well, goodnight everyone.

Windy2u: Thanks again Paula and Verla. Another wonderful workshop!!

Paulad: night

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